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To Be

To be “in service” makes everything new from conscious Being to spiritual Expression to earthy Doing.. 

To be “in service” means I Am guided.

To be “in service” means my body is a temple and that I serve from this holy ground. There’s more development around the bend…always more.

I hear that we have many love relationships past, present and future. I prefer to feel that I have one shining star around which I revolve and evolve. This, too, comes in as inner guidance. Thank you!

Being “in service” means Shekinah moves from hand, feet, mouth, ears, eyes. To consciously be attuned, to consciously generate this substance, is a next phase of development.

Thank you Higher Guidance for being In Service here on this Earth orb and on many other Cosmic orbs

Love the Life You Love

3:45 am meditation

Love the Life You Love

A human looking face appears—a Light Being. White hair. Wise. Kind. Benevolent.

Later in meditation (during Barry’s Goldstein’s Lay Down in Love music) large teal blue eyes radiate—that resemble my eyes! Paleiadians !!

A dome image comes in. I think head, Spring, Mt. Shasta.

Serpent image comes in. A robust body (scales) like Tree (bark) of Life. I touch both. 

Serpents and Trees come up from ground—rising up as Standing Stones. (Ireland connection) 

We breathe from Sacred Ground up.

Go Forth & Laugh !!

March 15, 2016


I heard the sweetest music the other day as I was interacting with my three-month old granddaughter, Ryan. The sweet music that rose up from her soul and out of her mouth was laughter. Now, I’m not talking about a single laugh. This was a bubbling up and splashing over laughter. It was wave after wave of laughing song. My first comment was, “You are too young to be laughing like this!” What a strange thing for me to say. Why not come out of the womb laughing….why not? This precious music bonded us.

My granddaughter’s laughter reminded me of my dream (posted on this blog March 4 ) with laughter rising to the surface of my waking consciousness. Laughter actually is rolled through brainwave frequencies of delta, theta and alpha, and into daylight of this beta frequency realm with earthshaking arrival.

Let’s clear the pathways that have been clogged with stress and negativity. Let’s clear the channels with happy music of the soul. Let’s lighten up! Do we have anything better to do? Do we have any better medicine to give?

This medicine from the soul, for the soul, is our saving grace. Go forth and laugh!

Aurora Over Norway

“For a star to be born, there is one thing that must happen: a gaseous nebula must collapse.
So collapse.
This is not your destruction.
This is your birth.”

Full Sky Aurora Over Norway

Higher than the highest building, higher than the highest mountain, higher than the highest airplane, lies the realm of the aurora. Auroras rarely reach below 60 kilometers, and can range up to 1000 kilometers.

Aurora light results from energetic electrons and protons striking molecules in the Earth’s atmosphere. Frequently, when viewed from space, a complete aurora will appear as a circle around one of the Earth’s magnetic poles.

The wide angle image, horizontally compressed, captured an unexpected auroral display that stretched across the sky over eastern Norway.

Image Credit & Copyright: Sebastian Voltmer

Supernatural in Process

Last night during Supernatural Book Club I, as facilitator, said to the group, “I need you to add your logic because I’m not always in my left brain.” And “I need you to be present because I sometimes go out of body…”  The requests ask for  circular exchange through alternating currents. It took 8 chapters for me and the group to get to this place of clarification. Time consistently makes all things new.

My new Mind Movie includes “adult content” and stimulates this heart, brain, body. Spiritual intimacy is for adults. Physical intimacy is for adults. The two combined is the New Earth.

Conflict is chaotic and continually reveals how it can have positive outcomes by adding new layers of intimacy. This outcome repeats itself because growth is held in Love. It’s definitely Spring time. 

Instinctual Knowing

I’m like a baby turtle responding to the calling song of the waters. How do I know to scuttle that direction? It’s instinctual.

For 50 years I’ve been writing and sharing my inspirational journey that sprouts from within. Lately I share visions. Few people respond. I concluded years ago that seeds are being planted in the subconscious layer of Knowing—Gardener I Am!

I prefer being Now than in the future.  I think it’s because of my right brain influence where I associate with cosmic / non-linear beings. I’m always in community Now. This Truth yields new contentment and excitement at the waters here Now and ahead. Looks like, as Turtle, I do see into the future via Instinctual knowing and Being. One point from which time ebbs and flows. Fun to ride the currents underground and waves above ground. And fun to tell the story.

Healing Rays

As a Mystic I have visions that manifest through the circuitry of my left brain (logic) and right brain (intuition). Together they create whole brain knowing.

I had a vision last night during Niagara Coherence Healing:

A white mummy appears and walks across the land. More mummies follow. I ask Sun rays to shine down on these “walking dead” humans and their white strips of cloth begin to unravel. When enough wrapping is gone flowers appear (at chakra points) and extend from the bodies. They form a Northern circle—at the crown of Gaia. Then they dance as two circles in alternating directions. The hallelujah music (played during CoHeal) celebrates these healing human bodies and Gaia’s One body.

Dragon Speak & Buoyancy

This showed up in a Facebook memory from 3/11/2015:

I am starting to understand Dragon Speak by watching it flow through me.

Communication with another person ignites intuitive She and logical He who, in turn, ignite language through words that pour out of one’s mouth. Engaged communication is a very creative process when it is more than surface chit chat. The wires in my brain light up and are happy when I have a meaningful conversation with someone.

Lately I’ve been using the word “gravity” in my communications because I had the experience of it. Today I used it again and mentioned Mother and Father in the same sentence. What does Mother and Father have to do with gravity? When I asked the question I got that positive male and negative female create a force or energy field that holds gravity, or rather, generates gravity — that feels like an electromagnetic force.

Nightmare Battle

In sleep I sense a being on my left and a being on my right. They are pushing in on me. I try to push them away. Cannot. I start yelling at them to scare them away but have no voice. The one on the right backs off. The one on the left stays. I struggle and struggle to find my voice and finally a noise is made (unsure in which realm) bringing me out of the nightmare.

A later dream also about intruders at a central door. I was an observer trying to inform people about the situation.

These dreams remind me of an old negative thought that keeps coming up. I keep meeting it at some door saying it’s not welcome—it doesn’t live here anymore—it’s boring and I’m not playing that game anymore. Looks like thought threads are attached to “demons.” Definitely a battle of “will” is the word coming in. I questioned the word but remembered the Source. 

What is will as a noun?

1. : the desire, inclination, or choice of a person or group. 2. : the faculty of wishing, choosing, desiring, or intending.

Crystal Skull

I’ve not been interested in Crystal Skulls until today when I had Craniosacral Therapy with my friend and naturopath Maggie. After telling her about the swelling and soreness at my crown chakra (which flared up again last Thursday but subsided); and after she felt the “cosmic” energy in my field; and after she received downloads; she told me that I am one of the 13 Tribes or Crystal Skulls. This actually adds logic to the “crystal palace” I’ve tuned into.  She also said this is an upgrade.  How blessed I am to have a naturopath who can relate. She also informed me that five minutes in the Fae connected as well as a blue streak of Light. This was a mystical experience shared by two!