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Sweet Flute Music

Relationship vehicle is humming like a flute—and propulsion. It’s a relationship with wings. “How many wings?” is a question that comes up. The answer is: “a host of wings!”

Comical to see (while at the kitchen sink) relationship at graduation and given an award! Yes, we’ve driven an expansive field and learned many lessons. Propulsion moves us forward into new terrain. 

Contact is new, free flowing (+/-) and starts the ignition.  Contact = propulsion. 


Getting aloft requires more than lift; it also takes thrust. Thrust provides the forward motion needed to sustain lift and counteract drag. It is also used to accelerate, gain altitude, and sometimes to maneuver.

Propulsion is the act of moving or pushing an object forward. The word is derived from two Latin words: pro, meaning before or forward, and pellere,meaning to drive. A propulsion system is an engine that produces thrust to push an object, such as an airplane or rocket, forward.

Stress Less

Relationship tumbling/polishing is new. ‘See it for what it is’  New territory. Learn the terrain.

Addictions are all the same. Same drama. Different names. Keeps humans out of balance. Separate from Angel Self. Angel is, Angels are, calling us Home. Angel as OverSoul.

Addiction is chemical. Change chemistry. Change is a fasting (letting go) process. Balance steps into place step by step. Unlearning to learn. Learning to unlearn. 

“Change the chemical field around you”

“Retraining the body”

Bring on the vegetables! Yumm!  I love them; they love me! Seriously! At every meal.

Stress feeds addiction.  To stay out of stress is to slow down. Less is more. 

“Passion” as a dynamic circle of water, air, earth, fire. “Creative energy” is combustion in balance. Exploring new territory. Learning new territory. 

Pumping photon chemicals from on high. North to South. Saturating cellular matter. Matter reflects with/in photon chemistry. 

Generation of Spirit substance. Always new, fresh supply. Flowing intelligence, glowing Light. Enlightenment in progress, in creative process.

Pineal breathing is body breathing. I’m out of body receiving, giving. Different inhale, exhale. Different circulation. True to my Self. 

“Energy of flow” Flow of intention.


Mental rehearsal is a practice. I intend to practice in order to fast one day this week. 

Base of spine root chakra is one of many that deliver energy to the brain. Chakras feel like children—all require care and attention of focus. Rainbow children. Rainbow family. White Light loves them all. Holds them all.

Fasting is to be empowered in chemical balance. Begone inflammation. Fasting as an oil change for this vehicle. 

Chakras as wheels for this vehicle.

One axle. 

“Axles are a crucial car component but a part that many of us overlook. An axle is a rod or shaft that connects a pair of wheels to propel them and retain the position of the wheels to one another. In a car, the engine applies the force to the axle which rotates the wheels and moves the vehicle forward.”

Spark plugs

What is spark plug firing?


Necessary to start any gas-fueled combustion engine, spark plugs send high voltage electricity to one end and ignite a spark at the other end. The spark fires the air and fuel mixture within the engine and creates the combustion that powers your car.

Change energy. Change your life. 

 = New vehicle

My love affair with food was a co-dependent relationship. New vehicle requires new food, new love. There’s new space in which to drive the vehicle. Spatial capacity.

The brain has a specialized region just for navigating the spatial environment. This structure is called the hippocampus, also known as the map reader of the brain. The hippocampus helps individuals determine where they are, how they got to that particular place, and how to navigate to the next destination. 

Sounds like GPS navigation system. Also sounds like mental rehearsal.

Assisted Global Positioning System.
More vehicles will be under the influence of mushrooms, plant medicine and meditation. This new freeway tempo drive will ripple onto battle fields. Sounds like I’m high on — something !!  Spirit — Spiritual chemistry. Fuel. Drive. Destination. Destiny. Unfolding. Enfolding. In God/dess is Trust. 

Dragon Speak bite by bite—sound bites as in live wires connected to frequency. “9th frequency”

Bees know this zzzzzz dance brainwave pattern 

  • Combustion
  • rapid chemical combination of a substance with oxygen, involving the production of heat and light.

Raina and Wylie

One year old Raina is unique. She is on fire most of the time and uses her head to bounce into walls and the floor. She never flinches. It’s as if she has a bubble around her cushioning her. And she does—her Light Body! I shared this information with her mom and dad yesterday since it was my last day with the twins due to their move to Texas. I also showed them how to put their hands around her head to give boundary/support/balance in her energy field. Both children shine Light and I’ll always support them, Love them.

S/He Dragon

I connected and breathed him in through my mouth. A new sensation—essence—of fire breathing Dragon(s). 

A new level of greeting at the doorway—opening all doors—leading to golden treasure and sparkling gems. 

Two coiling as One. Two breathing as One. 

S/He wants an introduction to 3D mystical realms. Meet Andromeda:

Chemical Hybrid

He started the engine of the vehicle relationship. He has the keys to the ignition of brain and heart because we generate and share a unified field. He knows how to reach me and generate response. 

My new vehicle is running on fuel of Agape. The previous fuel ran too hot and left me stranded. It was not a smooth ride. Not only is my vehicle new so is the grounded terrain.

His vehicle may have different fuel—and wiring. We are, after all, two in One. It’s as if a new Hybrid vehicle is in the picture that can run on different fuels. 

Agape connection/fuel is round and happy—joyful. This is the where and how of relationship roots. Perhaps a woman’s chemistry/fuel is more attuned here—pink. Perhaps men run on different chemistry/fuel—red. I used to run on red fuel but I want less break down and a more smooth and consistent ride. 

A hybrid car uses more than one means of energy, combining a petrol or diesel engine with an electric motor, and the two systems work with each other to move the vehicle. This allows the car to burn less gasoline, achieving better fuel efficiency than a traditional engine that solely uses fuel does.

In addition to its traditional internal combustion engine, a hybrid has a battery electric drive system. To save fuel, a hybrid’s engine stops and starts frequently, placing unique demands on the powertrain and motor oil. Whether you drive a hybrid or plug-in hybrid, routine oil changes are vital.

I’m thinking/sensing a new vehicle is in the works. One with Dragon wings. 

🌀🐉 🌀

New DNA is uncovered and released. New chemistry. New fuel. This newness makes the drive worthwhile.

Info coming in: Masculine and Feminine fuels are within both male and female. Both move the vehicle forward. It’s a cooperative exchange of chemical fuel.

3-D Vehicle Drama

My new used car would not start three times last week and it had to be towed. It’s currently getting a new starter. I have a relationship that appears to be in the same situation. It won’t start. Is it because we both have new vehicles?

What Is A Starter? The starter is a small motor, powered by the battery. It gets the engine of your car running. A starter relay sits between the battery and the starter motor, transmitting power. Without a properly working starter relay and motor, you won’t be able to start your vehicle and may need a tow.

Reminds me of Walk for the World yesterday when I was inside the cavity of my physical body. The engine? I looked around and felt different sensations in this contained space. I intended/sent white light to the parts of this vehicle.

A starter (also self-starter, cranking motor, or starter motor) is a device used to rotate (crank) an internal-combustion engine so as to initiate the engine’s operation under its own power. Starters can be electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic.

The starter system is an electrical circuit that is useful for starting or starting the vehicle engine. This system can convert electrical energy from the battery into mechanical energy. Furthermore, this mechanical energy will be used to rotate the engine so that the vehicle engine can run.

Starters are devices that control the use of electrical power to equipment. As the name implies, starters “start” motors. They can also stop, reverse, accelerate and protect them. Starters are made from two building blocks: contactors and overloads.

An overload is designed to protect the motor against a prolonged overcurrent. What this means is, if the motor is running at too high of a current for too long, it can overheat and destroy the motor. How the overload provides this protection is it has a current sensing unit built within the overload itself.

is an overload contact?

If the current rises above a certain limit over a certain period of time, then the overload relay will trip, operating an auxiliary contact which interrupts the motor control circuit, de-energizing the contactor. This leads to the removal of the power to the motor.

So, a contact is simply an electrically-controlled switch that completes or interrupts a circuit. A motor starter is a contactor with overload relays added to each circuit for overload protection.

An overload release coil can be seen in the starter of a motor. As the name suggests, it shuts down the machine when it seems to be operating at overload.

Now for any machine that takes electrical input, you might have noticed that we operate it at its fixed rated voltage. As the load increases on the shaft of the motor, the motor needs to give more output power to keep it running at the rated speed. Now by law of conservation of energy, as mechanical output power increases, the electrical input power will also increase.

That’s a lot of information that coils through my systems of consciousness.

This four day car ordeal was very stressful. I have yet to learn how to handle this kind of situation. It’s a different kind of storm, of tumbling. Thankfully people were available with rides (tows) and auto insurance and warranty covered expenses. Hopefully I’ll have my car back soon. Someone at the dealership told me they didn’t have cars to loan but I am now driving one thanks to a guy in the service department. This is the second time he’s rescued me. I love these karmic connections. People stepping forward to assist! I get to offer the same.

Astral Turn

Meditation is a support system inclusive in water, air, earth, fire. Meditation is a Garden space and place. A Temple.

Assuring meditation. “To be greater than….”  Tugging on the garment of the Divine” I notice these intersecting lines/coordinates. They add to my happiness. A Happy Life.

Such an excellent instructional meditation. Channeled information from on High is inspiring, teaching. Gentle wisdom. Kindness toward oneself and others. War doesn’t live here.

Look within from a higher window, lens.

The Unconscious Blueprint meets its Conscious expression.  A match. A connection. A relationship. A Holy and Whole Temple.

Know Thyself. Change Thyself to Know more. 🎶 “Getting to know me, Getting to like me—I am precisely my cup of tea” Song from childhood. Deposited in memory bank of investment in MySelf.

“Change” Clear the fields of land mines. Self-destructive land mines.

A man appears. Human. I don’t know  him. Pipe. Hat. English detective in movies. (Weird) Detector of land mines. 

Name? Letters on the edge. I remote view to see…”Livingston”.  

“Dr Livingston I presume.”

What happened to Dr Livingston?


Livingstone moved south again, obsessed by his quest for the Nile sources and his desire for the destruction of the slave trade, but his illness overcame him. In May 1873, at Chitambo in what is now northern Zambia, Livingstone’s African servants found him dead, kneeling by his bedside as if in prayer.

A sidetrack honoring this Spirit. I usually ignore the unknown faces. I don’t take time with them. Today is different. I do like change!  

Sherlock Holmes was the face. Livingston the name. More practice with remote viewing? 

“Time to turn to this power within you”

“A two way communication….Universal Mind”

“Broadcasting a signal”   

Am I interested in the Astral field or plane? Do I remote view here? 

Sweet Underground

Driving in the rain down a busy six lane freeway today a song played that I recognize called Light of Your Grace. Immediately my Light body reached out with right hand to touch another in a familiar way. Where did that come from? I had no thought or feeling along that line prior to that expression. Something underground must have held pockets of memories from GoLov and the song touched something (nerves?) to cause an uprising or arousal of love. What kind of love? What temperature and color? Agape Love—as part of a Love spectrum. It was sweet.

“A lot of people consider Agape to be a kind of spiritual love and it’s expressed through meditation, nature, intuition, and spirituality.”

The colored leaves of Autumn bring up a memory of a dress I made in Jr High.  It was gold material with brown Rikrak. I loved making and wearing that dress. In the car on that freeway I went through the dressmaking steps: Choose pattern, buy material (a sensorial experience to match my mood and the season), pin pattern to material, cut material, sew pieces together with 5/8” seams, make button holes (bound buttons on a blue seersucker suit earned a blue ribbon at the Puyallup Fair), add zipper or trim, hem. Try the garment on—early on. Why I wanted to piece this together on the freeway and now is a mystery. Must be some new left-brain wiring. It does have to do with memories underground. I have fond memories from childhood that have overgrown the toxic weeds. There is a new sweetness underground. I even feel this way toward my two marriages. What happened to the dramas? Somehow they’ve been pushed aside and are no longer a reality. “I’m not that person anymore!”

My great grandson was acting out of control today so for the first time I announced that it was time to meditate. For two minutes! I was able to do this because my grandson who meditates was there and it gave me a sense of support. So Khyree and I sat on the floor in his room and breathed together—exhale/inhale—in spite of his initial resistance. We ended with palms together saying “thank you.” I also asked him if he saw any pictures in his minds’s eye. He said “Christmas tree” and sang jingle bells. He was much more calm after that. I’ll breathe with him again on Thanksgiving. I didn’t rehearse this. It rose up from out of the blue—blueprint. Blue is sweet 💙🌀💙

Remote Viewing ~ Split Lens

After 5:00 am meditation I remote viewed someone drawing an arc with radiating lines and the pen 🖊️ doing the drawing was at the lower right corner. At first I had to focus Eye to see in more detail and it worked! This seeing seemed to be from the left side of Eye or head. As if I shifted lens. Reminds me of Serpent/Dragon eye. Will research…

Science talks about rods and cones and UV light.

I’m seeing an Eye that is two in one. One Eye behind the other. A split lens.

A split diopter is a partial lens that attaches to a standard camera lens and features at least two different focal planes. This lens attachment has the effect of greatly expanding the depth of field so that the immediate foreground and the distant background can both be in sharp focus.

What is a split camera?

The split diopter lens makes half of your camera’s lens nearsighted, and the other farsighted. This creates the illusion of deep focus, giving two subjects in the foreground and background sharp focus. Let’s figure out why this is important and why filmmakers use it.