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Childlike at Heart

7/20 GOLOV

Swimming breast-stroke through a debris field with a “bull’s eye” target. At center there is no static. Trance is running energy through center pole line. Sent blue love out—transmitting. Toward the end of meditation’s song I thought to walk to the park and swing. I saw and heard that I take many children—who gather around me.

I just checked a text that came in and it’s from the mom whose kids I nanny. Five-year-old Logan thinks of me as family!!

“Listening to Logan talk to Chloe (neighbor): “I have 3 grandmas: Oma, Nanny and Trish” 😍

Star Dust Particle

Cord is a radio antennae transmitting sparks—like stardust particles 🔸. (Photon)

Changes in relationships = change in orbital patterns. My discomfort being with a particularly chaotic family came to point and I spoke out. Relationships evolve, revolve or dissolve depending on grounded communication (transmission). I am doing relationship in a new way, in a new cycle. Arcturians are with me—grounding communication.

The photon (Greek: φῶς, phōs, light) is a type of elementary particle. It is the quantum of the electromagnetic field including electromagnetic radiation such as light and radio waves, and the force carrier for the electromagnetic force. Photons are massless,[a] so they always move at the speed of light in vacuum, 299792458 m/s (or about 186,282 mi/s). The photon belongs to the class of bosons.

Dragon ~ Old and New

I awoke and my physical body made large breaststroke motions as if I was swimming through a debris field. Then I had a breakthrough in consciousness! I knew those men in my life as dragons! The heaviness of karmic attraction and lack of evolution holds the time we were at war. I see myself as a dragon held in chain, imprisoned and starved. Yesterday’s activity was with the last of the old dragons! This explains so much. I am now free to fly into my future. The picture, the knowing, is so clear! Gaia is also a Dragon. She has been at war and imprisoned in chains. That heaviness is lifting and evolution is in process. Consciousness leads the charge as She “jumps tracks” into new space. Dragon is the Life Force that activates matter. May Consciousness continue to unfold, enfold and evolve a new brain body — Dragon.

“Jumping tracks” has to do with DNA strands. I’m now experiencing ivy vines clawing their way up trees. It takes intention and effort to loosen them and remove them. (I’ve wondered what role the ivy vines have other than being Druid related.) We leave the debris field behind.


7/17 GOLOV

Saw cords above receivers’ heads as the “silver cord” and remember when I was pushed and pulled in space by this cord attached at the top of my head.

I put cream on feet and feet in socks and feel cozily grounded. I can do this—we’re family! (I can be so unprofessional.) Song begins and I connect through liquid brain fluid to alien substance. It’s a “circuit board” connection. I extend “I welcome your teachings.”

Feeling gratitude to Dr Joe as a “reverberating” being. White ET present. We raise frequency to connect with Galactic Family. An arcing connection, a bridge that human matter/substance provides. Head floats separate from body—buoyant! As I extend hug to DJ I am hugging ET. Notice calm, still waters with no ripples. As I start to “go under” in trance state ET wants to “play in the sandbox.” Such a playful being. I soon got that Earth is a sand box. There’s that box again.

This is Significant: I felt the Light fluid pressing against matter and it was the Yin Yang symbol. I got that Light’s pressure on matter creates motion of thought and feeling! The symbol is NOT positive and negative dramas it’s the larger field as Energy and Matter! A huge breakthrough in consciousness—the bridge between worlds.

Meditation is a cocoon to wrap up in, be transformed and unwrap as new.

Brain, heart, body relating is a plugged in circuit board—lit up in balanced intelligence!

This meditation was less intense and confusing. Perhaps the giving of Love is important for balance of head, heart, hands. Does this mean the “Galaxy glue” or elixir fluid is moving through bodies? I think so ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤍🔆

This drawing suggests to me that the “line” created is that silver cord.

As above so below. Sun is under our feet at center of Earth. Sun to sun in reverberation — Galactic mapping is Galactic echoing.


Driving North to my friend’s house I sensed a large space craft above me behind the cloud mass. Do I believe everything I sense? It’s getting a bit intense. I was going to have a trance session with my hypnotherapist friend to ask questions about the who, what and why that’s unfolding in meditation but my body was suddenly in a funk. Not sure where that came from. The craft connection? I realized I’m in trance four times a week with GOLOV meditations and that my body isn’t a machine—it doesn’t want to do back to back trance. My body wants time to to process and breathe. It took several hours and a walk through the local tree farm for my body to feel balanced. Ancient Aliens was on the TV and at one point when an Egyptian carving was shown and it’s association with aliens my friend exclaimed, “ I just dreamed about that!” How many of us are connecting with aliens and craft?

The Box Meditation

Before meditation I had the sense of connection above me in space. Brain receiving and emitting pulsar waves. Meditation begins with “Endless space” and I see an elongated sphere. “Both sides of you” as a line angles upward. Blackness is held in light of consciousness. Consciousness as a relay station. Body is a time capsule turning into itself like cigar shaped space craft or hydrogen molecule—Oumuamua?

A molecule of hydrogen is the simplest possible molecule. It consists of two protons and two electrons held together by electrostatic forces. Like atomic hydrogen, the assemblage can exist in a number of energy levels.

This image that evolved with meditation is a solid object—earthy. I felt it’s weight and shape in space. Not sure it’s story—yet. More mental energy in this meditation—working with downloads from meditations’ suggestions and guidance.

Definitions of relay station. an amplifier for restoring the strength of a transmitted signal. synonyms: booster, booster amplifier, booster station, relay link, relay transmitter. type of: amplifier. electronic equipment that increases strength of signals passing through it.


That was one strange meditation/trance. I will follow my notes:

“Let the Earth hold you” song lyrics with special meaning today. Emotional.

Background music plays behind the noise of this world. I see “projection” as a scene spreading out in front of eyes. “All the world’s a stage.” There are levels or filters through which to see projection.

A “feeding cord” is coming through brain. Head light seeing. A hologram. Background is foreground. I’m doing a “snake dance” with this beaming cord. Entwined. Back of head—socket connection. Intimate, golden lovemaking — Light and Matter. A bliss machine-mechanic. I feel it golden at the back of my neck and penetrating downward.

“The field is a projection” and my brain was on overload! Made no sense to me. “Too mental” I thought. Usually it’s an easy flow—this was engaged with tension trying to understand.

I look at the GOLOV receivers and wonder why I can’t relate to healing them. I look more deeply, concentrate, and see cords as feeding tubes going into brains. Feels sci-fi !! Avatar-ish !! And I’m confused !! This golden mercury beam is changing my reality.

Yin / Yang

During Tuesday’s GOLOV meditation I had a split-second impression (seeing and feeling) of energy folding unto itself. I drew squiggle lines to try to capture it and ended with the Yin/Yang symbol. I was experiencing this as I was on a mountaintop and at the same time in dense dark matter. I see that I Am Yin/Yang! I am also more than these ups and downs of opposites.

Teacher and Teachings

7/12 GOLOV

What a bizarre mood I was in this time of day. I felt the feelings. During the meditation I found myself on a mountain top (“alp” was the word—associated with my Swiss roots?) with my white bearded oriental teacher (“Dr Wu” came through this morning and I wonder if this is someone in medical practice near me). My teacher offered jasmine tea and we sat together. Other Masters (from the I Am Bliss song) encircled above. I asked questions and received. How interesting that my emotional body could be in a “funk” and my Over Soul be in another Reality. In the shamanic course with Alberto Villoldo I learned more about this upper space. I also learned some ways to acknowledge energy to/from the 8th center. I’m aware of the integration in process at so many levels. I feel it, see it and report my findings!!

I almost forgot! I realized on that alp that “there are no serpents here!” What does this mean? This high experience is beyond time-space.

PS: we had a minor earthquake two hours prior to this meditation. Maybe deep Earth energies rose up to be felt.

Golden Threads ~ A New Standard

Blessing of the Energy Centers meditation. Did I find this meditation this morning or did it find me? Perhaps we met in the electromagnetic middle. I notice that golden substance moving through and make mental note that white Light in Space becomes Golden in Earth. A good standard for daily living of all my centers. Two outreaching arms are holding a box or book. I make a mental note. Since the sleeves are kimono like I acknowledge my teacher. Did he offer his name? Meditation words complement my golden experience. I make mental note. My head reverberates Truth as energy flows from one frequency to another. Toward end I see half of Serpent face and make mental note. Then as liquid substance moves my body into slumping position I am coiling as snake. When I lift up I uncoil. Another mental note. Mental notes connect the dots/parts with Golden threads.