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Calling the Dragon Clan

Reading through old computer discs today I found this project idea from 2009 when I was laid off from Children’s Home Society of Washington after 18 years. I was always trying to find ways to fit into the system. It was and is a challenge for this Dragon.

February 2, 2009

Dragon Clan


Calling the Dragon Clan

If you have roots growing from your feet, electricity sparking from fingers, a serpent tongue, and laser-beam eyes this experiential workshop is for you.

Or, if you walk off balance, have idle hands, speak empty words, or see the world through darkness this workshop is for you.

Or, if you have bone spurs, arthritis, low thyroid, and tired eyes this workshop is for you.

Or, if you walk in grief, hold heartache, hide secrets, and judge others this workshop is for you.

Magic is afoot.  Be part of it.

Presented by Yellow Turtle Spirit in Laughing Waters

My identity has been through a job and earning income in this world.  It is how one contributes and survives.  New work opens inside out shape-shifting me.  I step forward as Dragon in this linear world ~ Dragon with Wings.  Who will relate? 

Unemployment will pay me to go back to school.  Is there a school for non-linear dragons?  Unemployment offers a self-employment assistance training program.  Do non-linear dragons qualify? Can dragons have a business to sell their magic?  I will be asking those questions and pushing into the linear system.  Dragons have a different compass and map obeying their own calling and lines.  It’s time to draw a new map in this world. 

(What exactly is a dragon in human form?  I am getting that it’s an integration of primal reptilian brain with newer brain holding/reflecting holographic and quantum universe.)

I have a vision that evolved step by step:

  • On a plane to Los Angeles reading John Hagelin’s article in Shift magazine about collective meditation reducing stress, crime and violence
  • In Sherman Oakes meditating under my sister’s orange tree I feel rich bliss and think this green job deserves monetary value in a new and green economy
  • Talk to friends about meditation as a green job
  • Obama expands the Department of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives; federal funds are available
  • Talk to Rev Charles about CSL communities from Seattle to San Diego providing meditation and prayer circles that receive funding to then circulate into local at-risk youth and environmental programs.  Congregation members pledge support and local businesses sponsor to help match the federal grant.
  • I manage the whole system of energy flows and have a green job in this world all along the western edge and arc

Having a vision is easier than grounding it.  There is red tape and tight pathways.  And departments to wade through to see what can fit.  I push into the linear system and ask the questions.  Can such a vision be funded?  Or is it another stepping stone moving into the next phase of creative cycle?  I am cranked into and cranked up by a dynamic wheel of life.  The lesson is to stay in the moment as things heat up and spin faster, faster.  Hold on….here’s another wave to ride.  Air currents pull one way, water currents swirl another way, and earth currents spiral…all driven by solar/soular heat.  It’s a dynamic combustion of forces and I am at the center – uncertain about this world of form but solid in spirit. Which world am I?  I listen and am guided through this transition.  Ground increasingly forms under feet.  Emotions learn to trust the infinite force behind it all.

Singing Bowl Medicine

Troy Bacon at SUFON Sunday

How was this fidgety body going to sit for two hours and listen to the SUFON speaker talk? How could I reign in the Sagittarius fire that so often gets ahead of me? Well, I didn’t have to because the Singing Bowl did! I was totally put in place, mesmerized, by the sound. I could not believe it! My body actually felt “pinned” down in support as if magnetic lines were holding me in place. It was wonderful! “More stillness” is on my “to do” list.

Why do I talk about myself, my experiences, all the time? Well, it’s not my ego doing the talking. Oops! I am being corrected. It is my ego doing the talking but it is the Light being talked about, recognized. I am fascinated how Light shows up through me and I want to honor it, talk about it, share it. So, I’m not sharing ego experiences. I am sharing how Light moves me and manifests—as I see it—as I see myself.

Lately I am listening and responding to David Wilcock’s and Corey Goode’s work via the Internet. I let their words sink in, circulate and settle and then I get to watch how response moves through me (reminding me of stirring a witches’ brew). It is very fulfilling to have something substantial to respond to. I am “getting” that Light is satisfied as well. What does that mean? It’s as if the communication is a sacred communion—with Light. Fulfilling in all directions reminding me of that Singing Bowl.

Cold Blooded

Why do so many people have dogs? Whole neighborhoods parade them up and down the street. What needs are being met? Whose needs are being met?

Being a Mystic I can’ t talk to people about many things I see or think (so I blog). Dogs for example: I sense invisible beings attached to dogs and these beings in turn attach to their dog’s human. It feels enmeshed to me—crowded.

I need a lot of open space around me and not the “pull” of animals. A friend’s cat is very needy and always wants to be in my lap. My energy field doesn’t want this cat in my lap—it feels like a drain to my whole body so I send the cat away. It’s not just me as a personality responding it’s my energy field!

Ah-ha! This same drain happened in a group I was active with this past year. The leader’s behavior became too dissonant for me and I had to leave the group. I have joined and left so very many groups in my life! Each one connected to another time and space. So many lifetimes in this one life!

I must come across as “cold” and perhaps I am cold blooded like my Dragon ancestors. And then again, I am a nanny for four children who delight me when they say “hold me” (I, too, am being held) or when I hear them say “Trish.”

It’s my body that takes me through life. Thankfully it has matured and is now conscious about being conscious. So, I listen and learn from S/He. And the lessons are increasing seven-fold because of new people and beings in my energy field that resonate.

Solar Surge

(Geez! I wrote this post at 7 am this morning. I see tonight it is gone. How does that happen? Now, I have to remember the details—something challenging for my left brain.

I wake up and look/listen as if scanning terrain. Where did I fly, what forest shadows did I explore, what teachings did I learn?

I see that a recent spiritual, emotional, mental, physical experience was a “solar splurge” that activated my crown chakra and whole body and being. I have been learning about an external solar flare event from David Wilcock and Corey Goode but I see that I experienced it—but not in a vacuum. I experienced it as I was bouncing ideas off DW and CG via the internet. Odd how this fire/inspiration can happen through spiritual connection.

Radiation, Response, Union, Unified Radiation is a process I learned from the Emissaries of Divine Light as something to experience/know spiritually. Each part of this process is critical. In my personal life “response” has been sorely missed (there is much I cannot talk about—so I blog). There is vast potential in our unified radiation, response, union and unified radiation personally and collectively.

Writing this now, the second time I notice that the original emotion is missing. Ah, the fire is missing! And that changes everything!

Life Review

I seem to be going through some sort of life review. It is not pleasant—a lot of negative self-talk is playing. Yes, I am very critical of myself—maybe I am trying to find that perfect pitch. Is there such a thing?

And at the same time of this negative bombardment I am having difficulty keeping my feet on the ground in this reality and finding the right words for communication. Sometimes my brain simply doesn’t work and it is very awkward being around people.


Last Saturday at two Seattle locations two different oriental men popped in and kept walking around me (in my car and at the beach) staring into space. Their obvious presence and somber, blank looks were creepy. I thought they were Ufology related and wanted something from me. A day later after the “odeur” subsided (that word popped in so I am using it) I thought they were sex trafficking. What would they want from me? As I now ask I get: “my Light.” I did hear on the news yesterday that a sex trafficking ring was arrested at the Seattle pier. I am used to being protected (except for the stalker/hacker) so this was very odd. The circumstance had a certain “ring” to it reminding me of a more pure “surround sound” I had recently tuned into. I have felt/heard that “ring” since Saturday and my body became very alert—on edge. Did I “tune into” the sound of sex trafficking? Time will tell if/how I work with this.

JY and the Deer

It happened just now, 11:15 pm. Another attack at the throat by stalker. I called in spiritual support and received an image:

JY is carrying a dead deer on his shoulders. I asked again. I looked again and the image is clear. JY is carrying a dead deer on his shoulders.

What does this represent? Is it his burden to bear after tormenting and abusing the female species represented by one of the most gentle, feminine animals of the forest? And/or does Deer represent Grief that is his to bear?

A living, breathing Deer

Stalker Abuse

He is still at it after 18 years! Harassing and abusing me by stalking and hacking my communication systems. I met him at a Wilderness Awareness School event and learned he was the founder and a world renowned expert at tracking and bird language. I fell for him (like so many other women) because he sounded as if he cared about the wilderness and Mother Earth. I walked away from him but he continues to hang on.

He uses psychic skills to manipulate me, much like dark VooDoo. I am not as sophisticated mentally. I have little interest in controlling—and harming—others through focused intention. I am spontaneous and light hearted. My wings are no match for this heavy and dark intruder. So, the only recourse I have is to expose him and say his name: Jon Young.

It is time to expose the dark ones who are abusive and corrupt. The ones who want to consume and control feminine space. It is judgment day as cosmic intelligence separates the wheat from the chaff. I, for one, hold up my shield of Light. Love excludes as much as it includes. Some energies cannot occupy the same space. Such is the battle of Good and Evil.


I woke up to a sheet of teal color via mind’s inner Eye or what I like to call Dragon Eye. Teal is the color of the tall “commander’s” robe who stands at my right. I see him through inner Eye and heard “Galactic Federation.” I will try to draw him and add the color. I need a hypnotherapy session to go deeper or I need to change my diet to go deeper. This diet thing has been the most difficult because food is emotional comfort for me and that goes deep. Gotta release old patterns to let new ones in.

So much happens in our sleep. We time travel to spend time with beings in other dimensions, we unravel codes in the subconscious and we get clarity on the next piece of information/inspiration in our expanding consciousness.

I see and know duality as male (+) and female (-). These two energy forces that flow through my Dragon body have one Source but express differently as parts of One whole. Lately I am experiencing these two as Expansion and Contraction. I woke up to this new piece of awareness:

Expansion = Masculine = Achieving = Doing

Contraction = Feminine = Being = Listening

Human activity has been masculine for a long, long time and it is destroying life on Earth. Contraction has to be part of the equation. Feminine Being brings balance to the whole. Without it we perish.

Spiral Story

I am sensing/feeling/seeing (intuiting) cycles moving through rhythms of expansion and contraction. My personal journey of moving away from home years ago feels like expansion and now my interest in moving back home feels like contraction. As I was driving to work yesterday I asked myself if this (+/-) energy in motion (e-motion) was a circle. No, that did not make sense. So, I stayed with it, letting the circle speak, and saw a spiral! Yes that does make sense! I have been seeing spirals for months in my Sunday drum meditations. And I have been drawing their circular lines. What is their story?

The following chapter Kundalini Dragon, from my book S/Dragon ~ How I Found My Wings, tells of my first spiral sighting.

Itzhak Bentova, a Czech-born Israeli scientist, inventor, mystic and author, and early pioneer of consciousness studies, said that consciousness is “the capacity of a system to respond to stimuli.” The following dream and visions were just that stimuli to spark, within me, a new wave of consciousness.

Dream, 2/1993
A creature, spiral in design, emerges from a dark mist. I pick it up and peel something away. Salamander has come to me! Tenderly protecting it with my hands, I look for a place to set it free near the forest for protection and water for nourishment.
Dreamtime salamander had an emotional impact on me that emanated from my heart and solar plexus chakras. It was an arcing energy—circular and motherly as I birthed a new part of myself. Salamander was so dear to me that I hired a local Native American artist to draw a logo of it for my business cards and website, Community Threads.

Vision, 4/1993
Strange energies present this day. I am irritable and withdrawn. I see salamander mouth above me, larger than me. I see rough, scaly flesh and wings. I think, Flying … and … dragon! Is my salamander turning into a dragon? He’s much bigger now.

Vision, 7/1993
I look down the neck of a dragon, seeing above his eyes. I see what he sees. I am inside dragon, looking directly through his eyes. I have felt motherly toward salamander and dragon—as if they were something external to nurture. This new sensation of wrapping around something inside me is a feeling of integration from within—I am dragon!

Author Mary Scott writes in Kundalini in the Physical World, (PenquinGroup/1983), “All energies at work in bodies become Kundalini forces as soon as they enter dense matter. Similarly all becomes part of the earth as soon as it manifests within its field of forces.”
My dense matter had been the recipient of Kundalini and this “field of forces” had much more to reveal.