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Babylon to New Jerusalem

GOLOV meditation. 4/4/2024

Dragon walks into Eye frame/view. No wings! S/He is exploring landscape with mountain destination. An invitation and gathering. Dragon Body on Earth. Dragon Love.

Then ocean and sand. Exploring seascape. Adventurous. Dragon belly up to Sun—comical—sun bathing. A pet Dragon or my new Self? 

Cool down red planet with blue = purple. New architecture, structure. Up and over grounding. Goodbye muddy waters. 

Babylon to New Jerusalem — Revelation 

Dragon Body, Dragon Community

Dear Mystical Community, 

Birth Announcement!

I gave birth after Sunday’s Walking Meditation and Monday’s Coherence Healing. Some of you heard me speak my contractions, my Dragon visions. I shared the all-consuming birthing process Tuesday with Matalini and Cris. I was guided to do so. 

This birth is my and our S/He Dragon body. This image is my and our Dragon Eye representing She/Pituitary and He/Pineal. This birth has been in process since age 25 when Angel Michael came through an East window while I was meditating. 

The effect I’m now feeling after this birth in New Earth is Integration—and why I’m sharing here. If you are nudged by Dragon, if you have Dragon visions or insights please share them at All Things Mystical on WhatsApp. 

“We bring Fire of Love, Truth and Life” is the message from On High this morning. Meaning, this is our responsibility as Dragon Eye and Dragon Community in New Earth.
So Be It ❤️🧡💛


Pregnant Dragon via Coherence Healing, April 29

Pieces of the puzzle fell into place

Now, a new puzzle

As I fast this Beltane May Day

Happy Yellow Solar Plexus

Some Men

Some men I know

Love the pleasure

Of sexual relationship

But can’t be responsible

For sustaining it.

Call it the MIA type

The absent father

And on the other hand

I see men

Strolling and biking

Their little ones down the sidewalk

Are women different?

Beltane 2024

Recording to remember yesterday, April 30, 2024, as a day of final contractions and birth—Whew!

S/He Dragon child came through in a whirlwind of fire and gush of tsunami wave. In this intensity I responded, reaching out to Matalina and Cris. Two dynamic individuals who love and serve community:

Downloads:  We’re developing a Dragon Body. a Light Body, on New Earth. Our community groups are chakra points with energy incoming outgoing—radiating. How many do we have? 

Dragon Eye Body

All Things Mystical – 

Retreats – 

Coherence Healing – 

Walking Meditation –

Dr Joe  & website –

Just imagining here/now while I listen to Barry Goldstein music at Dr Joe’s website. Ah-Ha! Another chakra point and wheel!  Dr Joe!  It will pull itself together. 

I am/ We are sharing with you because you are so natural  at weaving community.

Later…GOLOV and Walking Meditation were added to the line up of Dragon Body Community. This birthing happened within one, between two and now as community. It’s a new cycle . Everything is NEW! 

Changed and Changing

As Love circulates

Giving new Life

Nutrients and oxygen

And form

Beyond Belief

I know Spirit

At my core

Speaking to me

Guiding me 

Comforting me 

Lifting me

It’s more than a belief

It’s who I Am

To walk through the turmoil

To ignore the cacophony 

To be immune to the dis-ease

Is freedom in flight

In grade school 

I was “Fatty Patty”

Turning beet red 

With embarrassment 

At any attention

So very self conscious

Those around me would say, “Look she’s turning red!” It was dreadful! At some point I grew out of this. Thank God/dess!

The blessing

The lesson

From this discomfort?

Not to make fun of others.

Goddess Is Born

In my book S/He Dragon ~ How I Found My Wings, Chapter 7 is entitled Pagan God Pan (who has been mischievously present lately). This poem is UP in consciousness today. It’s UP as Silicon Valley is in a frenzy with AI technology and it’s UP as I’m in a frenzy due to more trees being clear cut in my city.

In the hush

amidst the noise of humankind crying

and Mother Earth dying,

Goddess is born.

Initiated at hand of divinity

on wings of ascending current

to be given and received as bride.

Goddess of love, circulate thy essence.

Goddess of fertility, cultivate thy currents.

Nurture green again upon land

of heart, mind, and body.

The Activist is coming out in me. I want to gather women up and with one unified voice say “Enough madness.” These women wear the Green Vibe and make Green Sense.

Dragon King/Queen

Senses are full. Little energy to write but I have two experiences (energy bursts) that want to be grounded. 

Yesterday Walking Meditation #5:

Lush greenery of Spring

In Bellevue Botanical Gardens

I see Serpent in mind’s Eye

I Am Serpent

Slithering on Gaia homeland.

Walking on with other thoughts, feelings.

Then, a turning and

Returning (re-membering) 

Serpent presence.

His body texture spiraled now

Upright, skyward.

His face from on high

Has contended look, grinning

Wearing a crown…then

Serpent splits in two.

Now two strands and faces

Content and grinning

With crowns

At the meditation point of “stop” and “lay down” an inviting space (empty creek bed) was in front of me—with rocks! Serpent loves rock. I laid in comfort, comforted by the mystical nature of Beloved Gaia.