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Light Prevails

 naga-kanya2To evil forces near and far: 

For every beheading you do to create fear and chaos we Light Workers of Gaia unify as one head and body of Light.

For every evil deed you do to manipulate matter we Light Workers of Gaia express deeds of love rising in Spirit, infusing matter.

Evil doers you do not hold power. Light prevails in human hearts, minds and bodies.




What If?




WHAT IF the human drama was a mind control game being played by Beings from another galaxy? What if the intention is to keep us in Beta brainwave to control us and keep us brainwashed? With all the dark energy being played out it’s time to go deeper into inner space via Alpha, Theta, and Delta brainwaves. WHAT IF?



S/He Dragon Visualization

S/He Dragon is a Seer and has been seeing a specific image through Third Eye Chakra: a white field with white holes emitting light. These non-linear images/visions do not include linear language so S/He interprets them intuitively.  Many of us who are working on personal and planetary healng are releasing cords of attachment that have been attached to toxic patterns. people and dark entities of other dimensions.When these chords are released they are ready to be filled in with white light. I invite you to visualize this healing light for oneself, others and Gaia. Holes represent acupressure points, pores, cells. Listen and watch for information that can only come through you. You have a part to play in the emission of White Light as a cell in the Light Body. S/He Dragon thanks you.


Weave Your Web

dragon celtic knot

Solar/Soul Beings weave webs of Light aligning Truth, evolving Life, enlightening Matter. Dark Beings weave webs of illusion distorting Truth, stagnating Life, destroying Matter. Do I, do we, know the difference when they appear as threads within and around us?

Light Beams


What do Dragons, Faeries, and Solar Beings have in common? Wings of flight, transcending as Light Beams through multi-dimensions.

Winged flight is more than left brain mental activity. It is an intuitive path and mystical gateway. Every human being has this brain-body capacity.

Who is ready to ride Light Beams? Who is willing to do inner core/soul work that moves one out of self-centered toxic ego? Who is ready to radiate Light?

Dream Time

Dream Time

Dream time February 1993: I find a Salamander and hold it tenderly while looking for a place to set it free near forest for protection and water for nourishment. In “real” time I feel motherly toward this tiny creature and asked Native American, David Horsely, to draw an image of it for my non-profit organization Community Threads. Time proved this to be the initial birth of S/He Dragon.

Dark and Light

Light and Dark

Light and Dark

Dark sorcerers walk among us using their bag of tricks to manipulate matter. Why? To push their agenda of chaos and fear, the opposite of Love’s Light. There are people who can help clear these intrusions such as psychics, shamans and medicine people.

As members of a crystalline community we know that the Nature of Love is to shine forth. No one, in any realm, is allowed to interfere with Divine Love! As Light Workers we cast our own spells of Love, Truth and Life — to restore balance in this realm of duality.