Turtle Coloring Book


Turtle’s Circle of Life tells an enchanting creation story in a coloring book.
Baby Turtle is lost in space. Father Sun carries Turtle to planet Earth on a light beam. Turtle swims East, South, West and North discovering the wonders of Earth, her relationship with Father Sun and her transformation into Turtle Island.

Just like Turtle you, too, can discover the wonders of your Circle of Life. Instructions and a circle map are provided at the back of the book to assist you in creating a mandala of your journey around the circle of life.


Circle of Life mapping class is like a wheel travelling in a new path, not in an old rut. It’s a melding of the past and future by connecting the ends.   ~ Mike Evans, Chief, Snohomish Tribe of Indians

Turtle’s Circle of Lie story is in the spirit of storytelling tradition. Imagination is engaged, creativity opened and spirit present…learning takes place.  ~ Gene Tagaban, Tlingit storyteller, actor, dance and native flute.

While reading this book for the first time my two granddaughters, Riley (3 years old) and Story Pacific (6 years old), listened intensely. When we were finished Stormy asked, “Grandmie can we get more of these books to share with my class?” We highly recommend this amazing book with the wonderful lessons and beautiful pictures for all ages.  ~  Gayle Nelson, Yakutat Tlingit Tribe, Pranic Healing Instructor


Patricia Lee is available to teach Circle of Life classes to all ages. You can contact her at pattysonglines@gmail.com

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