Dragon Eye

Spinal Fluid E-Motion

That was an intense GOLOV meditation this early morning with a lot of moving cerebral spinal fluid. My body is guided by it. Today going down, down, down into underground trance as I stayed with Joe’s voice that reminded me of this attached image. “Remember” connection. I wrote Brain over Heart but changed that to the X formation. Battery association. 

I received a blast of energy above the solar plexus and below the heart. A caving inward. I wrote “concave.” 

My hand has a mind of its own when out of the blue it reached outward/upward for contact. I find this embodied experience of conscious mindlessness to be mindful in subconsciousness. I’m okay with not being in Beta brainwave control. This spontaneity is a full to overflowing subconscious heart that freely acts out!

New Terrain

My recent tree encounter held new coordinates. There was a change in my time-space positioning. Time stood still as I moved in space—like a disc expanding and centering at the same time. 

New coordinates in male/female relationship feels like a pulling inward with increased focus. New terrain.

Outcomes Now: I received a couple of responses from Nextdoor neighbors who want to help clear ivy. And I’d like to do more Coherent Healing. As if coordinates hold a fertile field for love in action, Sacred Activism.

New Coordinates

I see a pattern changing, abracadabra! All my adult life I’ve followed in the footsteps of men: to college, fairways, classes, symposiums, concerts, retreats, etc. The behavior was automatic until now. Instead of _____ with man above the line and woman  below the line it’s now an X with new coordinates. It’s a new focus of Love for one’s whole self in relationship with other whole selves. What’s true in one part is true in the whole. This is liberating for the Sacred Feminine—in both men and women.


Spending time freeing that Fir tree expanded my field—it changed my space time. I felt so different yesterday. I have an image of the feeling as an expanded orbit. It actually looks like a round space ship. It’s my new relationship with Gaia. (That was updated/corrected as ”our relationship” to include Light Lineage.) What that means, looks like, will be revealed.

I was called to the trees last evening and freed more of them from the choking ivy. It’s an epidemic here along the river trail. I’m considering organizing a work party, inviting more people to get involved. I’m also considering contacting the Parks Department and City Council. Not sure in what order, if at all. This might be a resurrection of the Ivy League that was inspired by Dan (pictured) before Covid. This activism is my new Love, Truth and Life. Imagine the positive effect if “spiritual” people would take action for social or environmental “justice.” The trees call. I respond! This. A new level of conscious response-ability.

This cutting of ivy is similar to Shamanic cutting of cords that choke all matter from humans to Gaia. We heal in the field and in matter. 5D is not an escape or separation from 3D—it’s a resurrection! That’s why it’s called New Earth!

It looks like there comes a point when the focus shifts from me and my integration to the larger whole. Its a new cycle—to be revealed, unfolded, enfolded. Love “enfolded” that has motion to it. It folds into itself and out again. Like the thoughts/feelings I’m having about my many lives in this one. Perhaps that will expand so I can express what it means. It’s fragmented right now. AhHa! Thought/Feeling enfolds Body. Symbiotic.

Dan the Ivy League founder. I now have this staff and he has not returned.

Tree Calling

A Flow Day. Nothing scheduled other than Baptism. Drum and I went out early to be under our Drum Tree. I took clippers to cut back ivy that’s creeping up its base. There’s a tall tree across the field that caught my eye last year. I’ve wanted to venture there and did so today—step by step clipping back nettles and blackberry stalks. The slow journey across the overgrown field felt epic, as in The Heroine’s Journey.  

Approaching the tree I saw white plastic six feet up the trunk that was, at one time, a shelter. There was clothing, a bag of rusted tools and tarps. The dark hummus underfoot was thick and the scents earthy. Oh, I remember! A tiny green frog kept an eye on me. The tree and camp reminded me of my childhood camps and that I would spend all day there until it was time for dinner. I’m going to haul out the debris to give the tree more breathing room. As of Now, in this overcast day, my Baptism is of Earth. Fire may wait. But wait! My hand is feeling fire from all the nettle kisses!

River of Life

Relationship flows until it stops flowing due to a snag. What is the snag? A misunderstanding? What is the cure? Communication? Humans ignore the snag, stew in the snag, blame someone for the snag, misinterpret the snag rather than talk about the feelings around it.

Telepathic communication lives in the field of Light (wave). Inner Shadow work is done in the field of matter (particle) and requires different communication. Would that mean evolved communication is a pathway into matter, through matter?

I Now see the snag being dissolved (bursting actually) revealing that writing is a cure.

It’s awkward to speak what flows through in CoHeal. It’s a different language. Am I supposed to translate it so it’s more compatible? Water it down? Another wobble to smooth out via Spirit. Matter does that. Conscious matter lets Spirit move through.

There’s a chapter in S/He Dragon about snag. It’s called River of Life and where I go today for that baptism—full circle!

Too much information is coming my way. I prefer lots of empty space to BE in. It’s easier to breathe. I am enjoying a new body with free flowing expression and impression. Soon I’m going to a river to BE (feels more clean than a lake in the city.) Think Baptism 2022.

What Was That ??

A friend reminded me that I said I was going to stop blogging. I did say that several moons ago. It would be logical for me to use language that was in the Now and not projected into the future based on how I feel in the moment. Feelings are so illusive! “Fickle” comes to mind but I’ll choose the word “mercurial.”

As I was sitting at home talking with a friend today (noonish) I received a blast of energy that took my breath away. It cut through my head like a laser and I spoke out in alarm. It was all-consuming in a physical sense. I can easily go with the flow in response to mystical beings and experiences but this was different. It felt like “contact.” RemindIng me of Oxford, England’s kundalini snap at the back of my neck and being paralyzed for 3 days; and the Mt. Shasta energy blast I received while looking at a quartz crystal and then meeting the Tall Ones. I then felt the energy snake through my solar plexus but much more subtle. I was apprehensive and glad I wasn’t alone.

What’s next? I’m not going to project. I do wonder how one can prepare for such intensity. Oh, now I remember reaching out to my Light Lineage for support. It was spooky. Was I spooked by a shock wave? 

What is a shock wave and how is it produced?

“Shock waves are made by a rapid, continuous “push,” or by an object traveling at supersonic speed. Cracking a whip creates weak shock waves, because the whip tip moves faster than the speed of sound.”

This shock wave “whip” reminds me of the tail of Dragon! I’ve experienced this spiraling force before.


Song ”break my heart wide open” reminded me of my Akashic Record wave of grief, sorrow, heartache experience. It was a collective depression. Going there, feeling it, makes an impression like an acupressure needle. Past, present, future is impressed, moved, changed.

Saw responses and lack of responses from people as a “switch board” — an impersonal view. Wondering how that applies to my responses or relationship with food. Relationship is a response feedback system.

Flock of many birds flying as one body — is a reader board. Guess that means they fly by signals and bleeps—instinctively. A feedback system!

Cheek to cheek
Heart to heart
Hand to hand
Hip to hip
Toe to toe
Dance Partner

Lessons are ongoing and why it’s fun to have a dance partner!

Doing the Work

Yesterday morning I observed myself say to myself: ”You are uptight.” I saw that to mean my nerves were in a tight bundle. I was in a hurry to get to work. I chose to stop that chemical flow.

Yesterday I noticed that when negative and positive polarities connect there is a spark generating thought and feeling as in X. Such is relationship. Today in meditation that spark of connection generated another X. This sacred exchange (communication) is thought/feeling transmuting from separation to wholeness. 1+1 = expansion )))))) beyond numbers. Relationship generates sound waves via energy~matter and matter~energy. This exchange expands from one to two to the larger body. Unified radiation ))))) on Earth becomes increasingly pure — as in free to express one’s true nature. 

I was guided to meditation this morning as I’m in the process of healing my chemical addiction to sugar. It was helpful and lifted me out some dark layer. Fasting and eating clean foods is what I’m to do to heal an infected “sweet” tooth. I could easily go to the dentist and have surgery. However, I’m choosing to learn to go without food and to eat clean, living foods. Food, my life-long Lover, met old emotional needs. That relationship is now transformed. What I take in supports what I send out as I build a new quality of surround sound communication. I’m learning to make all things new as I make all things new—in alchemical Fire.