Dragon Eye

Seamless Grief Seamless Love Seamless Healing

4/15 GOLOV Meditation

Seamless transition between parts of this meditation like a comforting Shekinah blanket. At some point dad came into the picture (part of this healing process with knee) and I felt/expressed appreciation. Yay !!

Song about Love: Love is more than Matter and more than Energy Field. Love is their Union like a seamless blanket. Earth welcomes this New Love.

I noticed three experiences during meditation: Spinal Fluid bliss in my moving head; Monkey Mind trivia and translating thoughts and images; Trance state of being anchored. I just learned on a Dr. Joe video that these experiences are electromagnetic wavelengths!! Experience in body before knowledge in brain is my experiential way of learning. Experience gives me the firmament to learn and grow detailed information. I connect dots this way—wholistic, Feminine.

During the last song my hands felt full and wanted to “speak” so I included them in the wavelength dance. Right hand active; left hand anchored. Hand and fingers generated “ribbons” of energy East to West above global landscape. Right hand receives by being held open/receptive. Masters have landed here (holographic?), this time it was Tree! I felt/saw my hand and fingers sweeping East to West as ribbons of wind, moving over and through vast green forests. Waves of green motion of trees led to Emotional Love/ Grief moving through body. Sobbing I hear, “Cry not. We are eternal. We are green Spirit.” Intense emotion moving through the Body.

Shekinah is green Spirit Blanket wrapping around bodies and Body.

A Blessing or a Curse ??

Am I blessed or cursed by a knee injury that began many years ago and recently became acute? Am I blessed or cursed to feel pain after being on my feet all day? Am I blessed or cursed to miss a get-away to Camano Island today with gal pals? Am I blessed or cursed to feel memories of grief lodged in my knee? Am I blessed or cursed for having to slow down my usual pace and make new choices? Am I blessed or cursed for this healing opportunity?

As I stay home today rather than leave town as expected I read an email inviting me to participate in Global Coherence. They must have read my mind as I was asking the Universe for support! This time I’m ready to participate in the blessing.

Head Lights

4/6 GOLOV Meditation Bell 🔔 — Universal wake up call

4/8 GOLOV Meditation Brown 🦉 owl, ancient forest. Owl winks, comical! White regal owl—then orb like owl babies!! Extending hand to my left, opening space \\\ letting “storm troopers” in \\\ to lift veils on Earth. Are these white blood cells? Very unusual for me to be working at/with the left side.

4/11 Global Coherence Meditation Two propeller blades with a center grill or screen as fan or generator. A safety screen. Head in air bubble. A craft with two head lights and body of matter in between. The New Earth! Gotta find images and definitions to understand this latest development. (propeller blades as headlights with body of matter in between??). What’s in between the pituitary and pineal?

”While the primary function of Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) is to cushion the brain 🧠 within the skull and serve as a shock absorber for the central nervous system, CSF also circulates nutrients and chemicals filtered from the blood and removes waste products from the brain.” nationalmssociety.org

Propellers — chakra energy centers


Confucianism, therefore, expounded the importance of four virtues which we all possess: benevolence (jen), righteousness (i), observance of rites (li) and moral wisdom (te). A fifth was later added – faith – which neatly corresponded to the five elements (in Chinese thought) of earth, wood, fire, metal and water. Once again, the belief that there is a close link between the physical and moral spheres is illustrated. By stating that all men have such virtues, two ideas are consequent: education must nurture and cultivate them and all men are equal – ‘Within the four seas all men are brothers’. With suitable application, anyone can become a sage (sheng). It is not innate talent which is important but one’s will to mould one’s character into the most virtuous possible.

The Main Beliefs of Confucianism 

There are six main groups of beliefs in Confucianism, these include:

  • Yi – Righteousness
  • Xin – Honesty and Trustworthiness
  • Chung – Loyalty to the state, etc.
  • Li – includes ritual, propriety, etiquette, etc.
  • Hsiao – love within the family, love of parents for their children, and love of children for their parents
  • Jen – benevolence, humanness towards one another (the most important Confucianism virtue)

The essence of knowledge is, having it, to apply it; not having it, to confess your ignorance.
– Confucius 

Symbol of Confucianism

Shamanic Journey into Upper World (to meet teacher in human form)

I joined a Shamanic Journeying Course with Sandra Ingerman as well as a woman’s herbal group. I am grounding in Earth being healed in personal body and healing the larger body.

Class #2, Upper World Journey. Dragon flew me from mountaintop past clouds, planets, into dark void. I look around. A ledge and landing. Rock room opens. No crystals, no shiny anything. Simple, humble rock. Teacher appears. Oriental, long white beard and mustache. Confucius. Snake as medicine, fangs extract toxins from knee. Gifted with memory of Foxglove, a plant at my cottage years ago. Emotional. Tears of grief. Healing. I love nature and grieve at her destruction. Snake expands outward—Huge—ascends as Serpent. Up, up, up now with nine heads. Connecting Light photons with Earth Matter. Healing. White tea cups in hand. We do not drink now—next time.

“Balance” needed in my life. Rainbow crowned birds on both shoulders.

Power animals are showing up in Dr. Joe Dispenza group meditations. And Light photons from Dr. Joe’s meditations are showing up in Shamanic journeys. My “upper world” journey was earthy with rock and Serpent. It’s all fascinating in its diversity and Oneness !!


Flung into space. Stretched like a rubber band. Elongated. I let go. I surrender until it’s time to return and ground again. There’s “no time” Quantum folks say. Time for me holds seasons and rhythmic cycles—a Goddess knowing. Most too fearful to be flung far and wide into the dark unknown. Fear is simply ignorance. People can learn once they feel safe. Some of us are here/now to provide that safety net, that Shekinah cushion.

“Rudder” came up in Pineal Gland meditation this morning. I see that steering and rudder are one navigation system. Sounds like #1 thru #8 in the Pineal Gland Meditation.


In meditation yesterday my right ankle was “sparking” or breaking up, loosening. At the same time an electrical current shot up the center of my right leg. Releasing the old? Creating the new? Can both happen simultaneously? Is that not healing? Wheels within wheel. Healings within healing. Minutes within minute. Past, present and future.

I look and see more than an object. My eyes are changing because I am conscious of Shekinah cushioning me. It’s my response-ability to sustain this relationship and continue to listen and see its teachings.

Birds sing outside calling me! Why have I not heard them before today—Easter? My ears are being sharpened as well!

To Be and Do Shekinah

Dr. Joe Breath Group Meditation

Pineal breathing as amoeba and Shekinah glory of inspiration.

Shekinah is a “robe” around me. I wear it or not. I stay conscious of it or not. When I act in this world (vacuuming for example) do I vacuum in this robe or am I moving matter to matter? When I write a “to do” list am I conscious of this robe or writing out and checking off “objects?” Do I stay in this robe while cooking or driving? Am I conscious of this “cloud of glory” moment by moment? How to stay connected? By integrating Light Body and Earth Body through that scuba diving mouthpiece for breathing underwater !! Ahh, the subconscious field! My muscles, nerves and limbs are being retrained within this Whole. Thinking for a split-second about my knee I was shifted immediately to the Whole field as if the part was irrelevant. Mental mind seeds Shekinah. Emotional heart blossoms Shekinah. Physical body wears Shekinah.

Happy Easter🌷🌷🌷. May Earth and Her Life forms wear Shekinah 🌎

Black Spider

A few weeks ago I signed up for Sandra Ingerman’s 7-week Shamanic Journeying course. This morning I listened to the first session. I love this work because it’s so Earth centered. We did a drum journey down into the underworld to meet our helping spirits and power animal(s). Black spider with long legs crawled up my arm and onto my back. Then it was in my swollen knee and I encouraged it to disperse the “venom” in my knee. In this moment my phone ringed from the Dr. office with news of my knee X-Rays —“fluid on the knee, urgent, go to orthopedic surgeon”). I went back into the drum journey and let spider do its work. Then 🕷 legs reached far and wide underground. A healing spider! There is a lot involved in this course and I will focus on it. My own medical prescription is to start taking this injury seriously, get off my feet, use ice, slow down and feel “cushioned” in Light. The other day my leg felt healthy with no restriction. So, it can happen again and again!

I have the opportunity to participate in Coherence Healing but decided not to in order to focus on Shamanic Journeying. I will increase meditations with Dr. Joe that provide “cushion.”

Orbital Connection

I finally have internet “server” as it had disappeared. Eager to update — after work, X-ray, after shopping for Easter goodies and castor oil. My “big brother” recommends it. I actually have a big brother in my orbit now! It’s like a new planet found in space!!

Insight/impression: This “new planet” brings its orbit of peace, love, tranquility. It’s effect will be felt on Earth. Reminds me of the crystal blue eyes I saw in meditation. I know Plaeidians have bright blue eyes! Maybe more people will be seeing and hearing from this galactic brotherhood. ( I had to listen for the right word and tried a couple—brotherhood works. Yes, our personal lives and relationship systems mirror those further out. One design—One family.