Dragon Eye

Cross Over

Voila !! These two words bring “speed of light” enlightenment as soon as I write them. Enlightenment, as in seeing and knowing more than I did before. Is this not “time” in its moment by moment, evolving creation?

For weeks I have been tumbling in dark space head over heels. This cycle began when I saw a toxic being with empty eye sockets (windows of the soul) and then when I saw black lettering on white space in Dreamtime which were not English. It was the new way in which I saw that had an impact on my consciousness as if I was seeing “into”—with x-ray vision—holographically. Then I saw into the life of a child and hit a wall of grief. That grief and other dark emotions have been seeping through since. This dark energy-in-motion is the Language of the Sacred Feminine. It is not logical nor linear. It’s a dance I call the Creative Process. It’s Dark leading to Light. It’s Light leading to Dark. A Yin/Yang dance of opposites—Serpentine.

This morning in Dreamtime I saw lettering again. I could read letters this and they spelled “I’m sorry.” This loving communication came through as a beam of angled (/) light. It felt like an intervention; a break in the falling, the tumbling. I immediately remembered a teaching from the Emissaries of Divine Light: X representing the pattern of flow and communication between levels of consciousness. The crossover point at the X center provides stability and is the “fulcrum” (I don’t know the meaning of this word but it came up from the subconscious) for motion. All this emotion teaches me about myself and mySelf (X) two aspects of one whole. I am committed to working with levels of consciousness no matter the discomfort. It is the most rewarding and enlightening work there is.


Back here at “home plate” where I can track all my bases. Much has happened since I was here last. If I could draw the lines, base to base, they would look chaotic to the human eye. But chaos leads to order and that is my “zero point” sight vision—note Dragon speak. We lift off from one reality to another. A gutsy flight to somewhere yet unknown.

The New Earth

In morning guided meditation (listening to Dr. Joe Dispenza) I saw an image at Third Eye. It was/is squarish which is unusual since I have been feminine and circle oriented. It’s also intricate with many arcs and lines. I’ve been researching and it is similar to the symbol for the squarish root chakra yet more complex.

Since meditation I realize this square/circle represents the New Earth that holds balance.

My frozen heart (previous post) of Earth and Water melted in Fire and Air. It melted as it froze—in energetic flow which is both constant and changing in the River of Life. It’s the changes that determine the course of reality in this dimension.

Bar Magnet

I sometimes wake up to an assignment. Today it is: What is a bar magnet? It looks like my S/He Dragon is a bar magnet! Earth bodies are bar magnets as Light energy contacts centers circulating around and through physical matter. This whole process is Love in action, in expression. Why? Because it’s the micro and macro design from Creator to Creation. In other words we live in an electromagnetic universe and we are electromagnetic beings.

So why are we humans not plugged in to this Love? Why are we hating and killing? Because we are expressing from our lowest energy centers of survival. We have higher centers to express. These centers are vortexes with color, sound and patterns of frequency. Going within to listen is enlightening. It is an act of loving oneself.

I notice that my body wants to “wrap around” my Beloved. Bar magnet to bar magnet ! This “wrapping” can be spiritual, emotional, mental, or physical. It’s the holy “communion” that holds and sustains the charge. Community holds communion, bar magnets to bar magnets and—all things are made new!

Angel Wing Activation

Thanks to Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Bruce Lipton and Elena from Dr. Joe’s Soulmates group I have new awareness about what I have been calling the Wing Chakra. It’s challenging to explain the details when I saw the whole picture all at once. But there were trigger moments and words of association. Such as when Dr. Bruce talked about merging the left and right brain hemispheres by crossing one’s arms and ankles. Another was today when Elena asked me online if I worked with “healing of soul parts and wing chakra.”

This led me to see the Wing Chakra not as an additional chakra (in my book S/He Dragon ~ How I Found My Wings I called it the 8th chakra) but as the whole. In other words each chakra has wings! Perhaps it is the entire spinal column.

I’ve been reading about people in Dr. Joe’s online groups connecting with higher beings and Angels and got the sense that Angel energy and sightings were a thing. As a result I see that there is Angel Wing Activation in the larger community—the body, the New Earth. This is a quantum leap of Love, Truth and Life—Heart, Head and Body !!

Looking at this image it’s as if the field enlarged with more parts. I know it has more to tell us—many of us !!

(This circuitry is composed of masculine (+) logic and feminine (-) intuition creating balance of intelligence.)

Two As One S/He

I woke up at 2:45 am remembering this mage—it was in mind’s eye when I awoke. In a Dr. Joe Dispenza meditation I experienced male and female polarities as two cords rising up through center core and facing each other at the crown chakra. I had forgotten to mention this when I detailed my experience. But this part of the story pole didn’t forget! So it came up to speak in a couple different ways. As a Dragon in flight and on Earth I record what I observe.

Shifting Gears

I’ve been flying higher than ever before. I have the images and stories in mind, heart and in words. I forgot my mantra of “the higher I fly the lower I dive.” My body didn’t forget.

As a young child I hid in the bathroom hitting the walls with my fists. Why not? Mom hid in the bathroom in deep depression going to the hospital on occasion for shock treatments. Dad was often gone and more often silent. “Fatty Patty” in third grade still carries its self-consciousness. Early on I learned the cycle of ups and downs.

It has been a long time since I hit bottom yet it plays out in smaller ways through binge eating that is self-destructive. My pattern has always been to express rage towards myself—like someone who cuts themselves. Intense! Mom became deaf as child; dad was abused. I carry their pain as I heal their pain. This emotion cuts to the core of potential.

I have new information now. I have new work and new tools. The downs pull on me. The ups pull on me. As a child I rode my bike for miles. I will ride this morning as a new child aware of the down/up motion of moving gears. My body supports me into the unknown and I give thanks even as it feels heavy. When I was paralyzed for three days Light was with me as a small speck at Third Eye. Light gets me through again and again but this time I need to lose a brain pattern. I am anxious because of so many downs. And yet I know how to fly.

My usual light-heartedness is somewhere nearby. I let this healing process move me.

Serpent Sacred

Serpent Dream

I am walking with a man who is taller than I am. We see a snake. It wants to get close to me and I freak out—a physical snake is different from a mystical one. It wraps around my neck and I consciously work to stay calm. I focus and attune to the snake. I feel it’s presence around my neck moving left to right, then hear it make a sharp sound at, and then in, my right ear. The man unwraps the snake from my neck very carefully because it’s tangled in my hair. He lifts the snake high. I think he’s going to throw it but he gently places it on the ground. The man then strokes my head and neck.