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Head Ache Heart Ache

Witnessing rage and violence is heartbreaking. As calm and stable as I was while all hell broke loose now, in the still of night, I feel “gremlins” around my head. This may be a night of no sleep.

This is a very low point in these lives and though I am not emotional, my body has a headache. So, I sage. Light a candle. Call on my Angels. There is nothing I, or we, can do for them. Old patterns stand strong. What will it take to bring change? Time. Something is gonna give one way or another. The image of a dam comes in. This dam has lots of holes and no one is fixing them. I don’t want to watch this dam break yet, break it will. Unless someone sees the Light and takes action.

Mother’s Day of grief. Maybe that is the energy around my head. And maybe it isn’t my energy. Maybe I am tuned in to their turbulence. More sage !!

This is an outdated flyer,
the words regarding grief are not.

Medicine Cards ~ Bear by Jamie Sams and David Carson

The strength of Bear medicine is the power of introspection. It lies in the West on the great medicine wheel of life…

Many tribes have called this space of inner-knowing the Dream Lodge, where the death of the illusion of physical reality overlays the expansiveness of eternity… The female receptive energy that for centuries has allowed visionaries, mystics, and shamans to prophesy is contained in this very special Bear energy. In India, the cave symbolizes the cave of Brahma…considered to be the pineal gland that sits in the center of the four lobes of the brain.

If one were to imagine an overview of the head, the top of it would be a circle. The South would be the forehead, the North the back of the skull, the West would be the right brain and the East the left brain.

Bear is in the West, the intuitive side, the right brain. To hibernate, Bear travels to the cave, which is the center of the four lobes where the pineal gland resides. In the cave, Bear seeks answers while he/she is dreaming or hibernating. Bear is then reborn in the spring, like the opening of spring flowers.

For eons, all seekers of the Dreamtime and of visions have walked the path of silence, calming the internal chatter, reaching the place of rites of passage — the channel or pineal gland. From the cave of Bear, you find the pathway to the Dream Lodge and the other levels of imagination or consciousness. In choosing Bear, the power of knowing has invited you to enter the silence and become acquainted with the Dream Lodge, so that your goals may become concrete realities. This is the strength of Bear.

Trish Blog, 2007

Finger Rays

A man who lies to himself, me and others came to mind. He is in deep. The other night he asked how to get out. I told him thread but thread. The problem is he can’t even begin, due to dishonesty. As a result, he keeps asking the same question and going nowhere. Then I thought to send him white Light. The Light didn’t manifest through mind’s-eye-imaging. This time it came through my fingers and thumb! I moved my finger “rays“ around to see how it felt. It was like having long fingernails. I envisioned this man in the midst of my finger web of light, reminding me of Spider Man, the current hero of my grandson, Parker.

This morning after meditation threads of colored light emitted from my fingers. I waved them in the air creating colorful wavy patterns. This manifestation seems to be an overflow and expression of chi.

Chi —

  • vital energy that is held to animate the body
  • circulating life energy that in Chinese philosophy is thought to be inherent in all things
  • in traditional Chinese medicine the balance of negative and positive forms in the body is believed to be essential for good health

Cosmic Expansion

In that space craft again—a rocket with a needle nose reminding me of a sword fish. I ask if it could be round, feminine like an alien craft but it doesn’t change shape. I feel the pressure of the debris field but it’s not as intense as the last flight as if I am observing with more distance. Again the rocket moves through the noisy debris and pressure into an expanded space that is tranquil—buoyant. This open space includes North, East, South and West. I think of brain evolution as moving into Cosmic Consciousness where all the parts are engaged and firing in a new field.

Flying !!

Another flying dream— no longer solo (just me in space). I was picked up by a space craft !! It flew in low from behind me. We continued flying low to the ground until I noticed. My body inherently knew what to do. S/He shifted weight to the left and upward we ascended !! How cool is that?

My body is entering new territory and I am working to take care of S/He with more exercise, healthy foods and non- toxic people in my field. There is resistance. I am patient yet steady. Ha! Reminds me of Beloved Turtle —reminding me of Beloved Turtle Island. This is my kind of logic—where the dots connect themselves spontaneously. My brain can do this kind of thinking !!


These thoughts are not letting me sleep so I write them here. Why do some people feel “charged” on/near water and others on/near mountains? I used to have the need to go into nature for this charge. Now the green nature of stillness provides this vital life force.

I am watching how to sustain this green charge of inner harmony. It’s challenging. I feel like a misfit around some people and that leads to a heavy “lead” sensation when leaving that person’s presence. I process the feeling and go into a familiar cloud of shame. Some people blame externals for their troubles I have always blamed myself. I learn to change this alchemical, self-defeating pattern.

I seem to be two people living in one body. One is insecure and timid; the other confident and bold. Is this an ego dark body and a dragon energy body that need integrating? The biggest challenge is my brain that doesn’t function well in this reality. (Thanks to the kundalini snap that left me paralyzed for three days.) It’s a constant challenge to connect and ground my brain and mouth.

I know people think that I talk too much about myself. I heard this when someone told me recently “it’s not all about you.” As I write now it’s all about me. I AM the center of my universe, my consciousness. At this place in space I work on integrating my parts. It’s what everyone is doing—whether they know it or not. I’m one who needs—and wants—to talk about it. It’s the most creative, fascinating, enlivening thing to do !!

I love my ego body as angel wings wrap around. I love all ego bodies as angel wings wrap around. Such is the integrating force of Life.


Letting go and turning creates a thrust of propulsion shooting me deeper into space. It is dark here, unknown. I feel my way letting my body guide me. I listen to cues and am rewarded instantly with revelations —spiraling threads of a new frequency. No longer trying to fit somewhere I didn’t belong I notice a lack of previous emotion. What does this say about my new orbit?

Writing this I actually see myself in a craft floating through dark space. I actually feel bouyant, quiet. No, I hear a hum !!

A Turning in Space

My flight pattern over the years has had many turns. Changes in direction. Does that mean I hit walls with people and groups? Yes, but the walls weren’t/aren’t solid because I flew/fly through them. I am drawn to people because something resonates heart to heart. What is that something? Love? Truth? Life?

With time I see that I don’t fit the beliefs, values, views, and language of certain people in my orbit. Or is it that I no longer fit in their orbit? It’s my mind that gives me initial clues. It’s my body that pushes me over the “finish” line—past their righteousness and judgments—sending waves of chemical information through my whole system until the alarm sounds a deafening cacophony.

What are my emotions during these times of turning? They aren’t “human” in emotional attachment. They are more cold blooded like Dragon. As I close current doors and change direction I recall the countless times that I’ve done this shift in synch with wind currents that guide me. And I remember the many dreams of rolling and turning in free fall through empty space.

My heart speaks now as I write—the Language of the Sacred Feminine coming through. I Love these people that I have been connected to. I wish them well on their journey knowing we will meet again another time, another place. This is warm blooded.