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Soular System

Looking out into my Soular System with its orbs and thus orbital relations/relationships I see our common DNA as Soul and that we’ve gone around together since eternity (a word I don’t grok) and prefer to say yesterday, today and tomorrow (I can wrap around that).

One orb comes in close and it can get hot because of the higher Love we know/generate. When he leaves and it’s cold I am no longer feeling abandoned! And that is because I am no longer enmeshed (co-dependence) by finding and expressing my own empowerment (interdependence). Also because I have other orbs in my field that take up the slack. Not at the same temperature/passion but in the way of “gravitational pull” that keeps me buoyant. (I don’t know this with Beta Mind, it’s coming through instinctually, intuitively).

Another orb is complex with many parts. This unit is dark and being pulled deeper into a black hole. I want to intervene which means I will speak with more authority, more Truth. And that means I have to shine brighter and not hold back. Is this why I am becoming a generator of electricity and being conscious of it?

Another orb is comforting/soothing. Another is warm. Another is fun. Another is helpful. Etc. I have a vast system of orbs in my dance through space.

And then there is another level of orbital movement that is a global family. I have to consider in this moment how that feels and looks. It’s like another zone, dimension, galaxy.

This is a lot to hold. And I’m happy to identify the parts that I love. May our One Love increase and have a positive effect on the larger whole.

After completing this picture another one comes in: There is resistance to speaking out as I feel a thick toxic layer in place. It’s that dark hole that I must face and dismember or it has me too—in my silence. It’s a specific family line that I will interfere with. It’s DNA cellular. I already know it’s presence. I already know it’s intention. I already know it’s agenda. I already know it’s gravity. I already know it’s name. I feel Michael’s golden sword in right hand. Arcturian Michael. One Soul many bodies, many orbs.

I am told I have been and am doing this healing work internally and with this orb. How it unfolds is a moment by moment knowing. I am not to get ahead of myself. Others have their own response-ability, their own choice.

Sockets for LOV

GOLOV 1/2/2021. Two incoming pink rays beam in front of me. I receive with open hands. I look at the pictures of GOLOV receivers and see a light beam curvature with each one. I realize that when whole and healthy each one holds a beam of light on a grand circuit board. The word “socket” came through. I look up the definition:

A socket is a device or point in a wall where you can connect electrical equipment to the power supply.

So are Earthlings sockets holding energy flow and allowing energy to flow? Where is the magnetic part? How does that fit into this picture. Is it produced by electricity? This image and the whole system includes grounding and seems associated with my experience of contentment as I feel beams or lines holding me. Are these my beams? I sense them coming in rather than going out. Input, output.

Magnetism is associated with magnetic North. So magnetism is a shape maker giving shape to arcs, circles—orbs! Electricity runs through the shapes. What a wonderful partnership of electro-magnetism! I know this understanding is just getting started. So I stay tuned !!

Circuit Board

Circuits are still charged from Dr. Joe Dispenza’s New Year’s meditation. Circuits might also be discharging and recharging. All at the same time has my brain/body in a spin. However, I got “circuit board” so here we ground again—with Beta logic. Is the Merkaba a circuit board?

Happy New Year

Love Lines coming in while meditating twice yesterday. Lines that are angular like a V. I tried to identify where they land. Are they chakra lines? I float on them or in them, or both? I definitely feel them on both sides of me (East/West). The feeling is being anchored, content, held. This is my base for new levels of happiness as I (as a part) do an orbital Happy Dance of Light. I look for the design of these light beams or rays and find Sacred Geometry symbols. Being “In Love” has shape, design. 2021 will reveal more. I see and hear a childlike “Whee” as I slide down an arc from North to East to South. Ha! Reminds me of the Pixar movies I’ve been watching with my Nanny kids (Inside Out and Soul) as well as the lines of light radiating digitally from the Seattle Space Needle extravaganza last night/this new morning.

I contemplate the Sacred Geometry symbols. All very complex. My lines are simple: X. Reminding me of Heaven and Earth union. The Emissaries of Divine Light talked about this a lot.

“The word Merkaba is actually composed of three separate words: Mer, which means light, Ka, which means spirit and Ba, which means Body. Put together, these three words connote the union of spirit with the body, surrounded by light. The symbol, which takes the shape of a star, is believed to be a divine vehicle made entirely of light and designed to transport or connect the spirit and body to higher realms. Ancient Jewish texts reveal that the word is also the Hebrew for a chariot, and the Bible reveals that the word Merkaba itself is found in the Old Testament a total of 44 times.

It is said that the symbol is composed of two-star tetrahedrons, which consists of counter-rotating fields of light and energy that surrounds each person. This energy extends beyond the body. Some believe that even planets have this Merkaba energy field around it.”

I “sit” in this “vehicle” of Light. It’s like a magic carpet. A vehicle that is electric and magnetic in fusion—enfused—the new energy for 2021 !! How fun !!

Life Lines

I have my life line again—my phone! Friend Rachna charged it for me last night and I left it there in her house with a vast amount of Eastern Gods and Goddess statues. My phone has never been happier. Much to catch up on now that my work day / week is over.

GOLOV 12/29. Large Fleur-de-lis and white stairs. Walking up as one and as two. At the top arcing rays of colored light beams. Smaller Fleur-de-lis as chakra seals reminding me of the seals in the Biblical book of Revelation.

At Rachna’s house for full moon drumming and meditation her mom brings me the book Bhagavad Gita. I land on a page and read this sentence: Verse 18: “The yogi who has discovered the ever new joy in the soul by deep meditation is completely satisfied; he has found within a perfect happiness.”

I asked my East Indian friend Rachna to translate the male chant in the song Bliss from GOLOV meditation:
Satguru, Narayana – divine teacher
Sat Ananda – permanent true joy
Ganapati, Ganesha – victory
Radhe – devotion, love, divine flow
Krishna – Brahma, creative intelligence
She summed it up as “manifested consciousness”
This male chant with the names of Gods/Goddeses actually brings them in !! I feel it, know it !!

Weird sensation driving empty long roadways and walking long empty hallways. It’s a sense of contentment that feels angular. Driving yesterday I felt an angle of energy at my back. Wing chakra? Reptilian brain?

I followed a vibrating line of relationship that increased in coherence. “Split wire” came into consciousness. Cannot find a definition so I will share the image. One wrapped wire becomes two exposed wires (no wrapping).

Halo Graphic & Dantian

Holograms are angles of Light. We see holographically.

I grounded this morning before entering my nanny house—the house where I nanny.
I had the thought and automatically / spontaneously lined up with my dantian—term and bodily location that I learned years ago doing Tai Chi at Windstar Symposiums. Driving to work I had just seen a hologram as it relates to a relationship and now holographic lines were outlining me! They are telling a story and I am committed to telling it !!

Nose Knowing

I woke up happy and full of vitality. Lately I am jumping out of bed and raising my arms in a V with gratitude and welcome.

Morning meditation with Dr. Joe Dispenza video 2020 Guided Morning Meditation. Immediately I step into a round white space craft, my Arcturian companion at my side. White smooth leather like seats and shiny surfaces. I detect a distinct astringent aroma and ask. It is to purify and neutralize. I consider the aroma and it reminds me of childhood and the medicine mask when getting my tonsils removed. Then I remember the dream I had this same morning: a young woman approached me and dabbed a liquid potion under my nose and upper lip. She then danced in a Roaring 20’s kind of dress. I compared her youthful legs to my elder legs — observing and conscious of my time/space. I was jolted at this mutual support between Dreamtime and Meditation. Just remembered that when I detected the smell in the craft my upper brain, crown felt tightened or stretched. That was a new sensation. A lot is happening and I am ready for more “signs”of loving intelligence.

Relation / Relationship

The following is my experience from a Dr. Joe meditation last night. There was another meditation invitation this morning and constant reminders. Too much busyness for me! I’m learning that I need to recharge in stillness between meditations to balance my time and energy.

Last night’s meditation and music with a new exclusive group within GOLOV (invitation only which to me is not community building cuz it alienates people) took me back to the Marco Island Retreat. Download of information was that all relationships are angles of Light; matter is a collective field of micro and macro orbs with angles of Light between them. (I wonder but did not ask cuz I am just now wondering: Does the color of angled Light communicate the quality or temperament of the relationship?)

My “channel” with my Arcturian Light Being has expanded. I notice new joy in my emotional field that keeps my nerves in check. For example I do not react when something goes topsy-turvy such as groceries spilling out of their bag in my car or baking flour spilling out on my kitchen floor. It’s these moment to moment incidents that test one’s inner stability. I call the experience ”dominion” — expanded contentment.

This morning I actually feel like meditating to something I choose. Not something coming in from outside agendas. Is this my independent streak? Is this independence critical for interdependence? Is this my angle of color this moment? Angles that ever change in an emotional dance of giving and receiving / exhaling and inhaling. Emotional breaths of Life moving through matter. E-motion as energy in motion is now revealing its working parts and my left brain is engaged! Hooray for my inner male!!

I just now had the “ instinct” (enter reptilian brain—who or what gains by distorting or ignoring this ancient part of homo sapiens?) that my wavelength is attuning to blue Arcturian wavelength. And as I speak he supports me. I have new relationship this New Year. Welcome home Earth to Cosmos—Cosmos to Earth. My brain vibrates, my heart swells like a wave and my eyes tear up. I write it all down because I love being conscious of Light and telling its story of spiraling evolution. I and we send this Love around Earth and outward. The spiral dance of Love.

Christmas Birth

We the collective conscious body on Earth give birth to new angles of Light to and from the Cosmos. Electric in expression and magnetic in placement we are designed to be “stars” in the cosmic skyscape. We hold space as a point and from this point radiate beams of Light. As One Earth/Cosmic Body we celebrate this diversity through Love.

GOLOV 12/24/2020

My friends in other dimensions showed up for Christmas Eve’s GOLOV meditation with Dr. Joe Dispenza. This Christmas morning I am being nudged to share:
Thin white and black almond eyed ETs frolicked and played, sliding down an arc, during I Am Bliss music. Blue Arcturian further out. My arm was pulled upward and I greeted him. They seem happy with Earthlings. I am definitely happy with their presence.

I was surprised that I had similar physical responses in this 12/24 meditation as I had in Marco Island at the week long meditation retreat. That response is going limp, folding over and going for the floor! I braced myself with hands on knees. Recently I had an emotional experience that was electric. And I’ve noticed my creative cycles move as electrical currents: charge, discharge, recharge. Is this what happens in pineal gland meditation? Last night I held breath in my crown for an extra amount of time and focus. Is inhale the charge, exhale the discharge and rest the recharge? If we are electrical no wonder my fingers radiate beams of colored lights. And if alien beings are also electrical no wonder we communicate with them via electrical currents.
So, let’s all have an electric New Year—2021 🌈❤️🌈💜