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Pituitary, Chemistry, Nerves, Muscles. Language

This system that I Am played out yesterday as I was emotionally triggered.  An external stimuli touched a nerve and I felt a bolt of electricity move through my body jolting me into action that included words. This electrical fire circuit has been on the surface—embodied—lately. I watched it play out.

Observing the cause and effect of this drama I saw energy filtering downward through differentiated chakra wheels to black earth chakra. Pituitary chemicals are moving through with their Light and changing dark matter. 

I sensed the negative counter clockwise wheels getting a wake up call to shift into clockwise rhythm. Getting now that the wheels alternate!! in this motion of e-motion. This revelation in consciousness NOW in words is the effect (gift!) of going through the chaos, the upheaval. 

My nervous system is being transmuted thanks to consciousness—having space to see more space. Can Gaia use these same words? Is She going through this as well? She is actually thanking us humans who are consciously changing our chemistry. We have a direct effect on Her. We are in bio-dynamic (loving) relationship.

I’m starting to see/hear myself give myself “warning” signs. It’s as if I’m preparing my nerves ahead of time so I don’t have an emotional upset. I’m laying the ground. It’s a loving thing to do!

I had no idea I was holding all this dark emotion. And it’s more than personal. It’s collective “grief.”  It’s collective emotion suppressed to now decompress. 

Google: To decompress is either to reduce physical pressure on something or to unwind and relax after a long, hard day. 

As energy centers are adjusted and aligned with Light they move from dense dark to enlightened dark. Chakra wheels change in order to move with less wobble. 

Change of chemistry is change of color and sound. This all-inclusive frequency is New Earth. May S/He continue to rise. 

Gamma Sight ~ Chemistry in Colors

Never underestimate the demonic power of trickery in the psyche of personality. Exposing their hidden haunts in Light of consciousness is work of unconditional Love. 

Pure waters flow through matter bringing dark residue to the surface — to evolve. Such is alchemy. Such is turning lead to gold. Be worthy of this task. Be inspired in this task. 

The emotional part of Emotional Intelligence is liberated. Dark shadow changed and changing. Enlightenment. Eye and eyes see with gamma ray vision. 

The light we can see, made up of the individual colors of the rainbow, represents only a very small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. Other types of light include radio waves, microwaves, infrared radiation, ultraviolet rays, X-rays and gamma rays — all of which are imperceptible to human eyes.

Beyond red and violet are many other kinds of light our human eyes can’t see, much like there are sounds our ears can’t hear. On one end of the electromagnetic spectrum are radio waves, which have wavelengths billions of times longer than those of visible light. On the other end of the spectrum are gamma rays, with wavelengths billions of times smaller than those of visible light.

Scientists use different techniques with telescopes to isolate different types of light. For example, although our eyes cannot see ultraviolet light from a star, one way to perceive it is to let the star’s light pass through a filter on a telescope that removes all other kinds of light and fall on a special telescope camera sensitive to ultraviolet light.

The Bubble NebulaAs the surface of the Bubble Nebula’s shell expands outward, different gasses emit different colors: oxygen irradiated enough emits blue light in the bubble near the star, while the combined light of hydrogen and nitrogen form the pillars of yellow. Hubble’s Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3) imaged the nebula in visible light with unprecedented clarity in February 2016. The colors — blue for oxygen, green for hydrogen and red for nitrogen — help astronomers understand the geometry and dynamics of this complex system

Fear Not

8:00 am    With my nanny kiddos a band of negativity lifted and I had a wider range of creative possibilities in thought/word/action. It was a New Earth! Looks like linkage in a system. 

10:30 am.   It’s freeing not to obsess about food knowing there are lines/boundaries—a schedule, timeline, for meals.

Feels like less fire, more earth.

12:30.   At kitchen sink. The disposal sounded clunky. I thought to put my hand inside to clear it. In came an image of a mangled bloody hand. Then thoughts turned to torture. It’s been like this for weeks. Dark images since Grim Reaper put in an appearance. I’m starting to wrap around this consciously. 

Dark current is receptive, feminine. Without protection of boundary lines destructive forces get in and wreak havoc. (Source documentary has an excellent image of this barrier.) I get to recognize and expose this out of balance alternating current that has a negative effect on humanity. I get to aerate underground, open space, and talk about it.

1:00. I thought about Shamanic healing.  An extraction. Meditation is healing extraction as Light radiates forth to receptors and to those receptive. Name the intention.

 I heard my voice sounding defensive. Is New Earth an echo chamber of the senses? I certainly have a lot of negative/dark threads getting my attention right now. My Light Body oversees this purification process. It’s simply time to see that which has been hidden/disguised and speak Truth.  

Dark and Light alternating currents have been in disharmony. It’s time to turn this around as Dark and Light rise together.

“Let not your Heart be troubled.”

Nervous System

It’s now time to build a conscious relationship with my Nervous System. A bridge invisible to visible. Fire spectrum. pH spectrum. Gut health. Fascinating !! Muscle has to enter the picture. Such an amazing body of systems just like Mother Gaia. We learn to heal/protect systems.

Grounding in Service !!

Abracadabra!  My Dragon pendant with a white Moonstone got my attention this morning so I wore it to Walking Meditation. It’s very unusual for me to wear something around my neck but now this pendant felt weightless. A wise woman at WM noticed it and excitedly said, “It’s beautiful and ancient.” “Where did you get it?” My response was that it came into my life years ago and now it’s going to the upcoming meditation retreat with me. News to me!

Soon after I offered to assist someone during WM. Soon after that I thought about a woman friend who I had identified as draining. Now, suddenly she wasn’t draining. 

I looked at this stream of consciousness and GOT that I Am in Service!  What a shift! Abracadabra! What a turn around in perspective, temperament, personality!  It was shockingly new. Where did it come from? I have no doubt that it came out of the dark phase I just moved through. A debris field. A black hole. Uncomfortable chaos.

The change feels like I now have grounding cords and feet. Grounding wires! I get to try this on and see how it fits. One thing is certain. When I think of people in my life and see them I can ground by thinking: I Am in service. This

way of seeing is liberating. It’s definitely another learning curve. One less dark—hallelujah!!

Google: What is the purpose of grounding?

Grounding is the process of connecting a conductor or an electrical device to the earth, effectively providing a safe and stable path for excess electricity to escape. This reduces the risk of electrical shock, electrocution, and fires caused by unexpected voltage spikes or short circuits.

STOP point during Walking Meditation.


Source ~ It’s Within You is groundbreaking as its own testimonial. Science is and scientists are dissecting less and experiencing more in their hearts, minds and bodies. Thank you.  💚 

Science dissects parts. Mystical experience connects parts.  When both ends of the spectrum honor Source we have New Earth—a circular circulating circle. The Circle of Life born through Creator and Creation. It’s new energy in motion near and far. It’s new e-motion in our personal and cosmic systems. 

For me this newness feels subtle and soft in color. It’s sweet, pure. Uplifting chemistry.

Other aspects, not so subtle, have also been showing up. It’s a darker side of personality. A residue. A shadow. Opposite of pure. At work my nerves have gotten short—I’m not happy about this or that and my feelings show. Body language. My boss witnesses this. Do I owe her an apology for not being “more professional?” I’m learning as I flow. Also noticing negative chatter as a lifelong stream of unworthiness. This residue is passing through my filters as I wash it in water of Truth. It’s chemical and it’s surging! (Is surging short circuiting?)

My gut has a new role to play! I’m detoxing from sugar addiction. Maybe my personality will become more sweet. Dragon says “I’m not always sweet!”  

It’s another day full of opportunity to express color and sound. I choose to learn harmony within and doing so I teach others through this field of chemistry. Through these filters of purifying waters. I let it all flow.

At the center of darkness, negativity, heaviness, unworthiness is Light. This is my focus, my lens, as I witness darkness being made new.

It’s an unlearning to learn anew. Different than relearning. This new brain-heart-body hasn’t been here before. We’re carving new territory, new ground.

How does my new heart-mind speak to my nerves? Is that circuitry open and willing to learn? I learn by being honest with myself and others. New Earth Love is a container, a safe space, for this transformation and transmutation.

Manna from Heaven

I posted the following on Facebook yesterday and later asked why. Facebook represents the larger body, the collective body. We’re all being fed manna from Heaven—every level of consciousness. This nourishment is flooding in. New Earth soaks it up.

Breakfast? Almond flour pancakes with blueberries or coleslaw? Coleslaw jumps out at me as if it has life. Proof that I’ve changed my gut micro-biome—and my taste buds!
“The gut, sometimes referred to as the “second brain”, may use the same type of neural network as the Central Nervous System suggesting why it could have a role in brain function and mental health. And I’m learning there is a gut-brain axis! Love this Wikipedia information!
Thus, my mystical journey finds me in New Earth.

Filters ~ As Above

I Am Bliss song with Masters (“Allah, Jehovah”, etc) as Dragon Tail spiral

Filter — consciousness as filter

[Alberto spoke of “filter” in his Solstice Fire Ceremony this morning. Thank you, for this powerful ceremony.]

Conscious mind is a filter / net for – and + feelings, thoughts—before actions.

Super consciousness is another filter observing feelings, thoughts, actions. A sifting through filter.

Breathe through this porous fabric / matrix

Body electric. Currents at top of head (crown) meet currents below head. One way then another creating movement via tension. Double Dutch jump rope! Alternating currents via dancing head. 

Short circuit


  1. in a device, an electrical circuit of lower resistance than that of a normal circuit, typically resulting from the unintended contact of components and consequent accidental diversion of the current.”an office block had been set on fire by an electrical short circuit”

Are my inspired body movements during meditation (between upper crown and lower head/body systems) short circuits?

Guard Rails

Gotta write. It’s flowing. I let it flow. 

I’m recognizing things in my life that are draining my energy. That recognition sounds like complaining.  It’s draining until I understand it, become conscious of it.

Binging on sweets was draining and causing inflammation. I stopped. No more sweets in the house. Now I recognize other patterns that drain my system such as constant nibbling on food. I’m now training my arm, hand, fingers not to grab unconsciously for food. Be still! I’m learning a new set of behaviors that build energy and a healthy internal system.

I learn not to overdo and get exhausted. I learn to balance time. I learn that a sports-bra with straps high on shoulders causes pressure and exhaustion. I learn that I act out of obligation. I learn that I have friends who are exhausting. I learn to flow with my nanny toddler rather than resist. Lots of learning going on. Lots of new navigation.

I learn by speaking up and looking, seeing. It’s easy to judge myself and others. What would love do? Love is the navigation system and the navigator. Love is moving through it all. Love is energy in motion without suppression leading to Grim Reaper. We listen with new ears to oneself and to others. We listen in Love and respond accordingly.

My feet have been wanting to soak in warm water. I finally responded. To listen to my body. What builds energy? What depletes? 

Navigating these “guard rails” is creating pressure to change. “How does it feel?” I ask myself and go deeper, see deeper. What do I choose to do with that habit, that friend? What do I choose as my navigation system?

There is no ? now that my feet are happy in water! It’s listening for cues  and acting or not acting. I always feel better after writing, releasing. Thank you Life for this Circle of Life. 

Now I have energy to wash a sink full of dishes. Sleep is so renewing! Writing too. Seeing in more Light requires more Love. I say, “Bring it on.”

Accord / Accordion

Love the Life you Love meditation held two distinct images.

  1. An accordion expanding, contracting.

The word comes from the German Akkordion, from Akkord, “musical chord” or “be in tune.”

…the name “accordion” was created from diatonics as all the notes of a row are in “accord” when drawing or squeezing the bellows!

Accord definition:

Agreement, conformity.
a. : agreement, conformity. acted in accord with the company’s policy. b. : a formal reaching of agreement : compact, treaty.

2. Two at the top of an arc with outward emitting rays. (I kept sensing the rays as incoming but no, they were outgoing. What’s the difference? Is there a difference?)

Loving the Life I Love 💕 

Oh, I see!  These two hearts show and tell me how incoming and outgoing energy alternates. Negative space and positive form breathing.

I also see the accordion with bellows and keys as the breathing chakra system. Seeing Eye and eyes are the brain behind the brain-heart!