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Mom Medicine

To Kevin on your Tour Divide

I visualize energy moving through all your 3D systems supported by Light that moves down from the top of your head (crown chakra) to your feet and up from your root chakra. This moving energy rejuvenates and repairs.

Move it by breathing it through and around you. And breathe this energy into specific body parts that need healing.

Love from Mom 💜🙏

Red Sparkly Heart

Had tech issues during the walking meditations. Today a sweet woman assisted and gave me a sparkly red heart with a clip. I now “wear it” on my heart! Manifestation is alignment ❤️ is Fun! The universe has a sense of fun = Light heartedness 💜

A New Body

This. A new door. A new Life.

Chakra wheels move clockwise, counter clockwise. I Am chakra wheel(s).

Earth chakra green turned purple as it opened up in blossom. 

Solar system holding Earth as a charged chakra—purple. 

“Draw your body to you.”

I now, for the first time, understood this. I now saw this as I experienced it in body. I drew this Solar System body to me in warm and calm embrace.Fusion of Love.

Mind asks, “What do I do with this new consciousness? The answer: “Wear it!”  The human body is a micro/macro Solar System. 3D evolves as it dissolves into something new.

As this picture was unfolding in heart-mind Eye two small red hearts floated at center reminding me of the molecular structures that appeared in this lens a couple days ago. These molecules looked like aboriginal song lines. 

Solar Systems are Song Lines.

New Territory


This mystic sees it differently:  the only way to encounter the mystical is to travel beyond the limited mental mind. A mystic uses senses for beaming Light into the physical world. Senses are a direct link — invisible to visible. Receiving and giving. Giving and receiving. Manna from Heaven.

These differences in language reflect different ways of seeing. A new Solar Plexus and less emotion puts me in new territory of the senses.


I wrote this a few days ago: 

“I am emotionally neutral. At the center of pH spectrum. (?) I am lukewarm, still. In this place I know that I want us to be friends and lovers. In this place I know the sacred work that’s been accomplished at every level. I am and I Am emotionally neutral.”

Today I realized that some of the language is untrue! As a mystic I don’t “want.” This 3D “experiment” in thought and emotion ends to make room for New Earth. 

Perhaps this is that new merging I’m sensing between intuition and logic. Emotional intelligence fusion. One thing I know for sure—this new space feels heavenly. Heaven on Earth!

Body Speaks

More cues- in lunch line!

Mystical in the analytical

Analytical in the mystical

What does this mean?
Blood transfusion / Brain Body transfusion.

Morning meditation body kept convulsing to the left and downward. This was followed by several different kaleidoscope/mandala images. Makes me think of circulation and those alternating currents. Intuitive turns logical with information. Logical turns intuitive with inspirational breath work.

Negative Space

Words create negative space for mystical experience for those on the same frequency. Ask me / us how it feels. Ask us to tune in with a new mind. An integrated Mind. More than beta response of repetition. Sounds critical? Not my intention. My intention is moving into new territory.

I was in the blood thanks to words. I moved with blood as a catalyst. New integration between brain and heart opens new language and ways of doing. Being merges with Doing.

Finding language for this —-

Your Beautiful Heart 🎶

Doug asked if I used a wand for manifestation. He uses several external objects as sacred medicine. I told him I don’t use external objects. My wand is my right arm and hand. 

In GOLOV my right hand felt a calling, a pull, and lifted into action of giving (+) and receiving (-). I had never been so far, so deep, so wide. Definitely a new frequency that pinned me upward—opposite of Grim Reaper.

The image was that of an electrical current moving down a pole. I thought “lightning rod’ but the definition doesn’t fit. Maybe it’s Source current using matter, as a beacon. I wrote in my notes: 

“Cosmic eyes and ears are turned to Earth to witness charged frequency via hand and current electric.”

“Fulfill prophecy”

It took a lot of effort to get back into Beta brainwave after this…what…groundbreaking event.

Humans turn to externals when internal medicine is most natural and potent.

How are light and electricity related? What is Earth’s role?

I Am pH Balance

I am emotionally neutral. I am lukewarm, still. In this place I know that I want us to be friends and lovers. In this place I know the sacred work that’s been accomplished at every level. I am and I Am emotionally neutral. 


The Full Form Of pH is the “Potential of Hydrogen.” The negative logarithm of the concentration of H+ ions is known as pH. As a result, the meaning of pH is defined as the strength or power of hydrogen. The concentration of hydrogen ions in a solution, or pH, is a measure of the solution’s acidity or basicity.

The abbreviation pH stands for potential hydrogen, and it tells us how much hydrogen is in liquids—and how active the hydrogen ion is.

pH stands for “potential hydrogen” and measures the levels and activity levels of a substance’s hydrogen ions. More hydrogen ions lead to a lower pH value (or more acidic). Fewer hydrogen ions lead to a higher pH value (or more basic or alkaline).

The pH scale measures how acidic or alkaline — basic — something is. Your body works constantly to carefully control pH levels of blood and other fluids. The body’s pH balance is also called the acid-base or acid-alkaline balance. The right pH levels are needed for good health.

The physiological pH of the human body is essential for many processes necessary to life, including oxygen delivery to tissues, correct protein structure, and innumerable biochemical reactions that rely on the normal pH to be in equilibrium and complete.

Yesterday I had an urge to snack in between meals. The urge was cut off chemically. It didn’t fit my new matrix. I am learning to create and maintain pH balance. pH balance becomes normal and I intend to keep it that way by listening to my New Earth body.

How do nerves relate to pH balance?

When the nerve system is active, it releases lactic acid metabolically, and at high levels of activity, such as during intense exercise or epilepsy, this causes the pH in the nerve system to become more acidic.

Biodynamic CoCreation

The root chakra is associated with procreation. Earth chakra is associated with co-creation and New Earth. I declare this as a breakthrough! Somewhere in Biblical Revelation this is mentioned.  

Google: Biodynamics is a holistic, ecological, and ethical approach to farming, gardening, food, and nutrition. It’s based on the work of philosopher and scientist Rudolf Steiner, who developed the concepts in 1924. Biodynamic practices are considered a practical application of a spiritual worldview that views the farm as a living organism in harmony with the universe.