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The aura, or energy field around you, is like a balloon and sensitive to its environment. Too many “holes” from negative energy within oneself or from others collapses the balloon. Be kind to yourself and others…don’t burst bubbles.

Soul Soup

We swim in Soul Soup that swirls in spirals moving us in flow. celestial_bodies_by_kram666-d34gli4We relate soul to soul through dimensions of multiple realities. All the parts want to participate in the Celestial Song; all the parts are consciously recognized for their contribution to this Dance of Life. Human consciousness can offer this “thanksgiving” and is why our bodies of matter do matter.  Are we the only species that is conscious? Are we the only species designed to download Light to upload it intelligently? Isn’t this what plants do in their unique way?

Serpent Dream

I am walking with a man taller than I. We see a snake. It wants to get close to me and I freak out—a physical snake is much different than a mystical one. It wraps around my neck and I have to consciously work to stay calm.

Serpent NeckI focus and attune to the snake. I feel its presence around my neck moving left to right, and then hear it make a sharp sound at and in my right ear. The man unwraps the snake from my neck very carefully because it’s tangled in my hair. He lifts the snake high. I think he’s going to throw it (men will be boys and boys usually torment snakes) but he gently places it on the ground. The man then strokes my head and neck.