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New Potential and Potentials

I think I’ll be leaving GOLOV. My focus has not been to heal people. My healing work and contribution is more shamanic. Not sure how to say goodbye. It’s in process. I continue with JD meditation because of the bond that’s been created. Changes here have always been creative so I stay on path. His honesty is respected.

I let go Now. I receive Now. Space opens up in new potential.

Power Animal

Shamanic Journey with Alberto Villoldo.

Dark massive being came in immediately. Dark brown, very masculine, snorting and pounding it’s foot on Earth. Buffalo! Reminded me of the dark area under the skin of Mother Earth that I saw in my cosmic meditation in Denver, Integration #9. Buffalo slaughtered by man leaving a stain in Earth. I offered comfort, love. I now thank Buffalo for all his/her gifts. “I will walk in forgiveness” (words coming in from the Quantum Field) with Buffalo.

Next Alberto session is a live event, Become a Modern Day Shaman, May 29, 10 am. In the near future I will pay for a class. It’s interesting to have a foot in so many communities. Buffalo is still snorting! So opposite from the misty substance that’s been carrying me.

I am so happy to have a voice that asks for what I want. Doing so gets results so that I can make adjustments.. Thank you throat chakra for honest communication. Does Buffalo medicine resonate with this?

New Earth

Thank you, Alberto Villoldo! Another powerful Masterclass. I am listening again tonight as the video cut out at times. I learned a lot and was inspired/moved to tears.

I now know from inner experience and outer information that I AM particle and wave! I experience this in GOLOV meditation when I open my eyes and close them going from 3-D to invisible realm of Spirit/Quantum. Cerebral spinal fluid plays a role. I like the term “carrier wave.” Is CSF a carrier wave carrying me in and out of dimensions of reality?

A lot is in focus at the mouth. What I eat and what I say is being refined. My ongoing lesson is to slow down/cool down my Dragon fire and think before something goes in my mouth and out my mouth. This Dragon flies Quantum through it all.

And at the same time I am speaking up and out more in order to build community. Not just any 3-D community but one that is infused with Light. Yes, Light on Earth because it moves through Earth. What a glorious opportunity for New Earth.

Shamanic Tools

Wow! It’s been a challenge to get on my blog today. Lots of interference to clear and then more steps to take when it used to take one.

Tonight at 8:00 PST I’m attending another Masterclass with Alberto Villoldo, called Seven Heavens, The Shaman’s Toolbox. Grateful for these free classes.

This afternoon a dark cloud blew by in a split-second. I observed it and it wasn’t mine. Then more of the same. I’m still in process with this new weather pattern. I see myself flying through it or over it. Time will tell.

Building Substance

I feel that there’s more of me after being at the meditation retreat. I feel more expansive and solid.

There is an unspoken language at play and if we listen and hear it makes all things new. Quantum language inspires, lifts.

Quantum touch charges. Physical touch discharges, grounds. Stillness recharges.

I’m integrating with (1) the idea and action to merge our Grounded Spirituality drum circle with friend Sheila’s Solstice drum circle in June and (2) the idea and action to invite drum circle sisters to introduce themselves and their products/services on the Facebook page. This is an effort to build substance, coming through as guidance cuz I’m not creating the ideas. They seeped in and through effortlessly. Being in this process is being creative—a new meaning for success.

The news tells me that today is a big day for voting. Most of my spiritual friends don’t listen to the news. I stay connected because politics is part of Earth reality. If we can bring more Light into politics we can change systems “for the good of the whole” — for people and planet. I put energy into evolving space ship Earth.

My stomach is hungry so Im enjoying food at 4:30 am. Healthy food! Heard Dr Berg talk about potassium and electrolytes. These sound photonic! I don’t usually do supplements but my doc insists I take Vitamin D due to blood test results. I prefer eating healthy foods but get that we need extra support.

More Integration

Sleep is luscious. Waking up to Love even more so.

This Progressive retreat was well-rounded integrating masculine and feminine energies. There was diversity of colors, sounds, feelings, teachings, images. As Joe was on stage saying goodbye to his audience of 3,000 people I saw an invisible line connecting us. Then I saw a line moving from him upward at an angle. I sensed a triangle but didn’t see or sense the same angular line on the other side moving down toward me. Not sure what this meant. Maybe it’s invisible space to be filled in. Maybe it’s anchoring Presence yet to be filled in.

The pineal breathing experiences were moving! I let cerebral spinal fluid move me. I listen to it, my body listens to it. It’s a song we dance to. This substance of chakra activation has a circuit (this time orgasmic as inner waves and outer music touched chakra nodes creating sexual effect) that activates and then rests in stillness. This reminds me of being in my light body more than my physical body for so many years. It’s why I wrote, “Who needs physical sex when you have cerebral spinal fluid as a partner.” However, my interest in building muscle through exercise (E) means I have to get more physical!

Questions: What is the substance of kundalini, CSF, and this new mist? Is this new mist the “holy spiritual”as in activation? Where do photons come into play? How do they move through matter? What does that look like? What is their relationship to body? Are all these substances photonic — of Light. Are energy and light the same substance? My left brain is on a roll! He’s so sexy!

I’m noticing how living foods with Light substance (presence) builds the same substance in my body whereas sweets detract, deplete life. So, I’m supporting my physical body with Light. Body now signals me to under eat rather than over eat. It’s a new experience in thought, feeling, behavior. Less fear is more Light.

The next meditation expanded from the first. I didn’t have time to take notes nor did I make time. I do remember some images and feelings. The mist moved me down to the lower crown chakra. Earth’s second sun. I moved out to the planet on one side and realized there’s an East and West so I used my hands to define this space. There was resistance so I moved my hands with more intention to stir up, to wake up, matter. Substance began to flow. Light moved through and I held all the Solar planets, the planetary family, in hands of Love. This whole felt like a hologram because I was seeing it with Eye of nonlinear dimension and eyes of 3-D dimension. This made me sooo happy 🎶🎶🎶

Joe talked about a substance that was buoyant. The substance of space. I didn’t write his word. This meditation journey was created on/in that substance. The language of Science and Mysticism cross paths and something new is born.

Denver Creation #1

Wow! So much happened at this meditation retreat. Glad I have nothing scheduled so I can write.

Integration #9 is the first meditation.

Misty presence is celestial substance. I write “misty carrier” as Joe had mentioned “carrier waves.” Scientific words are having an effect on my body as a current of energy flows downward activating lower chakras. It feels like a sensual turn on. Now as I write my body is experiencing the same activation in response to scientific words and a graph. Definitely a new relationship between my left brain and body. It must be new wiring. It has an electrical quality. Definitely charged. This learning/receiving of new information is inspiring/charging my body! I learn through experience of body — consciousness! No body no consciousness!

In this meditation the dancing mist is at and around my crown chakra. I draw it as nodes in a circle. I direct it downward through body with healing as my intention and Earth’s core as the destination. I travel downward through layers of emotions and I focus on forgiveness and love. I travel down through human civilizations, (Atlantis, Lemuria), ores, crystals, ETs, dinosaurs, dragons, trees. It’s a downward spiraling of strands. I reach the bottom (difficult to write with charged particles and waves coming in and moving as Love! This contact between energy and matter is life affirming) Before this meditation I had a vision of a black mass with an outstretched arm or tentacle. I offered it love. Not sure what it is/was. Maybe the injustices to Mother Earth and why forgiveness came in.

Earth core is a fire circle with angels as nodes wing to wing (looks like a flower). I settle here and then the misty substance shoots outward in the same spiraling threads touching a planet!

What an experience of electricity and magnetism. What a story of creation! If thoughts are electric and feelings are magnetic then the body is electromagnetic. And this is the substance of space between matter. This is the flowing current of Love.

The feeling of this meditation or shamanic journey was “breakthrough, celebration, celestial, planetary activation. Global Heart Brain to Galactic Heart Brain, a Presence journey, gratitude is receiving, love is giving. Matter is learning more through evolution. It’s a sexual experience of union. Which reminds me that I activated my throat chakra in a straight forward, gutsy way without concern about results. That misty presence of peace and love must move into creation.

On Sunday the last day of the retreat I noticed how I was touching people more and was reminded this happens at all these retreats. Energy builds electromagnetically and its natural path of creation is to ground matter to matter. After the next meditation, even more expansive, I found my body wanting to put my head on people’s shoulders. My body needed grounding. I often do this myself by touching neck, face. The top of my head especially needed this. So much to learn about this Love Force.

Celestial Chords

Another day in paradise with a song from Bible School coming through on the words or with the words? Some sort of relationship moving here.

“Deep and wide, there’s a fountain flowing deep and wide.” The effect is peace. Is music frequency?

Coherent Mist

“Let something bigger than oneself handle all the details” from morning Guided Meditation for Abundance.

I often get turned around navigating directions. An example is exiting a room (or a road) and turning the wrong way. The opposite is happening here in Denver at the Gaylord. It feels as if a mist is present and carrying me the right way.

In morning meditation I got that this new misty substance is brain-heart coherence. I’m here to honor my left brain and integrate it more fully with my right. I’m so happy to discover the effects of just that.

Been noticing I’m feeding my solar plexus these days and not my sweet tooth. I get hungry and now I don’t panic. This is a new relationship to my gut body! I’m not on automatic pilot, however. I am intentional and focused about eating less junk food and more living food. It’s freeing to see pastries that used to exude magnetic attraction. Now they look as they are—lifeless. Can I sustain this? It’s moment by moment food choices.

Oh, I almost forgot. The first part of meditation held the sensation that I’m glued to a new orbit or is it in a new orbit? This has to do with my focus of intention and attention. I’m remembering this in a grounded way and not distracted. It’s a clearing of the old making way for the mist of the new “Shekinah” from the Bible and the word reminds me that Jesus was in the meditation leaning against a window looking out and down. I checked a second time and he was still there! Jesus was my first boyfriend. I must have been in first grade.


  1. (in Jewish and Christian theology) the glory of the divine presence, conventionally represented as light or interpreted symbolically (in Kabbalism as a divine feminine aspect).