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Bones Speak ~ Bones Sing 🎵

I focus on integration and celebrate this enlightenment (looks like Light pouring through cracks) that feels like “sacred geometry” in, around and through this 3D body. 

I experienced this wholeness/holiness twice last week with two different men. I met Bruce Lipton at his talk in Edmonds. His open hearted welcome and our exchange regarding children’s books put me in a new configuration of full on grounding with Light pouring through as body languages. It was a profound experience that included my bones! This skeletal response was free flowing and something I’ve been asking for/seeking/calling in for many years. I felt seen !!  Light to Light !!

The second experience of integration was with Robert Landis as we coordinated in our new roles for a Coherence Healing session. My “different” brain that is tuned in to the mystical had to ground and focus in logic and sequential communication. Robert was supportive, respectful and patient. This was more “holy ground” on which to stand. 

These male/female integrations through relationship create Heaven/Earth dynamics. They are more than creative potential. They are creativity in action. 

I was able to choose the song for our Coherence Healing session. My bones wanted us to dance reggae while appreciating the lyrics of Trevor Hall’s song Good Rain. Again, it’s the bones that provide structure so that we move and groove setting motion to music or setting music in motion. Looks like the bottom line is e-motion—energy in motion. 


In general, strong chemical bonding is associated with the sharing or transfer of electrons between the participating atoms. The atoms in moleculescrystalsmetals and diatomic gases—indeed most of the physical environment around us—are held together by chemical bonds, which dictate the structure and the bulk properties of matter.

A new round. A new cycle of bonding. It’s all NEW as it is with Alchemy.


Clear subconscious patterns/programs and open the door to Goddess enchantment that takes you up, down, around and through. Don’t get stuck in the net — go through it to the other side of intelligent Love.


I nanny Lucas, a one-year-old boy. Yesterday he was sitting with his mom, got down, walked toward me, with outreaching arms and hugged my legs. He walked back to his mom and then repeated this body language. My heart beamed. Mom said that he doesn’t do that with them. These emotional expressions through physical contact are blessings of being a nanny. It carries the new theme in my life of embodiment which is living (appreciating) fully in the moment. It’s new vitality!

Carrier Wave

“When we’re in coherent theta brain wave states during deep meditation, we’re open to information – information that comes from beyond our senses; carried on a higher frequency from the quantum field. In that state, we might receive a “download” of a new, very intense energy into our autonomic nervous system – which controls and coordinates all other systems. And that spike in energy is an arousal to the body.”   — Dr Joe’s blog

Is that which is “beyond our senses” extra sensory perception or intuition? 

We have a “carrier wave” sense. It’s underground, hidden from 3D perception. Must be associated with Noosphere. This feeling, this sensing is just that. I’m searching for words in the dark!

It has a scent!  Ancient scent.  It’s associated with new language. Oh, it’s the language of 8.  

8 is a carrier wave. This creative relationship of piggy-back response or chain-link response with Dr Joe is like a carrier wave. What the heck is a carrier wave? I sense it. Feel it. It needs wrapping or identity. Google?

What produces radio frequency carrier wave?

In the transmitter, an electronic oscillator generates an alternating current oscillating at a radio frequency, called the carrier wave because it creates the radio waves that “carry” the information through the air.

I don’t have words for this new scent of sense! My brain is communicating “here I am.” Google?


A relay station for sensory information entering the brain, including smell information. 

8 as a relay station. Google?

Why is the mid brain called a relay station?

The thalamus is a structure in the middle of the brain. It is located between the cerebral cortex and the midbrain. It works to correlate several important processes, including consciousness, sleep and sensory interpretation. So, it is called as a relay centre.

That brain dance was fun 🎶🎶


I noticed a bubble around me at the meditation retreat and how, in crowded spaces, some people would bump into me as if I wasn’t there. People in a hurry to get something or go somewhere. It was very strange behavior for “advanced meditators.” At the same time there were those who were centered and considerate of those around them. We humans relate bubble to bubble—extensions of our senses. Non humans relate bubble to bubble. Noosphere

The Noosphere is the sphere of thought enveloping the Earth. The word comes from the Greek noos (mind) and sphaira (sphere). The Noosphere is the third stage of Earth’s development, after the geosphere (think rocks, water, and air) and the biosphere (all the living things).