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Orientation as Feeling

I stand on a plane with line \ but not as steep. It’s round. Not sure where to research this. I follow my “nose”with new sense of direction. Forgetting details is like brain fog. It keeps me Now and Now—an orientation. I trust learning / knowing from within. My mystical life is built on this foundation. (Plane as disc.)

In plane geometry, the two-dimensional shapes are flat shapes and closed figures such as circles, squares, rectangles, rhombus, etc. In solid geometry, the three-dimensional shapes are cube, cuboid, cone, sphere and cylinder. We can observe all these shapes in our daily existence also.

Generating Flow

Evolving Hearts Meditation.
Lovely kaleidoscopes and engaging music.

To change old patterns in this right-brain-oriented body I attune to a song, a frequency. Words and techniques don’t stick, resonate. For us it’s a state of Grace, a feeling, a song that gets our attention if we choose to listen and hear. It’s the whole not the dissected parts.

Feelings change again and again.  Thought is not behind the feelings or changes. Right-brain orientation is not attuned to thought. Rather it’s an orientation in my field. Yes! Like reading braille! It’s a knowing. My field changes my feelings. Feels like a quickening with nothing to hold on to but the Song of Now. 

Now is my best companion. My sidekick. We journey together. I, the receiver. Now, the one who signals.

Feelings Propel

Expressing deep, honest feelings keeps me transparent and moving forward in a clear way.  This communication causes ripples in the field and other orbs respond or not to the signals.

I’m aware that I have a choice with every word and action. 

Communication brought new signals my way. I feel connected again. I feel back on track. Heart aligned. 

It’s a new field of relationship(s) as Love rises and expands. Communication is the only way to get through to the next Now.

Holy, Wholly Now

His words “I have plans for you” rang in my ears. I begin to see what that means and it feels manipulative—I feel used. Why? It feels business oriented. That’s an Eye Opener! I stay tuned.

Has that relationship moved full circle? Is it now in Sunset phase? Is a new relationship on the horizon, in Sunrise phase? I stay tuned.

I watch orbs of relationship in my field. Radiation, Attraction, Response is the circuit board of connection—orbital. Attunement.

Individual orbs respond to Inner Sun. Collective orbs respond to Central Sun. Central Sun responds to Cosmic Sun. Harmony in Spirit and in Flesh. Attuned.

Holy, Wholly, Holy. 🌀

Medicine Song

Singing to Raina before putting her in the crib for a nap I remember the Medicine Song I was given intuitively during a Plant Medicine trip years ago. Could I remember it? It remembered me! and I sang it to Raina. I felt/saw (intuitive Knowing) the song extend from Earth out into the cosmos. Yes, she is a StarSeed. Me too !! Connected to the Stars! 🌟🌎🌟


Meditation as background music for self-expression:

How many resets do I need on this upward spiral of life? It’s a kink in the wire or short in the circuit of a dysfunctional circuit board.

Change happens in the energy field around me. To change is to be Single Eyed. It feels and looks like a round disc and I’m overseeing or holding all the parts from that center point. 

To change matter an internal dialogue needs to transpire rather than going unconscious. This calls on nerves and muscles to respond in new ways. Yes, a new electrical brain-body circuit. 

The new images of circuit board and braille and its information helps me ground logically in that disc or “plane.”

I Am the orchestrator of all my parts. I scoop them up in my arms and wings. I empower or disempower. I connect or disconnect. 

It’s been believing more in my past self than my new self. Interesting how words can be heard but not digested. Time for new food that nourishes body, mind, heart and lines up with Spirit.

Information is engraved in our field like a LP recording. To erase, record and replay.


I need a “new braille system” (comes in intuitively like a spark of light) to move me out of a past pattern/relationship with food. As yet I have not consistently wrapped my mind, emotion, action around a new pattern. Thus, I’ve had a sore throat and now a cold. 

What is a “new braille system?” It feels like something I lean into with my body and not my intellect. Reminds me of that circuit board with a new way to learn.

Getting/seeing that previous looping moved me backward whereas new looping moves me forward. 

What is the switch to change directions after being so entangled? Every moment I engage with food I can ask, “Is this a past pattern or a new pattern?”

Yesterday I chose past patterns and was busy all day when I needed to rest. I ignored signals from my body! It’s like charging ahead with what I’ve known rather than listening for something new. And how many times have I heard about this process this in our meditations? Seems to be a new opportunity to get past blind spots.

Is the circuit board and braille system ready to re-circuit?

Letting go of this past pattern feels like a loss. It’s emotional. I feel the wires wrapping around me. So, since I’m home I can remove these wires. Dad! Love to you and done. Mom! Love to you and done! Fatty Patty! Love to you and done! 

Feet on Earth nourishing me with so much abundance. Head in Sky with so much connection. Arms and hands (Wings) reprogrammed with new information.

Braille as in nerve endings and bundles. I’m going to see if this new image and awareness can assist with new looping. I know it’s a sign of forward movement….



and Sacred Geometry Art


When you see inter-action in terms of energy,

You see how it flows magnetically between points of polarity,

Exactly like the pathways of an electronic circuit board,

There’s resistance, transistance, capacitance,

Instead of 2 dimensional pathways on a flat linear surface,

Think of it as circular pathways in a sphere,

What is put out is always coming back like a feedback loop,

Letting you know what needs to be tweaked,

More capacitance here,

Less resistance there,

Transistance here, here, and here,


Energy flows along pathways,


A spiritual circuit board,

Called a light body,

I’m a walking circuit board,

You are a walking circuit board,

And where we have matching polarities,

A circuit is created,

And we create an experience together,

Negative or positive we both learn something,

What kinds of experiences are you creating?

Circuit Board

Response to Set Yourself Free meditation

Mother Earth is part of a cosmic circuit board. Water, air, earth, fire are her conductors. Nature is her power source. 

How does Mother Earth circuit board look from space? Is she living, harmonizing, or dying? What does Herstory tell us? 

Atlantis fell when technology was valued more than nature. 

Is the circuit board repaired, renewed or thrown out to start anew?

Is it time for a new circuit board?

Music as Color

I Am. We Are. Circulating via Guidance. A musical score. Another learning curve.

A standard definition of a musical score is ‘a copy of a composition on a set of staves braced and barred together‘ (Oxford Classical Dictionary) or staves ‘that are vertically aligned so as to represent visually the musical coordination’ (Grove Concise Dictionary of Music).