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Contact in the Desert

Voices from Contact in the Desert:

James Gilliland: “Disclosure/Contact comes from within.”

Mary Rodwell: “We are connecting with Galactic Consciousness” and “We have the genes of the Gods.”

David Wilcock: “Thought and geometry are the same thing” and “Matter is a projection of consciousness.”

Whitley Strieber: “I rather tell stories than theorize.”

Laura Eisenhower: “Our DNA holds the story of Creation” and “Ascension is coded in us.”

Georgio A. Tsoukalos: “Each and every culture has had help from aliens” and “The elongation of skulls is a world wide phenomena” and “Guardians of the skies are ancient aliens.”


I am cleaning out files for an upcoming move and reading through journals from 1972 after Angel Michael visited me in meditation, touched me with Light and changed everything in my life. Here is a poem that captures what I experienced.

It’s useless to argue

It’s useless to explain

To those who see nothing

I wish to give what I was given

The beauty, the peace of it all

But it’s not for me to argue, to explain

To those who see nothing

Their day will come as did mine

When they will be given the Light

To see the beauty, the peace of it all

Inner peace, inner understanding is enough

I need no “proof”, I need not “prove”

No need to argue

No need to explain

To those who see nothing


Contact in the Desert

This past weekend’s Contact in the Desert was a first. I attended knowing that I would gravitate toward those who had something to teach me and I them via vibrational support. If heart and soul are involved it is always a two-way circuit of energy exchange and I am “getting” that this includes the invisible ones (Angels) who add emotional charge to a larger galactic circuitry. (Angels contribute emotion? I will learn more about this…hah!…just “got” this emotion is Love!)

We are all connected / embraced in an electromagnetic matrix of Light’s Love. This newly energized Earth grid shifts gloom to happiness. The message is to align with this new vibration and accept the changes in our emotions, thoughts, actions—our lives—letting go of old weights that hold us down. For me this means more meditation, drumming and clean foods.

I am happy to be meeting my Star Family who live on this vibrant blue-green spinning, dancing, singing, smiling orb—Earth. Let us continue to focus on Truth, exemplify Love and radiate Light. We are, after all, Angel Human. This is our original design encoded in DNA, now activating.

All things are made new when we let go and fly! I am now getting that “Dragon” is a space fleet and I a “captain” (my word) but I get “commander” (their word)! Yes, I fly a space craft in a parallel universe. Yes, I feel so alien here! Maybe that will change as I meet more members of my Star Family here on Earth.

Wow, that summary was quite the ride! I remember a moment (as chills now run up and down my leg) when I was listening to Laura Eisenhower and felt combustion of energy. My left hand responded to this force by opening up and lifting to release the pressure. As I did this my whole head lit up in a way I had never felt before–I often feel a charge around or at the top of my head but this was much more expansive–my whole head was radiating golden Light (different from white Light)! This dynamic sharing with Laura prompted me to tell her that she felt like a Soul Sister! How fun is that !!

I continue to learn about Light that moves me, animates me. I Am physical matter in Love with Light. There is no greater gift to receive or give. There is no greater relationship. I invite others to ride this wave.

Clover Song

I drove South to Kelso yesterday to help a sister pack. I noticed the patch of green clover stretching across the abandoned garden bed. It kept catching my eye as I moved box after box from house to car. And then I got: “Fairies” Instead of showing themselves they sang to me! The day took on a new tone that was harmoniously gentle and soothing. The song for my day? Green Peace of Packing.

This shift of energy from doing to being can be accessed whenever we choose to plug in to these green under currents and over tones.

As the word “over tone” comes up in this moment for me to write/express I am reminded that when I drove through Tacoma I sensed/saw an overreaching energetic arc above the whole city (in Fife driving West toward the Tacoma Dome). Mind observed while heart felt warmth and together S/He appreciated this arc of protection.

Driving North, after a full day, I wondered at the new energy I was feeling. So very sweet and gentle. Then, driving East, I saw our large circular moon in radiant glory.

Something enchanting is moving under ground and over head and the fulfilling part is to be conscious and share the revelations. If others would focus on their own stories and stop being so judgmental and opinionated about others we would sound a new song of peace.

Circle of Life

My Circle of Life coloring book and mapping project is calling to me so I am bringing it out of storage. I am hoping to offer it to children at ECETI Ranch in July and Festival of the River (Stillaguamish) in August. Serpent visited me a couple weeks ago when I was at the Stillaguamish River in the Mt. Baker Wilderness looking for group campsites for SUFON and again that night in the shamanic healing session. So, I feel it is important for me to return to this river and festival.

Circle of Life mapping is:

  • a whole brain-body activity
  • a story-telling journey
  • a healing art
  • a self-awareness tool
  • a celebration of one’s story

RA and Serpent

In the Sword Work shamanic healing session RA came in at the end as a large presence with the announcement RA! No doubt about it! That RA and Serpent are closely associated (in my experience anyway) must have some significance. I ask my inner male/logic, look up RA on Google and this comes together:

RA is Sun God

Serpent is Earth Goddess

The two are One

Spinning through time and space

Holding a pattern of Grace

This human offers up Gratitude of Love

Sword Work Addendum

Sword Work was written immediately after the experience so I wouldn’t forget the details. However, it wasn’t complete.

It is more correct to say dark “ring” and not circle because the choking force surrounds matter.

As I was pulling on the spaghetti like strands to loosen them they wound around the sword in short spirals and I cut them with the sword. I was instructed NOT to focus on the dark human–not to cut into human flesh. The substance that needs clearing is not physical.

January 23, 2019 I have a blog post about a Trance session I did involving another chord of attachment. In yet another session I remember the chord reminding me of an umbilical chord. For some strange reason my hands know these damp, spongy chords as I reach in and separate the strands. (Am I changing chords to strands?) I have no idea in what reality I have done this or do this. Nor do I know what it means. I think of the brain. Am I a brain surgeon somewhere? Am I working with grey matter? Has our brain been manipulated? Are we held in suspension?

Is this shamanic work for the purpose of waking us out of amnesia?

Are my hands and arms like a sword? They seem to be doing the same work in these trance / shamanic states.

Sword Work

Dark circle. Choking it’s prey. Attachments clinging from eons. Sword penetrates into strands—spaghetti like. Releasing. Loosening. Sword powerfully magnetic. Pulling, pulling toxins unto itself like strong gusts of wind. Sword work with two, then one, then Earth. Same toxic circle. Sword penetrates Earth—North to South—magnetism charging/changing. Serpent comes in. Same Serpent who appeared earlier today at the Stillaguamish River—Mt. Baker Wilderness. RA

Sword, Serpent and RA

Singing Bowl

After Easter I was reflecting on my busy life and had this vision of a spiral. My Feminine seeing or intuition brought up the image as my Masculine logic informed me that this is my personal Solar System! From center I manage time, relationships, food—everything—in this system. I am watching how this works in my life and see that there are changes I need to make so my system runs more smoothly, harmoniously. Just now in meditation (going within to listen and watch for guidance) I GOT that this is a Singing Bowl! There is work to do as I listen for harmony and dissonance and make choices in response. I have work to do—changes to make!

This is the second spiral I drew of the vision I had after Easter. This one feels more feminine; the previous one more masculine. How perfect for this S/He Dragon! My work in this world is to tell my stories of how Light moves me and in that movement is e-motional sound !!