Carrier Wave

“When we’re in coherent theta brain wave states during deep meditation, we’re open to information – information that comes from beyond our senses; carried on a higher frequency from the quantum field. In that state, we might receive a “download” of a new, very intense energy into our autonomic nervous system – which controls and coordinates all other systems. And that spike in energy is an arousal to the body.”   — Dr Joe’s blog

Is that which is “beyond our senses” extra sensory perception or intuition? 

We have a “carrier wave” sense. It’s underground, hidden from 3D perception. Must be associated with Noosphere. This feeling, this sensing is just that. I’m searching for words in the dark!

It has a scent!  Ancient scent.  It’s associated with new language. Oh, it’s the language of 8.  

8 is a carrier wave. This creative relationship of piggy-back response or chain-link response with Dr Joe is like a carrier wave. What the heck is a carrier wave? I sense it. Feel it. It needs wrapping or identity. Google?

What produces radio frequency carrier wave?

In the transmitter, an electronic oscillator generates an alternating current oscillating at a radio frequency, called the carrier wave because it creates the radio waves that “carry” the information through the air.

I don’t have words for this new scent of sense! My brain is communicating “here I am.” Google?


A relay station for sensory information entering the brain, including smell information. 

8 as a relay station. Google?

Why is the mid brain called a relay station?

The thalamus is a structure in the middle of the brain. It is located between the cerebral cortex and the midbrain. It works to correlate several important processes, including consciousness, sleep and sensory interpretation. So, it is called as a relay centre.

That brain dance was fun 🎶🎶

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