A New Body

This. A new door. A new Life.

Chakra wheels move clockwise, counter clockwise. I Am chakra wheel(s).

Earth chakra green turned purple as it opened up in blossom. 

Solar system holding Earth as a charged chakra—purple. 

“Draw your body to you.”

I now, for the first time, understood this. I now saw this as I experienced it in body. I drew this Solar System body to me in warm and calm embrace.Fusion of Love.

Mind asks, “What do I do with this new consciousness? The answer: “Wear it!”  The human body is a micro/macro Solar System. 3D evolves as it dissolves into something new.

As this picture was unfolding in heart-mind Eye two small red hearts floated at center reminding me of the molecular structures that appeared in this lens a couple days ago. These molecules looked like aboriginal song lines. 

Solar Systems are Song Lines.

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