Pituitary Creation

Love chemistry moves through me, moving me in the moment. Grateful I Am to ground it, release it, communicate it as—New Earth. 

Love chemistry anchors me in a timeline. I Am focused in Lens of Spirit, Heart, Mind and Body. I now see a logo from the Cancun meditation retreat. A circle ⭕️ with a red/pink layer around it. My Turtle shell comes to mind (thank you subconscious).

I Am happy in Love. Love chemistry is sweet substance pouring forth. It’s also dark shadow so that I appreciate the different hues. This tumbling journey is a Dragon ride. I learn to stay with Dragon in a balancing act of purification that is passionate/honest/genuine living.

The pores of positive and negative space breathe as chemistry. Thank you Pituitary for your role in this Creation of Life. I see and feel it as Dragon riding waves of dancing sexual (head to feet!) e-motion. 

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