Word Timeline

Reading words is like moving on a timeline of sound. Something grabs my attention via senses and I stay focused on it to learn from it. This non-linear language and way is Dragon Speak. It’s a relationship of senses and following lines that now look wavy as in sheet music.

Eyes and ears hear different music and follow a non-logical script. I trust the process to see, to hear, to learn—digest—what’s next. Whole Brain Knowing includes the whole body of senses.

Do words have a gravitational field? Pulled to center to be processed, digested, as in Gut feelings? As in Instincts? Flying under the radar? “ Gamma” I hear. I hear in words. It’s a crossing of wires because—I just felt and sensed those wires. Very subtle. As in negative space. The other side of positive space. As in between the lines. Outside the lines. Around the lines. I see ☯️. Timeline. 

Again this makes no logical sense yet it’s a process of learning what is the next puzzle piece. My wiring has changed. It’s shorter. Less complex.

This territory feels like that rabbit hole. I learn here—as the bird’s Dawn Chorus sings outside in the green trees. My ears attune.

GOLOV is a cave of silence rich with and set to music. Bear medicine. I honor this teaching. 

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