Rock Love

My body has a mind of its own. It’s later that I get the meanings because I live through a timeline.

Meaning… before GOLOV meditation my river rocks at the window sill called to me: a smooth round one and a larger heart shaped one. Grounding!  One for each hand which was helpful due to the emotional content today.

GOLOV notes:

The face of Claudia’s daughter Kali came into Eye.

Felt “cozy” as Turtle in shell. A shell around me. How to contain the joy—all the diverse emotions of -/+ ?

A rock (logic) is in the middle of moving emotions. Grounded logic as She does flight patterns.

Half circle image (E/N/W) and I speak (as two) from the top:

“Come, Look, See with me”

🎶 It’s by thy Grace that I Sing Your Holy Name 🎶

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