Sweet Truth

Last night’s Niagara CoHeal was a deep experience as I asked to receive healing energy. The Theta effect was that I needed to sleep immediately afterward at 6:30 pm. I woke up remembering that the message during meditation was “Looking for love in all the wrong places.”

I grew up learning that love is given and received through sweet treats—sugar. Overcoming addiction to this false idol/god has been work, layer by layer. Much of the time I didn’t want to do this inner work. Lately I’ve taken new steps in awareness and responsibility by listening to Spirit and my body. As a result I conclude that ALL addictions are the result of “Looking for love in all the wrong places.” 

Addictions are ruts. It is possible to get out of ruts by going up and over. The higher I fly the deeper I dive shaking the old foundation of repeated lies (sugar is yummy) and illusion (building a gingerbread house).

Healing addiction is the path to Truth. Bingo! There’s a new line drawn in time—a new timeline.  I’m grateful for what I see and know here now. There is more Sweet Truth up, over and around the bend. My feet know the way!

It’s fun (as in Light work) to explore non-sugar territory at the grocery store; get rid of trigger foods at home; prepare new meals; exercise and BE in Nature more; do less negative and judgmental self-talk; be more honest/aligned with my feelings; communicate openly. 

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