Flying and Seeing

I read The Aquarian Conspiracy by Marilyn Ferguson 40+ years ago. It made such a deep impression on me. For the first time I learned why I was different. I was intuitive! I was functioning from my right brain! I was and am so grateful for this wise woman, Marilyn whom I met at a Human Unity Conference.

Page 296 leading into the three pages attached:

“On the common-sense level, we try to trace ideas from point to point, like hard wiring or a “train of thought.” A leads to B leads to C. But nonlinear processes in nature, like crystallization and certain brain events, are A to Z, all at once. The brain is not limited to our common-sense conceptions, or it would not function at all.” 

I was so elated when I read this. I was learning, for the first time, about my internal experience as a budding mystic.

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