This Human Life

Wound up. Coiled. Holding stress.

Unwind. Uncoil. Releasing stress. 

The body knows the difference by way of nervous tension. 

How can an 11-month-old cause me stress? He doesn’t. I cause my stress and now face a learning curve seeking new information in order to cope.

No longer a baby he is now resistant to diaper changes, getting dressed, eating food, etc. High pitched screeching and adamant refusal is his response. I have yet to find the flowing aikido moves in response to his new behavior.

Stress is a teacher. Coping skills are needed. Imagination and logic come into play while I let go of negativity and complaints! That leaves more room for creativity and the enjoyment of an 11-month-old.

I learn positive self-talk—through this new learning curve—as my nanny baby/toddler also learns to talk! 

Interesting how parents/nannies and babies/toddlers go through learning curves together.

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