Stress = Change

Stress. How does Nature handle stress? Through earthquakes and volcanoes caused by the pressure and movement of tectonic plates deep underground and by atmospheric pressure above ground causing changes in weather patterns. 

The built up pressure/stress that moved in me and through me caused my own tectonic plates to move. How is my landscape made new as a result? How are my roots opened and rearranged?

The week’s pressure/stress opened up old patterns of limitation. Twice I hit a wall of darkness. Not pretty. Not peaceful. I contained it well—until it needed to move. Was the stress a tapping into the wave of human drama playing out politically? Or an effect of solar flares? Or a tectonic plate moving all of us subconsciously? Or a Cosmic wind changing brain patterns? 

Does individual release of pressure change the pressure pattern for the whole? I thought just that as I was being moved by a larger Force.

I woke up thinking how I’ve avoided learning curves in this dimension. I’ve preferred being out of body and flying in mystical realms as Dragon. That is changing as I sign up to take private swimming lessons. Floating in water on one’s back is so very relaxing. I want more of that sensation so I am going to learn to tread water and get over my fear of not touching solid ground under me. It’s flying on and in water !!  Freedom!  Self-consciousness begone! Limitation begone! Comfort zone begone! 

And I thought that there might be a period of rest. No! The higher I fly the deeper I dive. I now have new lens. Are these lens at my feet? 🎶 I feel the earth move under my feet🎶

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