Aquarian Conspiracy

“Thou shall not want” is a Dragon Eye (spiritual/mystical) experience of detachment with cool hearted feelings. I learned the phrase in Bible school—from an external source.

Thou shall want is a Human experience of attachment with warm hearted feelings. I’m just learning about this in New Earth school—from internal source of Spirit.

Spirit brings change. If my change seems wrong or uncomfortable to other people’s senses that’s not my concern. I continue to Sense and See and Steer by what’s true for me.

I’ve been in this inner Love relationship long enough to trust it. I am guided by it. I make the turns, both sharp and smooth, moment by moment. I love these learning curves 💓 as Dragon with wings and Human with feet.

Marilyn Ferguson, The Aquarian Conspiracy, Flying and Seeing, Chapter 9 gave me a foundation many years ago in understanding my way of thinking, feeling, Being.

What would Love do? New Earth Love?

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