New Earth ~ New Lens

When Light Body infiltrates Earth Body everything shifts. What was common ground is shaken into nothingness as new ground is laid. The effect: What was acceptable is no longer acceptable. 

Old Earth relationship focused on sexual chemistry, connection and behavior. The thinking that drove this was that sex was love. The energetic pattern that drove this was Heart chakra (wheel) connecting downward with Root chakra (wheel). 

New Earth relationship includes Communion through heart (feeling), Communication through throat (sound), and Community through feet (action). New Earth is empowered by Golden Sun (Solar Plexus) that radiates full circle. This moving wheel is no longer stuck and half-asleep. It is wide Eyed with new range of vision that propels new behavior.

New Earth lens is focused on Love as Old Earth passes away. (Image is a triangular telescope that zooms upward and downward—expanding and contracting.) One momentary thought can be dark (contraction) but it shifts back to Central Sun of Truth (expansion). This Truth is Love now channeled and moving as Communion, Communication and Community. Welcome New Earth !!

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