Integration and Liberation

Yesterday, Mother’s Day, was an experience of integration within and liberation without. It was smooth sailing at Walking Meditation. I didn’t feel heavy and separate from the group. What changed? I changed. Chemistry changed. Light and Matter merged. 

I appreciate my meditation community as I appreciate family and friends who don’t speak that language/lingo/jargon. The common language in relationships is in and from one’s Heart carried on the waves and wings of Spirit. Words of Truth are words of Heart. The two are one free-flowing expression in 3D. Welcome New Earth!

I don’t know if this inner freedom will continue or if I’ll get “bottled up” again. I see netting and sense flow in the negative or open spaces. Being true to my gut instincts is how I travel now. I don’t follow external rules or expectations. It’s that Braille system again!  Feeling/sensing the landscape. Reminds me of animals that have different intelligence—attuned to natural forces.

Songia Co-housing community is three houses down from where I nanny. It’s a green oasis in the middle of roads of look-alike houses. I hope (want) to garden there (a labyrinth needs serious weeding/resurrecting) and take 10-month Lucas there in his stroller. 

When Lark took me onto their property along the pathway a heart shaped rock spoke to me. It was turned away from the path so with rock permission I turned it to face toward path. This rock was a “welcome” sign to me. I was quiet in this new group of people but enjoyed the one on one connections that were made. Being with new people one day and being with my meditation community the next made me appreciate the common ground and the bonds that we share thanks to Dr Joe’s teachings.

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