Me / We

Me and We want to be seen and heard. Invisible no more. We want direct communication that’s personal. Heart to heart. Mind to mind. Body to body. Heart and Mind expressing creative potential through energy wheels, chakras of the Body. 

Why this new “want?” Because Love expresses itself to overflowing. Because Love overflows into new focus and form. I am, We are, no longer accepting fear that keeps Spirit and Matter split and apart. I am and We are in a process of transparency. Those fearful and uncomfortable in their own skin will miss the turn. Those willing to have direct contact will expand in the field of infinite possibility that is the natural outcome of Light’s Love and and Love’s Light. 

Telepathic relationship is limited in its communication. When a word is spoken that hits a nerve with both of them (due to memory of the past) one laughs while the other seems to go into hiding. Or so it seems on this side of the silent communication. Light hearted and heavy hearted are opposite wires and paths. With no direct communication (the nature of telepathy) there can never be understanding and resolution. This lack of transparency is not sustainable. 

I Am and We Are moving forward through activated chakra wheels making the turns to stay happy because Me and We are in expression of creative potential. 

It’s time to Be Gutsy. Doing so is transparent. Perfection is beside the point. Perfection is Unconditional Love in action letting that pure Fire do the healing, the changing, the liberating. 

I Love this new Me/We cycle of seeing through and with new hearts, brains and bodies. New emotional intelligence makes all things new through communion, communication and community. A Cosmic Community of Me/We. 

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