Dragon Body, Dragon Community

Dear Mystical Community, 

Birth Announcement!

I gave birth after Sunday’s Walking Meditation and Monday’s Coherence Healing. Some of you heard me speak my contractions, my Dragon visions. I shared the all-consuming birthing process Tuesday with Matalini and Cris. I was guided to do so. 

This birth is my and our S/He Dragon body. This image is my and our Dragon Eye representing She/Pituitary and He/Pineal. This birth has been in process since age 25 when Angel Michael came through an East window while I was meditating. 

The effect I’m now feeling after this birth in New Earth is Integration—and why I’m sharing here. If you are nudged by Dragon, if you have Dragon visions or insights please share them at All Things Mystical on WhatsApp. 

“We bring Fire of Love, Truth and Life” is the message from On High this morning. Meaning, this is our responsibility as Dragon Eye and Dragon Community in New Earth.
So Be It ❤️🧡💛

Trish @she-dragon.com

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