Monthly Archive: May 2024

Carried on Wings

These words popped into my conscious mind spontaneously, from out of nowhere: “I’m sorry to be so difficult.” Who said that? My Heart! Heart that is directly connected to my subconscious mind which I know as Goddess. 

Solar Plexus, Hearts, Wings and Throat activating one swooping motion of inside out communication.

These teachings and ways in New Earth are unlike technology and AI of Old Earth. They honor the sacredness of Being Human. Some are calling this Homo Luminous. I’ve been calling it the Angel Human.  Right now I’m getting that it’s in the Wings. What is that about? I get to discover through inside-out living!!

Passionate Heart

The “attach” phase feels emptied now in this human body. Heart took time for full/honest expression (passion) holding nothing back. This full-on Heart Orgasm made waves in New Earth—making all things new.

New Earth passion radiates from every chakra wheel spreading seeds of fertility in New Earth’s garden womb.

Who’s willing to turn the corner and enter new territory? Who’s willing to listen, hear and follow new lines of emotional intelligence? This inner and outer work is not for mortals. It’s for the Dragon Eyed.
So Be It 🌀🐉🌀

Aquarian Conspiracy

“Thou shall not want” is a Dragon Eye (spiritual/mystical) experience of detachment with cool hearted feelings. I learned the phrase in Bible school—from an external source.

Thou shall want is a Human experience of attachment with warm hearted feelings. I’m just learning about this in New Earth school—from internal source of Spirit.

Spirit brings change. If my change seems wrong or uncomfortable to other people’s senses that’s not my concern. I continue to Sense and See and Steer by what’s true for me.

I’ve been in this inner Love relationship long enough to trust it. I am guided by it. I make the turns, both sharp and smooth, moment by moment. I love these learning curves 💓 as Dragon with wings and Human with feet.

Marilyn Ferguson, The Aquarian Conspiracy, Flying and Seeing, Chapter 9 gave me a foundation many years ago in understanding my way of thinking, feeling, Being.

What would Love do? New Earth Love?

Two Hearts

Relationship connection than sadness. Felt like a wave by wave booring through a collective ocean of relationship grief. The purpose? To clear pathway into New Earth.

Dragon heart is cool and detached from above. Human heart is warm and attached from below. Two hearts enter New Earth and speak their minds. Integration proceeds through transparency.

My body speaks its human feelings: My feet here. My heart there. I feel dismembered, scattered.

My body speaks its dragon feelings: My feet here. My heart here. I remember and detach on wings.

How can I live like this? Dragon hearted and Human hearted? I am discovering just that.

New Earth ~ New Lens

When Light Body infiltrates Earth Body everything shifts. What was common ground is shaken into nothingness as new ground is laid. The effect: What was acceptable is no longer acceptable. 

Old Earth relationship focused on sexual chemistry, connection and behavior. The thinking that drove this was that sex was love. The energetic pattern that drove this was Heart chakra (wheel) connecting downward with Root chakra (wheel). 

New Earth relationship includes Communion through heart (feeling), Communication through throat (sound), and Community through feet (action). New Earth is empowered by Golden Sun (Solar Plexus) that radiates full circle. This moving wheel is no longer stuck and half-asleep. It is wide Eyed with new range of vision that propels new behavior.

New Earth lens is focused on Love as Old Earth passes away. (Image is a triangular telescope that zooms upward and downward—expanding and contracting.) One momentary thought can be dark (contraction) but it shifts back to Central Sun of Truth (expansion). This Truth is Love now channeled and moving as Communion, Communication and Community. Welcome New Earth !!

Homo Luminous

Passion moved me during Coherence Healing last night. Not passion of old that revolved around people, places and things but new passion that moves as creative expression (more than potential).

This passion is focused on (center) and revolves around (rim) a wheel and wheels. This spinning passion can land in unexpected places and at unexpected times. It’s why we have wings to navigate the currents.

Direct communication is welcomed in. It serves as a bridge for Earth and Cosmic (Homo Luminous) relationship. 

Integration and Liberation

Yesterday, Mother’s Day, was an experience of integration within and liberation without. It was smooth sailing at Walking Meditation. I didn’t feel heavy and separate from the group. What changed? I changed. Chemistry changed. Light and Matter merged. 

I appreciate my meditation community as I appreciate family and friends who don’t speak that language/lingo/jargon. The common language in relationships is in and from one’s Heart carried on the waves and wings of Spirit. Words of Truth are words of Heart. The two are one free-flowing expression in 3D. Welcome New Earth!

I don’t know if this inner freedom will continue or if I’ll get “bottled up” again. I see netting and sense flow in the negative or open spaces. Being true to my gut instincts is how I travel now. I don’t follow external rules or expectations. It’s that Braille system again!  Feeling/sensing the landscape. Reminds me of animals that have different intelligence—attuned to natural forces.

Songia Co-housing community is three houses down from where I nanny. It’s a green oasis in the middle of roads of look-alike houses. I hope (want) to garden there (a labyrinth needs serious weeding/resurrecting) and take 10-month Lucas there in his stroller. 

When Lark took me onto their property along the pathway a heart shaped rock spoke to me. It was turned away from the path so with rock permission I turned it to face toward path. This rock was a “welcome” sign to me. I was quiet in this new group of people but enjoyed the one on one connections that were made. Being with new people one day and being with my meditation community the next made me appreciate the common ground and the bonds that we share thanks to Dr Joe’s teachings.

Me / We

Me and We want to be seen and heard. Invisible no more. We want direct communication that’s personal. Heart to heart. Mind to mind. Body to body. Heart and Mind expressing creative potential through energy wheels, chakras of the Body. 

Why this new “want?” Because Love expresses itself to overflowing. Because Love overflows into new focus and form. I am, We are, no longer accepting fear that keeps Spirit and Matter split and apart. I am and We are in a process of transparency. Those fearful and uncomfortable in their own skin will miss the turn. Those willing to have direct contact will expand in the field of infinite possibility that is the natural outcome of Light’s Love and and Love’s Light. 

Telepathic relationship is limited in its communication. When a word is spoken that hits a nerve with both of them (due to memory of the past) one laughs while the other seems to go into hiding. Or so it seems on this side of the silent communication. Light hearted and heavy hearted are opposite wires and paths. With no direct communication (the nature of telepathy) there can never be understanding and resolution. This lack of transparency is not sustainable. 

I Am and We Are moving forward through activated chakra wheels making the turns to stay happy because Me and We are in expression of creative potential. 

It’s time to Be Gutsy. Doing so is transparent. Perfection is beside the point. Perfection is Unconditional Love in action letting that pure Fire do the healing, the changing, the liberating. 

I Love this new Me/We cycle of seeing through and with new hearts, brains and bodies. New emotional intelligence makes all things new through communion, communication and community. A Cosmic Community of Me/We. 

Seattle Seafair Powwow

With feet on the ground I’m taking action by applying to be a vendor at the Seattle Seafair Powwow in July. I’ve been wanting to circulate Turtle’s story book and engage people of all ages in the mandala mapping activity. My world now centers around Life in 3D !!

Creative Expression

The container/form/shell changes when it becomes full to overflowing. At this point the container gives birth so creative potential has room to express. It’s a journey of discovery in a “Braille” landscape of intuitive sensing/senses/sensation. Love + Truth = Life