Dragon King/Queen

Senses are full. Little energy to write but I have two experiences (energy bursts) that want to be grounded. 

Yesterday Walking Meditation #5:

Lush greenery of Spring

In Bellevue Botanical Gardens

I see Serpent in mind’s Eye

I Am Serpent

Slithering on Gaia homeland.

Walking on with other thoughts, feelings.

Then, a turning and

Returning (re-membering) 

Serpent presence.

His body texture spiraled now

Upright, skyward.

His face from on high

Has contended look, grinning

Wearing a crown…then

Serpent splits in two.

Now two strands and faces

Content and grinning

With crowns

At the meditation point of “stop” and “lay down” an inviting space (empty creek bed) was in front of me—with rocks! Serpent loves rock. I laid in comfort, comforted by the mystical nature of Beloved Gaia.

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