Touch of Happy Love

Highlights for me recently that stay in the spotlight until I communicate them. Once communicated I can move on. It’s a river of Life!

As I was feeding a bottle to Lucas yesterday I noticed again how he tenderly touches my hand, arm, face. He’s very loving. It reminded me that at the retreat I touched the faces of three people. It’s my right hand that likes to touch others. It’s a current of Love that moves with certain people and my hand expresses this Love. It’s very spontaneous — it’s a feeling that moves my matter!

I am feeling free. The other day I got into my new car and went to visit a friend. I felt like a “teenager” yet I never experienced this quality of freedom as a teenager. Grounding in my body makes me happy. Grounding on Earth and in Earth fulfills my purpose here Now. There are so many creative outlets for happiness. A rainbow comes in as part of this feeling and communication. My brain, heart, body are in happy agreement.

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