Grid Healing

N and S connect

Generating E/W ripples

Filling out the whole orb 

Micro to macro

Yes, to Earth Kundalini activation

BE here Now — Lovingly

At the retreat yesterday I saw why I prefer advanced meditation retreats. There’s more space and less analysis. My brain can breathe. I couldn’t engage in the “repeat” exercises until we were discussing the upper chakras. The person who I dialogued with told me how to ground so I could do this repetition exercise. She had so much advice for me. It’s awkward when my mind goes blank. I’m not a machine or robot that regurgitates language. Ask me a question! I’ll have a fresh response. 

The retreat was a bonding of community — for me. One woman asked for a healing session and information came quickly:  Lines N/S and E/W create a grid. Write words of elevated emotion in some of those grids. (Info I was given and gave). Grid Healing — parts and the whole.

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