Heart, Head, Hands & Feet — in motion

A nudge from the cosmos. From me to you 💖💫💖

As a Mystic my Arcturian Light Lineage support recently shifted to Paleiadian. This is our Dragon-Speak message 4/9/2024 Earth time:

Download / Upload is
Upload / Download—
An alternating current.

Plug feet into Earth Grid of Gaia
With Positive/Negative charge
Electromagnetic in nature.

Breathe in through feet
Breathe up through core
Connecting this
Positive/Negative circuit
At Pineal/Pituitary.

Release combustion
Through Crown
Guiding this Toroidal force
Down and around
Your body and Gaia body.

Upload is now Download
In Radiating circuitry.

Like standing stones
Consciously aware humans
Transmit frequencies
Earth to Cosmos
Cosmos to Earth.

Activating grid
Personal and planetary.

BE Conduits of Emotional Intelligence. BE sure footed! BE Solefull !!

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