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Goddess Is Born

In my book S/He Dragon ~ How I Found My Wings, Chapter 7 is entitled Pagan God Pan (who has been mischievously present lately). This poem is UP in consciousness today. It’s UP as Silicon Valley is in a frenzy with AI technology and it’s UP as I’m in a frenzy due to more trees being clear cut in my city.

In the hush

amidst the noise of humankind crying

and Mother Earth dying,

Goddess is born.

Initiated at hand of divinity

on wings of ascending current

to be given and received as bride.

Goddess of love, circulate thy essence.

Goddess of fertility, cultivate thy currents.

Nurture green again upon land

of heart, mind, and body.

The Activist is coming out in me. I want to gather women up and with one unified voice say “Enough madness.” These women wear the Green Vibe and make Green Sense.

Dragon King/Queen

Senses are full. Little energy to write but I have two experiences (energy bursts) that want to be grounded. 

Yesterday Walking Meditation #5:

Lush greenery of Spring

In Bellevue Botanical Gardens

I see Serpent in mind’s Eye

I Am Serpent

Slithering on Gaia homeland.

Walking on with other thoughts, feelings.

Then, a turning and

Returning (re-membering) 

Serpent presence.

His body texture spiraled now

Upright, skyward.

His face from on high

Has contended look, grinning

Wearing a crown…then

Serpent splits in two.

Now two strands and faces

Content and grinning

With crowns

At the meditation point of “stop” and “lay down” an inviting space (empty creek bed) was in front of me—with rocks! Serpent loves rock. I laid in comfort, comforted by the mystical nature of Beloved Gaia.

The Whole

Woke up seeing myself beaming from the night before. Beaming energy is happiness in motion of expression. Up, down, in and through all directions. A “dispersion” of radiance like a twinkling star.

Dragon Eye activation includes lines, angles, points (holes as in retina of the eye) of Light. It includes Middle Earth and Central Sun.

Dragon Eye activation leads to multi-directional lines to multi-dimensional angles to physical holes*/circles/halos to manifestation of New Earth Garden refracting and reflecting Light. This radiant space reminded me of a lit up pin ball machine.

Google definition of Refraction:

When light rays reflect off an object and enter the eyes through the cornea (the transparent outer covering of the eye), you can then see that object. The cornea bends, or refracts, the rays that pass through *the round hole of the pupil.

Magical Garden

This Dragon found a precious gem: Barry Goldstein! With him via the Give to Give Foundation was music, words of wisdom, images that resonated with my current story, music routines, breath work, stillness, and more. The session was worthy enough to listen in again with beta brain and take notes—to gather more gems.

This resonant experience was like a two-way mirror reflecting or Refracting or turning on itself.

This Garden experience was comforting. The timing cosmic 💫 in synchronicity.


Body Language

Before morning nap I told myself this “Halo Hallelujah” is mine! It depends on no one, no thing, no time. I claim it with sword ⚔️ in ground and Sky.

Just now I woke up to an evergreen tree with halo. This image is really talking to me!

I felt that deep knowing that I had a dream wanting to be released. I focused on that awareness and the dream came through. There was a man—or maybe Mischievous Pan the Green Man— kissing my left neck and ear. That is such an instantaneous turn on! I went weak in the knees in this erotic communication—not pornographic. I was aware in the dream that space of nothing/no thing was changed instantaneously. I happen to be wearing the T-shirt that says Everything/Nothing.

Old body keeps leaning toward food when I’m not hungry. I bring it back to center and Truth. My stomach gets full (I get a hitting of ceiling sensation) before the food on my plate is gone. Old body has a new Boss in the house! It’s a back and forth whispering making changes small and large. Yes, I’ve been here before. It is familiar territory and yet it is different and new. Staying with it has been the challenge. Why would I not want to stay with this new me? Why would I not want to create the perimeters in my life to continue being new? I love newness. Oldness is boring, dull. I’m thinking about my neck and how that erroneous zone is connected to another and another. Ahhh, the sweet benefits of a healthy Earth body in April/May🌲🌀🌹🌀

There’s a sparkling halo at all points.


This. My response to our 5 am GOLOV meditation this morning:
Thank you for a generative meditation. Halos appeared above each healee. Halos appeared underfoot. Light moves through halo to halo ⚡️⚡️ Up-down-around = 8 (is there a horizontal 8 image?) Thank you 🌸💕🌸. GOLOV is halo worthy !!

Halo definition: a circle of white or colored light around the sun, moon, or other luminous body caused by refraction through ice crystals in the atmosphere.

Refraction is the “up and over” effect I’ve been sensing and talking about. This halo is a manifestation of crossing up and over. The best response is: Hallelujah ⚡️💫⚡️💫

Refraction definition: In physics, refraction is the redirection of a wave as it passes from one medium to another. The redirection can be caused by the wave’s change in speed or by a change in the medium. Wikipedia


Who is the goddess of solar plexus chakra?

Manipura, or the solar plexus/navel chakra, is symbolized by a downward pointing triangle with ten petals, along with the color yellow. The seed syllable is “ram”, and the presiding deity is Braddha Rudra, with Lakini as Shakti, or the power behind this chakra.

I created a round yellow circle 🟡 on paper and the word “probe” was written beside it.  Two SUFON friends (who I visited with yesterday) saw it as a dark, negative intrusion and I exclaimed “That isn’t my reality.”  I’m left wondering why I spend time with people who have different values. Does this detract from the generation of Love and Light that is meant to move through and shine brightly? It definitely limits what I can share. It definitely limits agreement/radiation.

I have another friend who is making medical choices that are opposite of mine. This, too, feels like a limitation in what we can share. It limits common ground on which to stand. All this makes me realize that I have the choice as to who I spend time with. This is changing my understanding of Love.

Fasting breaks down matter and throws it up in the air. I am releasing old substance, viewing it and choosing new. There’s a lot to examine and why I’m glad to have two days at home. 

Examining (probing) relationships. Which ones are generative? Which ones are effortless?  Which ones move full circle? Which ones make me happy—adding to my internal happiness. Which ones do I contribute happiness to—adding to their internal happiness? These questions are asked of myself. What in my life is working?

Love says live life to the fullest by following its path of Truth. Love is leading the way. In the process I probe through debris/residue that rises up with fasting. (Eating food again and looking forward to Wednesday’s fast.) My intention is a healthy body living a New Earth.

Fasting allows me to have a new relationship (psychically, emotionally, mentally, chemically) with my Earth body. I notice a connection between brain and gut. Taste buds have changed. Taste buds so very chemical and so very trained subconsciously.

I just had an impression of why I won’t (an angle of the future!) spend time with certain people. There are fewer places for connection and firing. The Triangle calls for Agreement, Solidarity, Unity. Each one a critical part of the whole. Who chooses to participate? Who chooses to be Superconscious?

Yellow Bug & Garden

Woke up and sensed a yellow ripple from deep underground. The dream!  I pulled at the dream and it came up into consciousness.

I was with a young person and we saw a round yellow menacing insect with short black spikes all around it. It moved to the right side of my head. I panicked and started to bat it away. And then…I remembered Truth. I relaxed and  trusted. The yellow “Sputnik” moved all around (E/W) my head or inside my head. It made a clicking sound in brain matter. I communed with the bug. I went into Oneness with it. I went into Love vibration. 

The young person with me asked why I let the yellow round bug do that and I began to explain the benefit of surrendering and Oneness. 

Fasting 2 days was easy mentally. Physically my body had aches in certain areas. Emotionally my nerves were edgy/short on the last day. (Reminds me of Sputnik.) It was challenging care taking a 10 month old. In a perfect world I would have been home in stillness.

Gotta meditate and connect now—in yellow?  That Sputnik is hanging around. Those spikes are “rays.”

Thinking that I’ll draw this yellow bug later. Later may not manifest in this Now river. It may not come up again—later. I plant the seed and will see if it develops. I’ll make a note. This bug is with me!

I love the constant newness in my life embracing the old. Nothing is stagnant! I create that newness!! It’s called Creation. It’s called the Garden.

The Beast in My Blood

Physiology, Acid Base Balance

Erin Hopkins; Terrence Sanvictores; Sandeep Sharma.Author Information and Affiliations


To maintain homeostasis, the human body employs many physiological adaptations. One of these is maintaining an acid-base balance. In the absence of pathological states, the pH of the human body ranges between 7.35 to 7.45, with the average at 7.40. Why this number? Why not a neutral number of 7.0 instead of a slightly alkaline 7.40? A pH at this level is ideal for many biological processes, one of the most important being the oxygenation of blood. Also, many of the intermediates of biochemical reactions in the body become ionized at a neutral pH, which causes the utilization of these intermediates to be more difficult.