Philosopher’s Stone

Last night at the Epstein Amphitheater I looked at the granite (concrete?) tile-like flooring at my feet and it felt like that future Paleiadian space-time. I was in both timelines, both places. This happened twice. This morning as I thought about it I got this is also a past place—like a space craft and buoyant like a planet. “Lemurian” Why Lemurian and not Atlantis? Years ago I read books about Mu—not Atlantis. More research! I could start asking more questions when I’m in this other place. Being shown how it’s crystal-like with different Light, more Light. My human self is asking if there can be green grass? I seem to like density. It’s a sacred place, a vibratory space. It’s Light that circles back upon itself. Caduceus!

I’m curious about granite and know it has mystical properties from Ancient Alien episodes:

“Granite comprises three main minerals: Feldspar, Quartz, and Mica. These minerals work together to create a very tough and long-lasting rock. Quartz is a unique mineral that gives Granite a shiny and reflective quality.

Throughout history, Granite has been used by different civilizations. The Ancient Egyptians used it to build their pyramids, and the Greeks and Romans used it for sculptures and buildings. Crystal enthusiasts and collectors cherish Granite for its grounding and stabilizing properties. It promotes a sense of strength, balance, and protection. The vibrations emitted by Granite are said to help enhance focus and concentration. This makes it a valuable aid for meditation and spiritual practices.”

From past experience it’s the Quartz that overpowered me to pay attention! I’m getting that all stones have creative chemical properties and creative is that Light circling back upon itself. AhHa! Creation! Also getting that I don’t have to say “I’m getting.” That it’s okay to merge and BE one identity. This is shaking the rafters of my ego. I’ll be working with this change and see what fits.

I was attracted to another sweater pattern and colors that felt/looked Paleiadian. They were shopping with me!  Or I need to see it and say it as my self, my new I Am Self. So eyes see vibrations! Eye energy is circling back upon itself reminding me of the cooperative relationship of brain parts—pineal and pituitary—the sacred marriage. So Light comes in through eyes and Eye activating other eyes. 

Another friend made the comment “you’re so sexy” while taking a photo of us at the amphitheater. I’m going to ask her more about this comment. “Sexy” in New Earth doesn’t mean what it meant in the old earth. I’m thinking she saw something reflecting back to her. She saw herself and this has to do with Light circling back upon itself. Feedback loops in community is sexy!  Full of vitality! Full of Life! An enthused Life is an expressed Life! 

My two friends were beaming after the SOURCE Premiere. They loved the energy and Dr Joe and want to attend a retreat!

Rereading this post I see how linkage is at work through thought and words. Intelligence is a process of linkage. This was mentioned in the SOURCE film last night. Light is Creator. Feedback links and loops is Creation. Light gives birth to matter, in matter, around matter. Hello Easter !!

On vacation and I had time to go down this rabbit hole!

There’s more! The Philosopher’s Stone in the Human-Angel brain has magical and mystical power.

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