LAX Space-Time / Time-Space

A supernatural flight to LAX.  A two-legged man  I know shows up holographically at the security line and hangs out awhile. He feels solid, square-like, compact and looks refreshed, renewed.

Standing in the moving plane high above Earth I peacefully look out the window at the sky and merge with—become—a tall male of a different race wearing white and observing a similar sky. Both of us “on a mission.” Again I sense this is a future self. It feels similar to the knowing in past life regression.

Chapter 11 in our Supernatural book club is entitled Space-Time / Time- Space. It’s that unfolding and enfolding order. It’s those revolving doors. It’s exactly where I’m at on this spiritual journey in 3D. The chapter contains the whole and holy picture. Amazing!

While landing in LA I viewed the huge grey city and thought it to be so unnatural. Where’s the green? Where’s garden space to grow food? I was informed that some races don’t eat food as we know it in 3D. I responded saying that I am an advocate for green Earth. That I want to see Earth enlightened rather than left behind. I’d like to see other planets in their colored states as well. It’s a Circle of Life called a Galaxy.  This, my Heart speaks. So Be It 🌈  This is my reality by conscious choice and supported by my other consciousnesses. I Love Green Gaia. Why not circle Light into and around Her? Is this too simple for our “advanced” brain? I think we’re being fooled, tricked by those races that want technology over Mother Nature. Looks like I’m connected with races of Middle Earth, the New Earth. Inwards and Onward!

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