Training Wheels ☸️

Negative thoughts kept popping up—shadows of past relationships with men. I batted them away again and again with support from my new Paleiadian family/race and stayed focus on Truth of I Am identity. (I met a boy last night and remembered/saw the face of the white haired elder man.) This race is different from the Arcturians. They are “closer in to Earth.”

This new family went shopping with me yesterday. I discovered this when I was deciding on whether to buy a white sweater with sequins and when a blue textured bag attracted my attention. (Shopping is a favorite thing to do since picking raspberries as a teenager and buying my own school clothes.) These sale items felt like gifts from them. A manifestation of our new connection.

I’m being told to add more structure to my flow especially with meals. That my body will be happy with me when I have routine and that I can wait until the baby has a nap to sit down and eat. Random eating is another past pattern from waitressing days. As I step into this new body, heart and brain there’s new terrain and with it new training—“wheels”—I’m told/shown! 🥹

Which reminds me! I am alien and listen/respond differently to 3D words and language. I live in negative space listening and watching (feeling!!) for inspiration from which to speak. I don’t retain logic of 3D details since my brain wants the open space for 🎶 free flow 🎶. It’s definitely different “intelligence.” Now that I identify as a Mystic I am okay being different as well as having friends and family who have those same genes 🧬

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