Flying Dream

4:40 am

Body wants to sleep but I just had a flying dream!  I was at an event returning to the building but I didn’t want to take the same route back. I saw a wall across the way so I went alone in that direction and soon realized I was lost. The building was very large. I attempted to find my way and remembered in the dream that the staircase I was climbing was familiar. I’d been there before. I thought if I went outside I could take the road back around the whole building. I went outside and turned left and downhill. The road became a trail and I realized it would not get me to my destination. Something shifted inside causing panic but I knew what to do! Fly out of there! Up I went. I felt the ascending sensations. Then I reached a zone of clear ice that started to be engraved with art and lettering. The last image I remember was circles on top of circles. It was a beautiful display.   

One drama while trying to find my way inside the building was that one of my friends bumped into me and hurriedly kept going. She didn’t want to be late and didn’t even see me. I observed that with curiosity. What kind of friend is that?

Looks like I get to Quantum by using my wings !! Is Quantum an ice Castle? 

Ice looks like crystal !!

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