Gyroscope (3/1/2017)

How are you doing? Are you staying upright or tilting off balance? Can you feel the difference? I am catching myself when I want to overeat, when I want to eat but am not hungry and when I want to reach for sweets. I am no longer so resistant! It’s as if my nerves and muscles are cooperating!
The tilting feels like a gyroscope. I wrote about this in my book S/He Dragon ~ How I Found My Wings.

There are times I feel that I am coming apart at the seams as my North/South axis tilts to an extreme degree. This outward spin takes me off balance, and, when I notice, consciously comes back in like an intense fiery current. Is this gyroscopic dance natural? Will it ever balance and stay in harmony? Or is chaos part of a harmonics spectrum that offers information?

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