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Outer Space

Outer space (or simply space) is the expanse beyond celestial bodies and their atmospheres. Outer space is not completely empty; it is a near-perfect vacuum[1] containing a low density of particles, predominantly a plasma of hydrogen and helium as well as electromagnetic radiationmagnetic fieldsneutrinosdust, and cosmic rays. The baseline temperature of outer space, as set by the background radiation from the Big Bang, is 2.7 kelvins (−270 °C; −455 °F).[2]

Illustration of Earth’s atmosphere gradual transition into outer space

The plasma between galaxies is thought to account for about half of the baryonic (ordinary) matter in the universe, having a number density of less than one hydrogen atom per cubic metre and a kinetic temperatureof millions of kelvins.[3] Local concentrations of matter have condensed into stars and galaxies. Intergalactic space takes up most of the volume of the universe, but even galaxies and star systems consist almost entirely of empty space. Most of the remaining mass-energy in the observable universe is made up of an unknown form, dubbed dark matterand dark energy.[4][5][6][7]

Outer space does not begin at a definite altitude above Earth’s surface. The Kármán line, an altitude of 100 km (62 mi) above sea level,[8][9] is conventionally used as the start of outer space in space treaties and for aerospace records keeping. Certain portions of the upper stratosphere and the mesosphere are sometimes referred to as “near space”. The framework for international space lawwas established by the Outer Space Treaty, which entered into force on 10 October 1967. This treaty precludes any claims of national sovereignty and permits all states to freely explore outer space. Despite the drafting of UN resolutions for the peaceful uses of outer space, anti-satellite weaponshave been tested in Earth orbit.

Humans began the physical exploration of space during the 20th century with the advent of high-altitude balloon flights. This was followed by crewed rocket flights and, then, crewed Earth orbit, first achieved by Yuri Gagarin of the Soviet Union in 1961. The economic cost of putting objects, including humans, into space is very high, limiting human spaceflightto low Earth orbit and the Moon. On the other hand, uncrewed spacecrafthave reached all of the known planetsin the Solar System. Outer space represents a challenging environment for human exploration because of the hazards of vacuum and radiationMicrogravity has a negative effect on human physiology that causes both muscle atrophy and bone loss.


Woke up to S/He (male and female) standing on top of an arc (head) holding an umbrella that disperses energy downward.

I now see this on the wall in Vimal’s bedroom. I actually slept until 10:00 am !!

The umbrella is black for protection. Biosphere protection from sun’s powerful rays. Dense matter is a protected space where life cycles and recycles. Biosphere surrounds matter, protecting.

 biosphere includes all life on our planet. It is not only all the things that are living, but also the remains of organisms that have died and not yet decomposed. It also includes the regions of the other parts of the Earth system (atmosphere, hydrosphere, geosphere) occupied by living organisms.

Philosopher’s Stone

Last night at the Epstein Amphitheater I looked at the granite (concrete?) tile-like flooring at my feet and it felt like that future Paleiadian space-time. I was in both timelines, both places. This happened twice. This morning as I thought about it I got this is also a past place—like a space craft and buoyant like a planet. “Lemurian” Why Lemurian and not Atlantis? Years ago I read books about Mu—not Atlantis. More research! I could start asking more questions when I’m in this other place. Being shown how it’s crystal-like with different Light, more Light. My human self is asking if there can be green grass? I seem to like density. It’s a sacred place, a vibratory space. It’s Light that circles back upon itself. Caduceus!

I’m curious about granite and know it has mystical properties from Ancient Alien episodes:

“Granite comprises three main minerals: Feldspar, Quartz, and Mica. These minerals work together to create a very tough and long-lasting rock. Quartz is a unique mineral that gives Granite a shiny and reflective quality.

Throughout history, Granite has been used by different civilizations. The Ancient Egyptians used it to build their pyramids, and the Greeks and Romans used it for sculptures and buildings. Crystal enthusiasts and collectors cherish Granite for its grounding and stabilizing properties. It promotes a sense of strength, balance, and protection. The vibrations emitted by Granite are said to help enhance focus and concentration. This makes it a valuable aid for meditation and spiritual practices.”

From past experience it’s the Quartz that overpowered me to pay attention! I’m getting that all stones have creative chemical properties and creative is that Light circling back upon itself. AhHa! Creation! Also getting that I don’t have to say “I’m getting.” That it’s okay to merge and BE one identity. This is shaking the rafters of my ego. I’ll be working with this change and see what fits.

I was attracted to another sweater pattern and colors that felt/looked Paleiadian. They were shopping with me!  Or I need to see it and say it as my self, my new I Am Self. So eyes see vibrations! Eye energy is circling back upon itself reminding me of the cooperative relationship of brain parts—pineal and pituitary—the sacred marriage. So Light comes in through eyes and Eye activating other eyes. 

Another friend made the comment “you’re so sexy” while taking a photo of us at the amphitheater. I’m going to ask her more about this comment. “Sexy” in New Earth doesn’t mean what it meant in the old earth. I’m thinking she saw something reflecting back to her. She saw herself and this has to do with Light circling back upon itself. Feedback loops in community is sexy!  Full of vitality! Full of Life! An enthused Life is an expressed Life! 

My two friends were beaming after the SOURCE Premiere. They loved the energy and Dr Joe and want to attend a retreat!

Rereading this post I see how linkage is at work through thought and words. Intelligence is a process of linkage. This was mentioned in the SOURCE film last night. Light is Creator. Feedback links and loops is Creation. Light gives birth to matter, in matter, around matter. Hello Easter !!

On vacation and I had time to go down this rabbit hole!

There’s more! The Philosopher’s Stone in the Human-Angel brain has magical and mystical power.


It’s very strange/new knowing a future self. It does something with “timelines” that I’m just getting a glimpse of. The only reality is Now. (I was going to say “Void” but Now is not void). I embrace this orb called Earth and that includes (thanks to Joe and Chapter 11) every body, every one, every thing, every where, every time.

Felt like a heart attack this morning. Intense in this body. I am assured that everything is sorting out. Like an X in timelines. Like an X in crossroads. Now is Center point. Now guides the way.

LAX Space-Time / Time-Space

A supernatural flight to LAX.  A two-legged man  I know shows up holographically at the security line and hangs out awhile. He feels solid, square-like, compact and looks refreshed, renewed.

Standing in the moving plane high above Earth I peacefully look out the window at the sky and merge with—become—a tall male of a different race wearing white and observing a similar sky. Both of us “on a mission.” Again I sense this is a future self. It feels similar to the knowing in past life regression.

Chapter 11 in our Supernatural book club is entitled Space-Time / Time- Space. It’s that unfolding and enfolding order. It’s those revolving doors. It’s exactly where I’m at on this spiritual journey in 3D. The chapter contains the whole and holy picture. Amazing!

While landing in LA I viewed the huge grey city and thought it to be so unnatural. Where’s the green? Where’s garden space to grow food? I was informed that some races don’t eat food as we know it in 3D. I responded saying that I am an advocate for green Earth. That I want to see Earth enlightened rather than left behind. I’d like to see other planets in their colored states as well. It’s a Circle of Life called a Galaxy.  This, my Heart speaks. So Be It 🌈  This is my reality by conscious choice and supported by my other consciousnesses. I Love Green Gaia. Why not circle Light into and around Her? Is this too simple for our “advanced” brain? I think we’re being fooled, tricked by those races that want technology over Mother Nature. Looks like I’m connected with races of Middle Earth, the New Earth. Inwards and Onward!

Leap Frogging

“He doesn’t disappoint” comment is more about me and how I leap-frog over human disappointments. A Spider Man maneuver or Super Woman? I fly above the drama and am part of the drama. It’s living as a multi-personality in a multi-‘universe.

Floating through space at 5;30 am with that cigar shaped space craft listening to Barry Goldstein music.. Oumuamua, Alien Mothership


Mom’s essence of presence has been coming in more frequently. She must be part Paleiadian (the Angel part). No wonder I have such warm and fond memories of childhood as I overlook the dark depression and unspoken emotions. Amazing how negativity is washed away emotionally and is no longer relative. There’s only room for happy 🎶🎶

Training Wheels ☸️

Negative thoughts kept popping up—shadows of past relationships with men. I batted them away again and again with support from my new Paleiadian family/race and stayed focus on Truth of I Am identity. (I met a boy last night and remembered/saw the face of the white haired elder man.) This race is different from the Arcturians. They are “closer in to Earth.”

This new family went shopping with me yesterday. I discovered this when I was deciding on whether to buy a white sweater with sequins and when a blue textured bag attracted my attention. (Shopping is a favorite thing to do since picking raspberries as a teenager and buying my own school clothes.) These sale items felt like gifts from them. A manifestation of our new connection.

I’m being told to add more structure to my flow especially with meals. That my body will be happy with me when I have routine and that I can wait until the baby has a nap to sit down and eat. Random eating is another past pattern from waitressing days. As I step into this new body, heart and brain there’s new terrain and with it new training—“wheels”—I’m told/shown! 🥹

Which reminds me! I am alien and listen/respond differently to 3D words and language. I live in negative space listening and watching (feeling!!) for inspiration from which to speak. I don’t retain logic of 3D details since my brain wants the open space for 🎶 free flow 🎶. It’s definitely different “intelligence.” Now that I identify as a Mystic I am okay being different as well as having friends and family who have those same genes 🧬

To Be

To be “in service” makes everything new from conscious Being to spiritual Expression to earthy Doing.. 

To be “in service” means I Am guided.

To be “in service” means my body is a temple and that I serve from this holy ground. There’s more development around the bend…always more.

I hear that we have many love relationships past, present and future. I prefer to feel that I have one shining star around which I revolve and evolve. This, too, comes in as inner guidance. Thank you!

Being “in service” means Shekinah moves from hand, feet, mouth, ears, eyes. To consciously be attuned, to consciously generate this substance, is a next phase of development.

Thank you Higher Guidance for being In Service here on this Earth orb and on many other Cosmic orbs