Spirit Wind

How can I leave groups and people I’ve been wrapped around, active with? It’s Spirit at my back, guiding and pushing me. It’s that wispy current I’ve felt running down my neck and back that’s different from core threads. A nerve? A meridian? I am leaned into it. Pressed into past, present and future. Akashic. It’s a new feeling of salvation and staying afloat.

At a SUFON event Sunday for two hours. I was amazed at how present I was with the those presenting (friends from my SUFON days). Meaning I was present within myself! I was attentive and interested in their stories though different from my own. Must be Agape Love. 

Driving home Sunday I noticed the top of my head (crown) was sore and swollen—again. It’s a ring around a crater. What is causing this? Solar flares? Full moon? SUFON energies? I’m starting to track this phenomenon on a calendar to “Know Thyself.” It’s still swollen and sore in spots.

Dropping/releasing the Boulder is proving to be a real thing. I Am changed and changing as is my environment.

I’m following the political scene. Why? Because I’m projecting Love toward people and places. I’m pulling energetically for Truth and Justice. It’s where my heart takes me via that wind of Spirit.

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