New Blood

My right hand reached out
In sweet connection
Another hand pulled it back 
“This is not the time for that”
What is this circuitry?
Is it One motion of emotion 
With check points?

Boulder grip gone!
Leaving a crevice 
Of different wobble
Hitting low blood sugar wall
And dizzying sensation
Over 1.5 days / 36 hours 
Now, I ground in a new body
With blood transformation in process 
An upgrade of chemistry

Unconscious becomes conscious
Conscious becomes unconscious
Superconscious supervising 
As OverSoul

Nature vs “progress”
A good jolt will wake humans up
In a collective Boulder release
With a collective crevice
To be filled in 
With new blood

She’s a sister I never had
Easy to be with
Who wants to spend time
Walking Wayne Park
Dinner homemade
Action-packed Marvel movie
Howling at the full Moon
In front of City Hall
And happy yellow daffodils

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