Monthly Archive: February 2024

Spirit Wind

How can I leave groups and people I’ve been wrapped around, active with? It’s Spirit at my back, guiding and pushing me. It’s that wispy current I’ve felt running down my neck and back that’s different from core threads. A nerve? A meridian? I am leaned into it. Pressed into past, present and future. Akashic. It’s a new feeling of salvation and staying afloat.

At a SUFON event Sunday for two hours. I was amazed at how present I was with the those presenting (friends from my SUFON days). Meaning I was present within myself! I was attentive and interested in their stories though different from my own. Must be Agape Love. 

Driving home Sunday I noticed the top of my head (crown) was sore and swollen—again. It’s a ring around a crater. What is causing this? Solar flares? Full moon? SUFON energies? I’m starting to track this phenomenon on a calendar to “Know Thyself.” It’s still swollen and sore in spots.

Dropping/releasing the Boulder is proving to be a real thing. I Am changed and changing as is my environment.

I’m following the political scene. Why? Because I’m projecting Love toward people and places. I’m pulling energetically for Truth and Justice. It’s where my heart takes me via that wind of Spirit.

New Blood

My right hand reached out
In sweet connection
Another hand pulled it back 
“This is not the time for that”
What is this circuitry?
Is it One motion of emotion 
With check points?

Boulder grip gone!
Leaving a crevice 
Of different wobble
Hitting low blood sugar wall
And dizzying sensation
Over 1.5 days / 36 hours 
Now, I ground in a new body
With blood transformation in process 
An upgrade of chemistry

Unconscious becomes conscious
Conscious becomes unconscious
Superconscious supervising 
As OverSoul

Nature vs “progress”
A good jolt will wake humans up
In a collective Boulder release
With a collective crevice
To be filled in 
With new blood

She’s a sister I never had
Easy to be with
Who wants to spend time
Walking Wayne Park
Dinner homemade
Action-packed Marvel movie
Howling at the full Moon
In front of City Hall
And happy yellow daffodils

Filter and Osmosis

Boulder presence
Like gravity
Holding me down
Good to know

It’s easier to communicate
Via writing
Than speaking 
A filter comes to the rescue

A filter void of boulder
Is alignment
Without resistance
Pointed and pure

Love expressed to me 
In words by Anjali and Roxy 
Rippled at my core
Shaking boulder lose
From its haunts

Love filtering out 
Love filtering in 
Is a porous Love affair
E-motion in expression
Changing matter

Tumbling effects
Alchemical polishing
What remains
Is being revealed

How does reverse osmosis work?


  1. 1. BIOLOGY•CHEMISTRYa process by which molecules of a solventtend to pass through a semipermeablemembrane from a less concentrated solution into a more concentrated one, thus equalizing the concentrations on each side of the membrane.
  2. 2. the process of gradual or unconsciousassimilation of ideas, knowledge, etc.”what she knows of the blue-blood set she learned not through birthright, not even through wealth, but through osmosis”

Angelic Brigade

They flew in like geese in a ◀️ formation and shape shifted reality called Coherence Healing. An Angelic brigade in response to human outreach.

I shed a skin, gained a skin and find myself more comfortable in my skin which means I’m getting more up close and personal with people and it’s not draining me! It’s no longer about going over here and not over there. Life is now one field of service.

The ◀️ is also 🔼 leading me, guiding me forward as it holds breadcrumbs of substance—people and places. 

Radiation — Response !! And so it is (the formula) on this golden trail ◀️▶️🔼🔽 that , as always, is circular. 🌀


It’s as if the unconscious and subconscious minds are in the driver’s seat; heart and mind in the back seats going along for the ride; Superconscious as head lights; and Earth body as automobile. It’s a new vehicle in new terrain.

New Earth Flare

I read there was a powerful solar flare on February 9. I was curious what I wrote on February 8,9,10. Was I attuned? Definitely.

Yesterday I felt Radiance from the community’s Meditation Retreat though I was not there and was inspired to write this:

This radiance
Is an Earth Flash 
Moving upward, outward
Greeting Solar Flash
This Earth/Sun match 
Is a Ring of Fire
Making all things new
In New Earth

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured this image of a solar flare – as seen in the bright flash on the lower right – on Feb. 9, 2024. The image shows a subset of extreme ultraviolet light that highlights the extremely hot material in flares, and which is colorized in teal. Credit: NASA/SDO

The Meridian System

Another circulatory system! 

The Meridian System
So how does this circulatory system of energy actually work? Your body has twelve main meridians, or energetic passageways, that pass through the top layer of skin and fascia and through which your qi flows. Think of twelve different extension cords plugged in end to end and intertwined. If you were to unravel them, they would form one big circle. Thus, they are all connected.

Wondering if it’s meridians that I’m feeling at my back? Always more to learn about oneself!

FLOW Meditation for my meridians 🌀

Earthy Personality

Shift in the field is shift in matter. And with it came pressure. Sore throat felt large as an apple. Actually the pressure felt outside and around my throat.  Head pressure. Then with release of pressure a cold. We’re all realigning!

And who is this Earthy personality taking charge? Reminds me of Oversoul, a character and chapter in my S/He Dragon book. 

This Personality of Unconditional Love is an alchemist making all things new. S/He is leading now and we (parts of this household) follow and resist (Resistance is another character from the Oversoul chapter). We, heart and mind, had second feelings and thoughts about the direction Personality was taking us. But S/He exuded unconditional love so we conceded. Whoever this Personality is she has our attention and we trust what’s around the corner. 

Personality has guts! She is following new orders of instinct that are outside the norm.

Master Gland

“Are genes chemicals?” I asked Google.

Hidden inside almost every cell in your body is a chemical called DNA. A gene is a short section of DNA. DNA is made up of millions of small chemicals called bases. The chemicals come in four types A, C, T and G.

If the Pituitary is the Master gland this would be the reason why.

New Flow, New Outcomes

When I stopped reacting to outer circumstances and expressed unconditional love everything changed—and continues to change. 

It’s not scary. It’s freeing. It’s a new harmonic. 

In Becoming Supernatural I read that “…by embracing these unlimited emotions instead of the same limited ones, when you understand that you are signaling new genes and making new proteins that are responsible for the change in structure and function of your body, you can assign more meaning to what you are doing. That leads to a greater intention, which creates even greater outcomes.” This is exactly what I’m experiencing—unexpected outcomes!

In my experience cerebral spinal fluid moves from top to bottom on the exhale. I’m not seeing or reading that in the book but can ask others in the book club. My top down orientation was the blessing of Angel Michael. I now feel even more under his wing—safe, secure, content. It’s a current, a flow.     

I’m looking for a new morning meditation. I want to stay connected with Dr Joe so will see which meditation resonates. The breathing in BOTEC works for so many but not for me. I’m listening to my body and making changes. Seems my Earth body is my new mind in the creation of harmony in my life.

5:00 am reading chapter 5, Becoming Supernatural as my morning meditation.