Monthly Archive: January 2024

Grounding Meditation

A Grounding Meditation is taking shape for tomorrow’s book club. Today it takes on wings! Meaning it is to be done standing with arm motions. I love talking with my hands and arms! Due to tech limitations I won’t have that full body opportunity on Zoom. However, I’ll communicate the Spirit of it. I love being the ground for Spirit to manifest !!


How does body feel safe when heart doesn’t? How does ground move when heart feels at an impasse? Must be a by-pass in place—beyond ego. So much new territory these days with new lines of breath work.

True and full grounding includes breathing tubes of Spirit, Heart and Mind. “Let not your Heart be troubled.”

Seamless Reality

A new box is a new Petri dish full of living organisms ready to thrive.

Thank you Logic for the incentive to create my Symbol and add structural and emotional intentions/goals. It’s so new for me to do this detail work. 

New focus includes the six senses and expands from there.

Yesterday morning I was sensing “today” as a day at home and “tomorrow” as a day at work. The new sensation was that they weren’t separate days. They were one seam, one flow of fabric. I have a chapter in my S/He Dragon book called Seamless Reality. “Weaving new identity and reality is not for the weak-hearted. Within tangled threads are toxic demons to face, wrestle and release. As a collective body of people living a mythic journey, we have an incredible opportunity to weave a new planetary story for ourselves and for Gaia.”

An amazing image of a full rainbow captured at 30,000 feet by pilot Lloyd J. Ferraro.

Sacred Ground

Dreamed about being in a social setting. And a baby with cerebral palsy. I picked her up twice to hold her. She was very light compared to Lucas, my nanny baby. Cool that dreams have physical sensation. When I looked down her tongue was sticking out sideways. It occurred to me that she was me! Yes, our mouth and tongues speak (or not) tones and words of Life.

At 2:00 am I woke up remembering an appointment I had on my calendar yesterday and—I felt no toxic chemicals of self-criticism or shame for forgetting. (My new brain wiring is assisting me in this area of intelligence.) Instead of negative emotion running I slipped into an action plan. Logic ruled this Kingdom and Queendom in that moment. Thank you!

Another day with new opportunity for expression in this adventure called Life. My brain wants to meditate and make connection in this Great Mystery that holds me. What does S/He have to share today?

Flow is the musical tone/setting within which I ground feeling, thought, action. New wiring brings new tempo and increased presence of flow and ground in order to enjoy more Life. Is this uplift sustainable? What about that old pattern with emotional ups and downs? What about those weather patterns? Too much sun brings parched land. Ah-Ha! New nodes in my brain and life are providing new balance. The balance is in the expression of Life. (I see and feel my two feet on “stumps” as we walk.). Chakras at feet? Chakras touching ground? More Life Force Kundalini?

Node Battery

“Nodes” give an impression of stumps or batteries around which I turn, move. My newly attached brain is setting goals that are encased in or as nodes. Flow had been my main mode of expression. Now I include structure. One example is finances. What a difference it makes when I set a goal revolving around finances. I “change” old ways of unconscious spending and notice an immediate turn around effect.

More goals reveal themselves showing me more unconscious behaviors. This is feeling like a game with myself and is light-hearted!  How present am I?  How conscious—moment by moment? Definitely alchemy in motion. Turn, turn, turn “til I come round right”—that gift to be simple song.

Sacred sex to no sexual feelings. What makes the difference? How do these hormones regulate me? How do I regulate them? Life with this new brain is enlivening with a new sexuality. It’s a full rainbow circle rather than part of the circle. A whole circular spectrum called Life.

There are people who drain my energy because I let them in my vibrational field. How do I let them in? By lowering (flattening) my volume, my integrity, my standard of high vibe love. I’m catching myself by watching myself in action. Actually it’s musical….there’s a round tone I need to sustain. Keep it Light! And yet I like my new firm and solid tones that set boundaries and provide a new space. It’s quite an art, this living from/in a house with two brains.

More nodes! Knowing and Doing. Sensing and Acting. Feeling and Thinking. That horizontal 8 dance of Life.

Co-operation. Co-creation. Co-ordination. Co-conspire. Co-mingle. Co-relate.

Nodes (+/-)

A dear friend invited me to visit her in Irvine, CA. My wheels turned and…I joined the San Diego Retreat waitlist. That was a quick turn around without any warning! Proves the resilient nature of this brain body. These retreats look to be those “nodes” that add charge to matter.

Petri Dish

The Petri Dish has changed in charge. It’s no longer telepathic. It’s now 3D. It’s a new Love. A new expression with sensual angles of sound, sight, taste, touch, smell. Human-Angel. Earth Angel to Earth Angel with surround sound music and 3D lyrics. And I bear witness again and again because it’s a Round Dance.

Drama & Opportunity

Listened to George Knapp interview Tim Alborino, Alien Face Peelers in Peru. Such dramas have seeped through Gaia’s structural integrity due to lack of Light in human consciousness. These astral plane beings can be neutralized in an arcing web of Light as can negative thought and feeling. Before us is a “golden opportunity” to heal multi-levels of matter.

Global Brain in Cosmic Brain

I’m noticing new feelings of connection. Just now holding baby Lucas I felt new presence / new substance with my environment—a new relationship. I’m tracking the sensations. “Tracks” is the word that came through with the two parallel white curved lines just above a surface. At the time I thought of aliens hovering close. 

She and I aired our frustrations after two months together. We didn’t blame, criticize or get personal. We stated thoughts and feelings and came up with a new schedule for the baby. What a difference that made at every level of relationship. I am seeing how my energetic flow does well with structure. It gives me guidelines in order to turn.

A Facebook memory rings a bell:

What if our FB connections serve as brain synapses
What if we are generating a new “global brain”
What if ?

Aliens and the Global Brain 🌀🌀

Oh, I remember! The Milky Way galaxy looks like spinning chakras. Are we not nodes/cells in a cosmic body—cosmic brain?

Circle of Balance ~ Circle of Substance

Minor mishap because I was multi-tasking. Too much fire with this Sagittarius personality. That’s where the Circle comes in. To Be at center balancing the four elements. To steady the wobble of Axis. I’ve known this. Seems I have a new brain body that wants new behavior to match new wiring. Is it a new nerve? New hormone? New catalyst?

I was going to begin book club honoring the circle. It’s not time. I get to do this mind/heart full practice.

I’m seeing that my head hasn’t been fully attached to this body. I’m seeing that this connection is grounding. Keep thinking about the Vagus nerve.

Feeding my nanny baby I sensed a circle of substance around me as if it was talking to me. It’s that bubble that I talk to my five-year old nanny girl about so she keeps some space between her baby brother. This circle substance gives me a sense of well-being and abundance. I feel new ease in this body. Quite remarkable. Yes, I feel lighter with a new personality

Those spokes on the circle represent nerves. Is the Pituitary a center point for nerves? Are hormones associated with nerves and nerves associated with endocrine glands? I learned they are catalysts from EDL so many years ago.

I caught myself! I was in my emotional body thinking to invite a friend shopping tonight. But another body (spoke or wire?) reminded me that I need to finish reading Chapter 2 for book club. Am I receiving new support, new information in 3D living? My brain is wrapping around all of this —lovingly.