Monthly Archive: December 2023


My human heart felt broken yesterday. Yes, heartbreak. I let the feelings move through in a tidal wave—all at once. Then this human had decisions to make from the perspective of logic. The question came up more than once: Is this choice implosion? Is it more of the same old story? How to honor and protect my heart without the implosion? We all (human and Angel) came up with a solution and an agreement. So instead of dissipating we are integrating by moving forward with a plan of action. This Heart to heart agreement from within looks like the wheel with spokes and central hub. It’s a new level of integrated Self Love. It’s a pivotal dance—on tip toes!

Hub: the central part of a wheel, rotating on or with the axle, and from which the spokes radiate.

Reconditioning Mind to a New Body

5:00 am meditation Evolving Hearts

Pivot point at head. Center of cone. My physical head feels like a crater (indented) at crown center. “…the volume of space” Circular with lines radiating.

Back of head serpentine. Throat serpentine. Neck has Serpent wrapped around (not choking) upholding. Chest serpentine with E/W gems. Shoulders w Angels assisting with heavy lifting. 

“Pure consciousness” is child-like in Spirit — free! Unburdened.

“Recondition your body to a new mind” Bees in the picture frame. Gold/black w wings. “Genius”. gold/north. black/south. wings e/w “invincibility” “uncompromising will”

Emotion teaches us. Through feeling. “Vitality” of Source Point.

“Divinity” is the ever present wind — whispering.


“Trust in the unknown” pivot point always present. “Clarity” Now.

Inner gears dancing and spitting out words. No analysis. Simply output.

“Transformation” caterpillar to butterfly. My poem to be shared….ok. Homework assignment.

“Surrender” constant. Leaning into one door and revolving out another. Like a car wash! 

“Mind of mystic” scrambled like the ride at the fair. One direction then another and another. Constant motion of directions.

“Adventure” is living it. “Wholeness” an Egg. Transmitting info.

“Grace”. Dancing in/with Spirit.

“Appreciation” wraps around a cylinder.

“Greatest expression” is a coat of many colors

“Body responds to a new mind”

Life is green grass underfoot. Enlivening. 

I listen from/in a new angle of brain power. Generating from a new Source. A new plug in.

That was fun. Free to play in flow. Logic stepped aside.


I went to look for Ley Lines and found this. Ley Lines live at Crown — connecting with more Ley Lines. Consciousness is Ley Line. Travel that !!

New Charge ~ New Song

I woke up to my back having new sensation! It holds a new charge! I’m no longer carrying baggage! I feel free. My back flows free!

I saw and felt my foot standing on an apex point. I pivot from here. My foot holds a new charge!

This is my Light Body connected to my emotional body connected to my mental body connected to my physical body. I feel free.

This gives me new space for new choices. No longer depending on any external. No longer seeking approval from any external. I Am the Master of my Wheel of Life holding charge—at Center, from Center.

It was comical to see shit hitting the fan. Not my shit. Not my fan. Not my baggage. I pivot in the moment with new intelligence held up by “Light strands of DNA.”

I simply report how Light is shape shifting me, my consciousness and my reality. It’s why I’m commanded to write—for 50 years! This purifying process continues in Fire of Transformation. It has been and always will be a creative process with many turns focused upward in Light. It’s a journey Home—to One Self. “Threshold” 

Dictionary: “When the threshold is reached, something else happens or changes.” Reminds me of “my cup runneth over” from Bible School. Now the song Deep and Wide comes in/up. 🎶 “There’s a fountain flowing deep and wide.” 🎶 

 🔝 I woke up to my back having new sensation! It holds a new charge! —  It’s a new Song 🎵🎵

Circular intelligence is free flow 🌀🌀🌀🌀

Quantum Shift Meditation

15 minute YouTube meditation with Dr Joe Dispenza generating “downloads” of incoming sensations wrapped intuitively and delivered logically. Lots of brain activity—in motion of e-motion:

The field turns

Into itself as matter


Like a revolving door

The “future” 

One radiating ray


Manifesting “future” 

Now and now

One continual flow

Evolving, revolving

Turning e-motion

Humans are not robots

Programmed in darkness

Humans are Angelic

Claiming DNA of Truth

Begone chains

Begone blind spots 

“Open your heart”

And resurrect Earth

Light calls us forth

Out of darkness 

Into enlightenment

Angel Line Manifestation

Angel Lines are activated on Earth. Winta, whom I work for as a nanny, is closely connected to Angel Michael. (In her Orthodox religion her birthday, 1/21, is connected to Angel Michael.) We opened a door to deeper friendship this week and sense that Angel Michael is behind our instantaneous bond. The poster with all the Saints represents a time in her life (fifth grade) when she realized Angels can have dark skin. It was then she stopped coloring angel faces pink and started to use a dark crayon. This family is more Divine Manifestation. She’s also inquiring about meditation. 

Busting at the Seams

He’s a N/S magnetic pole which I grip with new intensity and wrap around. The timing of this passion is a mystery and not based in logic. Reminds me of Goddess fertility rites of long ago. What’s the purpose of raising a cone of Kundalini power? To shift the tilt of planet Earth? To create alignment SunStar to SunStar?

Something’s going on with the upper-back part of my skull. It’s sore all around the indented part (I can’t find a name for this area) as if I’ve had my hair in a tight ponytail all day. The soreness surrounds the indentation — are these plates? This has been going on for sometime but tonight my head was especially tender. Goddess activation N/S/E/W? Massaging the scalp helps.

This body seems to be pregnant with new life that is seeping out the seams. Is this a different ovulation? I read that the Pituitary plays a role in reproductive hormones. What am I reproducing at my age?