Golden Glory

5:30 am “Feel it”. Feeling is a chemical manifestation

“In your heart” “That’s energy”. Energy as feeling

“Feel your connection to it” “5” “with your heart”

“the love in your heart…the same energy”

“6”. “Feel it” Feelings are chemical. “The love in your heart”

“Balance your energy” pH balance   It’s all chemistry

Dense Matter as machinery with Heart of Spirit, Spirit of Heart

“7”. “The love in you heart” “Balance your energy with your heart” Heart a purifier. Lungs play a part. Thank you. “Awake in 7”. Lungs a filter.

“8, Sense it”.  Instinctual. Different wire, plug in. Connector. Feeling is beyond words. A knowing as Being. Peaceful. Content. All knowing. A lucid center. Liquid love. “Awake in 8”  Oil in the machine. Movement, flow. “Blessed by life” “Feel it” 

Gateways to the cosmos. Larger machinery. Gears and wheels within gears and wheels. Cells, molecules, atoms, photons. Building block machinery. Feelings bring it to life. Feelings swimming as and in higher frequency. Golden. Crowning glory. 

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