Full Moon Ceremony

Christmas vacation is so relaxing with time to stay indoors and putter—in a circle. Putter and declutter to get rid of objects no longer needed/wanted. I opened glass jars with dried lavender, cedar, rose petals and buds and was startled to find at the top of one the complete snake skin found years ago at the circle garden. I had different feelings about the snake skin now which was surprising to me. I interpreted my feelings to mean that it was time to let it go. I also pulled from the shelf a jar of ceremonial cornmeal thinking it was time to release it as well.

Leanne, Judit and I enjoyed an evening of friendship. Drum sisters to Soul sisters under a full moon. Judit suggested a ceremony so we did just that under the full moon. They did a burning offering and I did my cornmeal offering. When I opened the jar and put my hand in for cornmeal I felt the snake skin. I was startled the second time as I had forgotten I placed it there. I immediately placed it on the ground with words of blessing and offered cornmeal. My medicine song that was gifted to me years ago instantly came through and I sang it—or as I prefer to say—it sang me! I then felt that familiar crown sensation of presence. Validation from Spirit. More song, more cornmeal blessing and a final howling at the moon. 

Judit soon to have hip surgery. Leanne soon to travel to Cancun. Me to Marco Island. I toss cornmeal blessings for three sisters on their journeys under all phases of moon.

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