5 am meditation

“How deep does the blackness go?” It’s a never ending black core. I’m going in.

I spiral down. Central core with spiraling arms. Octopus like. Great music for arms and space travel. 

Nothing? Is there such a place in my world? I’d have to let go of scribing. I do that at meditation retreats… part time. I’m always alert—in receptive mode. Alert as in conscious. Awake. Aware. Such is Third Eye. 

Third eye connected with black hole at center.  I am drawn into it. Lots of debris—for protection. Now in a golden space, a grid. Lots of pores, doors. Akashic records to open. Why open past? Past is now, is future—changed in “car wash” of octopus arms. In the arms of cosmic  consciousness. 

I am still center and active expression of moving arms/frequencies. Still center a fertile womb.

Song: She’s got/He’s got the whole world in her/his hands.

“Deeper”. Gold now Emerald Green. “ Intelligent love deep within you”

“patterns of energy” are circular, rounded — because I’m female? Do we get to change genders lifetime by lifetime? What a dance !!

“God bless us” as we sow and reap a Garden with black center and colorful spiraling arms. Arms of expression. Ever moving, changing expression. Alchemical.

Black hole as generator of Life / substance

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