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What am I feeling? How am I feeling? Now? Always changing. Like waters, air, earth, fire. Alive and moving.

Feelings are half of intelligence.  

“Life force up spine” — down spine.

Intuitive knowing. Human feelings. Divine Being. Human doing. All contained in this personal Angel-Human space. 

To keep it all in balance. “More of it and less of you”

“The blackness” — void of feeling. Nothingness. I can go there, be there. “Sense it” from a different angle. Fertile space from whence creation is flung outward.

Light cycle turns to Black cycle. Outward energy turns inward. Inward energy turns outward. Feel that! Circulation = turning into One Self.

I don’t have the same emotion about Sunday walking meditations. Once so passionate. Not now.  Not the same commitment. “Notice it” “Become it” Needing, wanting something more. Less chemistry is less attraction is less feeling is less connecting. What fills new space? 

I let go and allow space. “Stay present with it” “Relax into it” “More”

“Feel your connection to it”

“Feel your connection to it with your heart.” Yogananda calling at Ananda?

I can be part of many communities. I can breathe in different spaces, places. It’s as if some relationships have reached potential. Upward arc now moving downward. 

WM community values abundance/ wealth. Ananda community values abundance/simplicity. “Stay aware of it. Feel your connection to it”  “Surrender into wholeness”

“Feel more wholeness” My lens wants more variety. More landscape. “Drawing it to you” Texture, color.

“Wholeness in your heart” To be at home wherever I Am. I Am at home wherever I Am. It’s not an external place, space. 

I Am…on the move. “Know it by heart” “Become the blackness” at the center of Galaxy. “…frequency of opportunity, a new opportunity”

“frequency that creates opportunity” Black void is black potential is black opportunity. 

“Become the opportunity”

Words. Who you are speaks louder than what you say. Be still and know

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