Galaxy Dance

Meditation music 4-5 am left me with remote viewing as flash cards came into focus with hearts, lines, arcs, words too tiny to read. Images in white on pastel background. This “camera lens” is in developmental focus.

5:00 am meditation reference to “blackness” reminded me of the Facebook article I just read and posted about the black hole at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. So many cosmic parts dancing, turning with this black hole. She Goddess holding space with God. Opposite forces of creation still and active. Together they design 🌀 their spiral dance.

Winter Solstice. Received instruction regarding hands. Sacred hands that extend life or death into this 3D reality. 

Yes, the camera lens behind the eyes. A floodlight lighting the way. 

He was sent away as I was guided to smudge Gaia freeing her round space from stalkers and hackers. They have no power in Light and thus move on to matter (as matter) more dense.

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