Integrating 3 Minds

I started to listen to a Dr Joe meditation but everything went sideways as I remembered:

Significant downloads of images, words and direct communication in community CoHeal on Monday:

I see a line of feathery wings stretching E/W. It’s one wing. My arms want to stretch E/W and do. How does this apply to healing these people who have asked for support? I keep watching, listening. Later in the session I see serpents coiled around my E/W outstretched arms. So Goddess! End of session I directly ask if this is relevant to the group. I’m told it pertains to one subconscious mind. The underground where healing takes place.

I later wonder how the unconscious fits in. Since Goddess days of this spiritual journey on Earth I’ve associated Her with subconscious mind and He with conscious mind. Is the unconscious S/He? Instinctual? Serpent agrees !! A different brain, seeing and language.

It’s significant to me that I now tell my stories beyond my blog. That I’ve “come out” of hiding. My scribing simply expands its circling circulation. See Blood! Chemistry! Imaging is a different language. Rounded. Feminine.

Yesterday’s meditation that got obliterated had pink/violet soap bubbles. Matter is run through a car wash and scrubbed clean. Violet ray of healing—a Pituitary signature. 

At the Christmas party I was surprised by a couple women who were oozing sexuality and ego airs. (Judgmental, critical?) Reminded me of myself years ago. One woman tries to get close and in my face with piercing eyes. It feels like she wants to attach. (What is attaching to her?) It’s uncomfortable. My chemistry is not matching her chemistry. I may speak of this to her and ask if she was microdosing. Not sure I can be this honest. It will depend how it all feels. AhHa! Are feelings unconscious, instinctual? I see feelings having a meter, a graph. Some feelings are stuck in place. Healing work sets them free for one and all. Where to offer healing? How to offer? One knows in the Now. Step by step. Love is the only way to pass through the valley of evil. The underground that takes one overground again and again. Don’t get stuck to/by the demons. Keep moving. Truth is the scrubber !! Pituitary and Pineal Truth like a trumpet in Revelation. I’ve always resonated with this Bible chapter. 

Work! I work today. Back to this reality I tell this Scribe that I Am.

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