Reconditioning Mind to a New Body

5:00 am meditation Evolving Hearts

Pivot point at head. Center of cone. My physical head feels like a crater (indented) at crown center. “…the volume of space” Circular with lines radiating.

Back of head serpentine. Throat serpentine. Neck has Serpent wrapped around (not choking) upholding. Chest serpentine with E/W gems. Shoulders w Angels assisting with heavy lifting. 

“Pure consciousness” is child-like in Spirit — free! Unburdened.

“Recondition your body to a new mind” Bees in the picture frame. Gold/black w wings. “Genius”. gold/north. black/south. wings e/w “invincibility” “uncompromising will”

Emotion teaches us. Through feeling. “Vitality” of Source Point.

“Divinity” is the ever present wind — whispering.


“Trust in the unknown” pivot point always present. “Clarity” Now.

Inner gears dancing and spitting out words. No analysis. Simply output.

“Transformation” caterpillar to butterfly. My poem to be shared….ok. Homework assignment.

“Surrender” constant. Leaning into one door and revolving out another. Like a car wash! 

“Mind of mystic” scrambled like the ride at the fair. One direction then another and another. Constant motion of directions.

“Adventure” is living it. “Wholeness” an Egg. Transmitting info.

“Grace”. Dancing in/with Spirit.

“Appreciation” wraps around a cylinder.

“Greatest expression” is a coat of many colors

“Body responds to a new mind”

Life is green grass underfoot. Enlivening. 

I listen from/in a new angle of brain power. Generating from a new Source. A new plug in.

That was fun. Free to play in flow. Logic stepped aside.


I went to look for Ley Lines and found this. Ley Lines live at Crown — connecting with more Ley Lines. Consciousness is Ley Line. Travel that !!

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