New Charge ~ New Song

I woke up to my back having new sensation! It holds a new charge! I’m no longer carrying baggage! I feel free. My back flows free!

I saw and felt my foot standing on an apex point. I pivot from here. My foot holds a new charge!

This is my Light Body connected to my emotional body connected to my mental body connected to my physical body. I feel free.

This gives me new space for new choices. No longer depending on any external. No longer seeking approval from any external. I Am the Master of my Wheel of Life holding charge—at Center, from Center.

It was comical to see shit hitting the fan. Not my shit. Not my fan. Not my baggage. I pivot in the moment with new intelligence held up by “Light strands of DNA.”

I simply report how Light is shape shifting me, my consciousness and my reality. It’s why I’m commanded to write—for 50 years! This purifying process continues in Fire of Transformation. It has been and always will be a creative process with many turns focused upward in Light. It’s a journey Home—to One Self. “Threshold” 

Dictionary: “When the threshold is reached, something else happens or changes.” Reminds me of “my cup runneth over” from Bible School. Now the song Deep and Wide comes in/up. 🎶 “There’s a fountain flowing deep and wide.” 🎶 

 🔝 I woke up to my back having new sensation! It holds a new charge! —  It’s a new Song 🎵🎵

Circular intelligence is free flow 🌀🌀🌀🌀

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