Busting at the Seams

He’s a N/S magnetic pole which I grip with new intensity and wrap around. The timing of this passion is a mystery and not based in logic. Reminds me of Goddess fertility rites of long ago. What’s the purpose of raising a cone of Kundalini power? To shift the tilt of planet Earth? To create alignment SunStar to SunStar?

Something’s going on with the upper-back part of my skull. It’s sore all around the indented part (I can’t find a name for this area) as if I’ve had my hair in a tight ponytail all day. The soreness surrounds the indentation — are these plates? This has been going on for sometime but tonight my head was especially tender. Goddess activation N/S/E/W? Massaging the scalp helps.

This body seems to be pregnant with new life that is seeping out the seams. Is this a different ovulation? I read that the Pituitary plays a role in reproductive hormones. What am I reproducing at my age?

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