Monthly Archive: December 2023

Integrating Shroud

“All possibilities exist in the eternal now’

and that includes a new personality! I’m acting with new self-assurance and my voice is even sounding different. It’s as if I’ve experienced a “walk in.” Or a cloak is over me, protecting me in newness. “Shroud” have to look that up… Integration of logic and intuition creates a new personality.

“Shroud” isn’t the right word. I’m remembering another image that came through of the snake with the hood. Will look that up…

King Cobra: The cobra signifies the spinal cord in spirituality. At the base of the spinal cord is the latent power of Kundalini. That power is said to be the sleeping serpent, which rises up the spine during spiritual awakening.

Shroud can represent death of the old and birth of the new. Thus, Happy New Year 2024 🐍🐍

“In many cultures, the cobra is often associated with transformation, renewal, and healing due to its ability to shed its skin. It is also seen as a symbol of protection and guardianship in some belief systems.”

My garden snake skin in rose petals and buds from years ago that was released under the recent December Full Moon.

To see what was hidden is to unlock a secret code. To wrap what was behind with what is in front is to break hypnotic spell. To find within what is lost without is retrieval of soul. To join as One, is flying on wings. ~ S/He Dragon, last page.

Golden Glory

5:30 am “Feel it”. Feeling is a chemical manifestation

“In your heart” “That’s energy”. Energy as feeling

“Feel your connection to it” “5” “with your heart”

“the love in your heart…the same energy”

“6”. “Feel it” Feelings are chemical. “The love in your heart”

“Balance your energy” pH balance   It’s all chemistry

Dense Matter as machinery with Heart of Spirit, Spirit of Heart

“7”. “The love in you heart” “Balance your energy with your heart” Heart a purifier. Lungs play a part. Thank you. “Awake in 7”. Lungs a filter.

“8, Sense it”.  Instinctual. Different wire, plug in. Connector. Feeling is beyond words. A knowing as Being. Peaceful. Content. All knowing. A lucid center. Liquid love. “Awake in 8”  Oil in the machine. Movement, flow. “Blessed by life” “Feel it” 

Gateways to the cosmos. Larger machinery. Gears and wheels within gears and wheels. Cells, molecules, atoms, photons. Building block machinery. Feelings bring it to life. Feelings swimming as and in higher frequency. Golden. Crowning glory. 

Full Moon Ceremony

Christmas vacation is so relaxing with time to stay indoors and putter—in a circle. Putter and declutter to get rid of objects no longer needed/wanted. I opened glass jars with dried lavender, cedar, rose petals and buds and was startled to find at the top of one the complete snake skin found years ago at the circle garden. I had different feelings about the snake skin now which was surprising to me. I interpreted my feelings to mean that it was time to let it go. I also pulled from the shelf a jar of ceremonial cornmeal thinking it was time to release it as well.

Leanne, Judit and I enjoyed an evening of friendship. Drum sisters to Soul sisters under a full moon. Judit suggested a ceremony so we did just that under the full moon. They did a burning offering and I did my cornmeal offering. When I opened the jar and put my hand in for cornmeal I felt the snake skin. I was startled the second time as I had forgotten I placed it there. I immediately placed it on the ground with words of blessing and offered cornmeal. My medicine song that was gifted to me years ago instantly came through and I sang it—or as I prefer to say—it sang me! I then felt that familiar crown sensation of presence. Validation from Spirit. More song, more cornmeal blessing and a final howling at the moon. 

Judit soon to have hip surgery. Leanne soon to travel to Cancun. Me to Marco Island. I toss cornmeal blessings for three sisters on their journeys under all phases of moon.


5 am meditation

“How deep does the blackness go?” It’s a never ending black core. I’m going in.

I spiral down. Central core with spiraling arms. Octopus like. Great music for arms and space travel. 

Nothing? Is there such a place in my world? I’d have to let go of scribing. I do that at meditation retreats… part time. I’m always alert—in receptive mode. Alert as in conscious. Awake. Aware. Such is Third Eye. 

Third eye connected with black hole at center.  I am drawn into it. Lots of debris—for protection. Now in a golden space, a grid. Lots of pores, doors. Akashic records to open. Why open past? Past is now, is future—changed in “car wash” of octopus arms. In the arms of cosmic  consciousness. 

I am still center and active expression of moving arms/frequencies. Still center a fertile womb.

Song: She’s got/He’s got the whole world in her/his hands.

“Deeper”. Gold now Emerald Green. “ Intelligent love deep within you”

“patterns of energy” are circular, rounded — because I’m female? Do we get to change genders lifetime by lifetime? What a dance !!

“God bless us” as we sow and reap a Garden with black center and colorful spiraling arms. Arms of expression. Ever moving, changing expression. Alchemical.

Black hole as generator of Life / substance

What’s New ?

What am I feeling? How am I feeling? Now? Always changing. Like waters, air, earth, fire. Alive and moving.

Feelings are half of intelligence.  

“Life force up spine” — down spine.

Intuitive knowing. Human feelings. Divine Being. Human doing. All contained in this personal Angel-Human space. 

To keep it all in balance. “More of it and less of you”

“The blackness” — void of feeling. Nothingness. I can go there, be there. “Sense it” from a different angle. Fertile space from whence creation is flung outward.

Light cycle turns to Black cycle. Outward energy turns inward. Inward energy turns outward. Feel that! Circulation = turning into One Self.

I don’t have the same emotion about Sunday walking meditations. Once so passionate. Not now.  Not the same commitment. “Notice it” “Become it” Needing, wanting something more. Less chemistry is less attraction is less feeling is less connecting. What fills new space? 

I let go and allow space. “Stay present with it” “Relax into it” “More”

“Feel your connection to it”

“Feel your connection to it with your heart.” Yogananda calling at Ananda?

I can be part of many communities. I can breathe in different spaces, places. It’s as if some relationships have reached potential. Upward arc now moving downward. 

WM community values abundance/ wealth. Ananda community values abundance/simplicity. “Stay aware of it. Feel your connection to it”  “Surrender into wholeness”

“Feel more wholeness” My lens wants more variety. More landscape. “Drawing it to you” Texture, color.

“Wholeness in your heart” To be at home wherever I Am. I Am at home wherever I Am. It’s not an external place, space. 

I Am…on the move. “Know it by heart” “Become the blackness” at the center of Galaxy. “…frequency of opportunity, a new opportunity”

“frequency that creates opportunity” Black void is black potential is black opportunity. 

“Become the opportunity”

Words. Who you are speaks louder than what you say. Be still and know

Book Club Downloads

Light Beings are showing up for the Supernatural Book Club hours early. Giving me images, thoughts, words and feelings. Not everyone is comfortable with the mystical, the other worldly. I’ve been referring to them in CoHeal. Giving them recognition for the downloads. I’m getting that I’m to refer to them less and just speak what’s coming through. To own this Light Body. It feels like a turning and that I’m to accept this responsibility. I have no doubt I’ll be learning what this means as I and we go. I’m getting not to say too much and scare people away. People don’t want “woo-woo.’ How to balance this and keep my own integrity—and identity? Also getting some are ready for this and have Light to contribute. That’s reassuring.

Galaxy Dance

Meditation music 4-5 am left me with remote viewing as flash cards came into focus with hearts, lines, arcs, words too tiny to read. Images in white on pastel background. This “camera lens” is in developmental focus.

5:00 am meditation reference to “blackness” reminded me of the Facebook article I just read and posted about the black hole at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. So many cosmic parts dancing, turning with this black hole. She Goddess holding space with God. Opposite forces of creation still and active. Together they design 🌀 their spiral dance.

Winter Solstice. Received instruction regarding hands. Sacred hands that extend life or death into this 3D reality. 

Yes, the camera lens behind the eyes. A floodlight lighting the way. 

He was sent away as I was guided to smudge Gaia freeing her round space from stalkers and hackers. They have no power in Light and thus move on to matter (as matter) more dense.

Integrating 3 Minds

I started to listen to a Dr Joe meditation but everything went sideways as I remembered:

Significant downloads of images, words and direct communication in community CoHeal on Monday:

I see a line of feathery wings stretching E/W. It’s one wing. My arms want to stretch E/W and do. How does this apply to healing these people who have asked for support? I keep watching, listening. Later in the session I see serpents coiled around my E/W outstretched arms. So Goddess! End of session I directly ask if this is relevant to the group. I’m told it pertains to one subconscious mind. The underground where healing takes place.

I later wonder how the unconscious fits in. Since Goddess days of this spiritual journey on Earth I’ve associated Her with subconscious mind and He with conscious mind. Is the unconscious S/He? Instinctual? Serpent agrees !! A different brain, seeing and language.

It’s significant to me that I now tell my stories beyond my blog. That I’ve “come out” of hiding. My scribing simply expands its circling circulation. See Blood! Chemistry! Imaging is a different language. Rounded. Feminine.

Yesterday’s meditation that got obliterated had pink/violet soap bubbles. Matter is run through a car wash and scrubbed clean. Violet ray of healing—a Pituitary signature. 

At the Christmas party I was surprised by a couple women who were oozing sexuality and ego airs. (Judgmental, critical?) Reminded me of myself years ago. One woman tries to get close and in my face with piercing eyes. It feels like she wants to attach. (What is attaching to her?) It’s uncomfortable. My chemistry is not matching her chemistry. I may speak of this to her and ask if she was microdosing. Not sure I can be this honest. It will depend how it all feels. AhHa! Are feelings unconscious, instinctual? I see feelings having a meter, a graph. Some feelings are stuck in place. Healing work sets them free for one and all. Where to offer healing? How to offer? One knows in the Now. Step by step. Love is the only way to pass through the valley of evil. The underground that takes one overground again and again. Don’t get stuck to/by the demons. Keep moving. Truth is the scrubber !! Pituitary and Pineal Truth like a trumpet in Revelation. I’ve always resonated with this Bible chapter. 

Work! I work today. Back to this reality I tell this Scribe that I Am.